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Published at 4th of September 2018 02:59:02 AM

Chapter 38

38th Critter -- Friendship・Effort・Victory

「It's sudden, but come look at this . What do you think of it?」

「It's an amazing . . . log . . . 」

After I ate dinner, I re-logged-in and went to visit Ren-kun at his shop just as he was taking a break after his MP had run out, and I had hurriedly thrust the treant wood before him . Objection! . . . though we're not witnessing a testimony or a cross-examination .  (TN: reference to Phoenix Wright in the Ace Attorney series . )

「 . . . it says, eeEE!?!? WHAT IS THIS?! What?!」
「Treant wood . Wood otherwise called a log . 」

「That's not it! This is the first time I've seen a Rarity level 2 wood! Where was it?」
「It dropped when a treant that was in the depths of the forest was defeated . Since I didn't have much time, I only have one, but could you make a new cane for me?」

「Hoh, Hoh」

Boparu and crew made themselves cozy while snacking on the black tea and cakes brought out for us by Ren-kun . Seeing everyone like that, I also made myself cozy .

「Un . I'll make it! Don't worry about the money, let me make it! Right now!」
「O-okay . Well, about the money, I'll pay . When there isn't any, the quality drops and such . Or rather, is your MP alright? Aren't you in the middle of taking a break?!」

Ren-kun grasped my right hand in both of his, and while I was pushing aside Ren-kun's face that had drawn near mine with my left, I freed my hand .
. . . unconsciously I dealt with the situation like I handle Taku, but I wonder if that was okay? Un, he seemed to be making an embarrassed-looking head scratching pose, so it was probably okay .

「 . . . Fuu . Besides, Ren-kun's probably also busy now before the Martial Arts Tournament, right? It's fine even if the crafting is after the Martial Arts Tournament . 」
「Hmm, since I didn't undertake that many custom orders, I'm not that busy, you know?」

Eh? Isn't he doing things like giving a muffler to Boparu, having also promised to make an accessory for Mizuki, and talking about making a wand for me right now?

「As for my making it, I only make things I want to make, you know . Because I think that I can't make good things if I were to make things I don't want to make . Well, now though, since there are still many more things that I want to make, I don't have the free time to make things other than those, right? But now, what I most want to make is the treant wood wand!」
「 . . . I felt I understood a bit why Ren-kun-made things were exceptional . . . 」

Though you couldn't say that a stance saying you only do the things you want to do is always correct, doing things you want to do raises your motivation more than doing things your don't want to do .

「Ah, that's right . Boparu-chan . Mizuki-chan . Aegis-chan . Come over here . The promised items have been made . 」


While taking out equipment from his storage, Ren-kun called for Boparu and crew, beckoning them closer with his hand .

「Yes . I present to Mizuki-chan this "Misanga of Friendship . " Can I have you stand on the desk for me, since I'm going to attach it to your foot?」(TN: A misanga is a type of friendship bracelet . )

【Accessory:Ankle】Misanga of Friendship    Rarity 2
  Defense +1    Weight 0    Durability 10
  A misanga braided with the thoughts of friendship .
  It is said that the wearer will be blessed with good relations .
  Reduction in party members' critical damage received: Very small

「Hoh-! Hoh-!」

With the striped misanga wrapped around her right leg, Mizuki was happily flitting around the room .

「Because the misanga can be easily shredded in to pieces, please be careful, okay? I'll have to braid a new one if it breaks . 」

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「Next, Aegis-chan」

「Because I heard about your situation from Ria-san . I was actually able to make something in advance . Look, it's a ”Choker of Effort”」(TN: This use of the English word choker in the raw is meant to indicate a type of tight fitting necklace . )

What Ren-kun took out while saying that was a goat's accessory made of wood, a decorative collar .

【Accessory:neck】Choker of Effort    Rarity 2
  Defense +2    Weight 1    Durability 100
  A goat's decorative choker .
  It is said the wearer's skill proficiency will increase more quickly .
  Skill acquisition experience point adjustment: Small
  Skill effect reduction: Small

「Meeh? Meeh!」
「Fufufu . Hey, settle down . If you don't stay still for me, how can I put it on?」

Surprised that there was something for him, Aegis had started to dance .
After being soothed by Ren-kun, he meekly presented his neck and the choker's length was adjusted for him .  

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「Wasn't that nice, Mizuki, Aegis?」
「Kyui, kyui」

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「In fact, there's one more . Is it fine if I borrow your muffler, Boparu-chan?」
「Kyui? Kyui!」

「Thanks . . . . do like this here, and a little bit of this and that and this and that and there!」

un . Clearly it was just a moment, and watching the work-rate made me apologetic, but I generally gained an understanding from that small amount, that for Ren-kun, work like this didn't take much time .

「Yes, it's perfect . Here you go, Boparu-chan . 」

Whether Ren-kun used a skill, on Boparu's muffler that had been sewn at high speed, there was now a Rabbit-san in white thread . . . or rather, an embroidered Boparu had been sewn on .

【Accessory:Neck】Muffler of Victory    Rarity 2
  Defense +5    Weight 1    Durability 100
  A red muffler that hovers even without wind .
  At the end, an embroidered rabbit has been sewn on .
  It is said that it brings victory to the wearer .
  Bestows critical damage adjustment: Small

「Ooh, everyone is looking really great!」
「Kyui, Kyui!」

When I complimented them, they all came rushing toward me, rubbing against my body and purring happily as I stroked them, making sure I held everyone . They're all cute! Rub, rub .

「And, here is Yuu-kun's "Rabbit Charm"」

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Lastly, what Ren-kun took out was an approximately fist-sized strap shaped like Boparu's face .

【Accessory:Other】Rabbit Charm   Rarity 2
  Defense +5    Weight 1    Durability 100
  Rabbit adorned strap .
  Raises the wearer's luck slightly .
  Critical rate adjustment: Small

「Nice, Ren-kun . 」

I promptly took out the Rabbit-san dress and he attached it on the side of the waist for me .
un . Cute . I couldn't help a grin spreading on my face .

「Well then, for the payment, 3 pieces of treant wood is fine . 」
「 . . . go and get it? No, since I was thinking of going to level up anyway, it's fine . I got it at night-time though, so I don't know if the treants will be there at noon as well . Because of that, it might be a while . Is that fine? From the start, I was already thinking about whether to log out for today . 」

「Eeh, that so? Was it that the monsters that come out and the items that can be harvested change with the time outside? That's inconvenient, isn't it? Hmm, well, since it can't be helped, I'll accept money today, but bring me the treant wood as soon as possible, okay?! Any amount is fine! Just be quick, okay?!」

「Yeah, yeah . I get it, I get it . Then, thank you for today . I'll come again to pick up the cane and deliver the wood soon . 」

「Un . See you later . Bye-bye!」

We returned Ren-kun's wave and I logged out .

. . . Fuu . Now then, only a little bit more until summer vacation . I don't want to, but in order to go to school tomorrow as well, do I sleep now today?
Good night .

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