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Published at 10th of July 2016 07:17:06 AM

Chapter 4

4 Hikime – Rabbit Summoning

«Player has level-up . Please update your status»

[Ooh?] (Yu)
[Aah!] (Sylph)
[Alright!] (Taku)

We leveled-up and at the same time the sealed rabbit reached 100%

[Tereterettette tto… we level-up] (Sylph)
[Yeah] (Yu)
[Hmm… Yu for the time being is better to raise your physical strength, agility, or magic] (Taku)
[I see] (Yu)

For now I don’t know what is good or bad, so let’s belive the senior players .

Player :Yu
Summoner Lv1 → 2
Vitality 11
Strength 8
Agility 11 → 12
Dexterity 13
Magic 15
Spirit 15

Skill :
Summoning Magic Lv1 (NEW), Fire Magic Lv1 (NEW), Appraisal Lv3 (NEW)

For the time being I raised agility because speed is a strength .
I don’t know about the two .

[Speed is a strength . Right, Onee-chan!?] (Sylph)

Indeed the brother and sister thinking alike .

«Earned 2 skill points . Current skill points : 10→12»

Be it SP or Fire Magic let’s set those aside, for now I’m curious about the rabbit .


Once you seal the monster and the seal rate reaches 100% the page will shine .

« Rabbit seal rate is now 100%”»
« Rabbit was completely sealed»
«Completelyy sealed monster : 1»
«The possible monster to summon : 1»

Info came in succession .
The counter time has been started .

«Summon . Monster»
«Summon . Rabbit»

[Ohh… This is amazing!] (Yu)

The summoning spell started . The rabbit page from the book torn off and go flying . It flew and then landed on the ground, at the same time a magic circle generated . From there a shadow appeared!!
Well, just a rabbit though .

[Ki~yui . . ?]
[[Cute !!!]] (Yu & Sylph)

The rabbit that come from the magic circle approached me with unsteady steps and titled its neck . I can’t say so much because this is just rabbit but it’s no problem because is cute .

« » Rabbit
Vitality 10
Strength 7

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Agility 15
Dexterity 12
Magic 4
Spirit 7

Skill :
Search,  Area perception,  Jumping

Rabbits mainly live in the grassland . Have a high search operation abilty and mobility . Hardly any monsters that target it except for the beginer adventurer . If approached it, will run away with full force until it’s determined there is no enemy . Rabbit Fur is often used as material for clothes and armor . the main attacks it uses are body, bite, etc .

«Monster : please give the summoned rabbit a name»

The summoned rabbit’s fur is white like the snow . Pink ears and such beautiful red big round eyes that are like ruby, very charming and fluffy .

[Hmm… The name is it?] (Yu)

I can’t think anything good .

[How was it Onee-chan, the name for this cute child?] (Sylph)
[well, for appropriate name it’s need inspiration because this is important] (Taku)

Taku’s annoying . You probably don’t want to think about it because it’s troublesome . And Sylph, why you playing with the rabbit earlier than me? Change with me later okay .

[Well rabbit… rabbi? That’s too simple . Hmm… what about Boparu] (Yu)

Boparu Rabbit
Vitality 10
Strength 7
Agility 15
Dexterity 12
Magic 4
Spirit 7

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Skill :
Search,  Sign perception,  Jumping

Boparu agility and dexterity status are high . I wonder what is dexterity status for, maybe hit rate? The magic and spirit status are lower than mine, but agility status is higher . Well this is the first monster that come out so it can’t be helped .

[What a terrible name for a hunting rabbit] (Sylph)
[Really? I think it’s a cute name? Nee, Boparu-chan ♪?] (Yu)

[Ki~yui . . ?]

Whatever Sylph says, Boparu has accepted the name .
Yabbai… super cute, hurry change place with me Sylph .

[Hmm… So what are we going to do next? back to city? Hunt again?] (Taku)
[Let’s go hunting a little more, the city is still crowded and I still want to raise my level . Besides I want to see Boparu-chan fight . Onee-chan are you fine with that?] (Sylph)
[Yeah is good, and don’t call me Onee-chan!!] (Yu)

I don’t have any problem with that, but sylph please stop hugging Boparu-chan to yourself, I am the master you know? don’t forget about that!

[Boparu-chan? *jump*] (Sylph)

Shortly after we starts to walk, Boparu (cute) that was held by sylph suddenly jumped and starts to running with pyokopyoko and the ears suddenly looked up .

[Oh! Boparu-chan wait!] (Sylph)
[Oh! Hey Sylph! Let’s follow it Yu] (Taku)
[Oh, oohhh] (Yu)

Furiously we are running after Boparu . Shortly we stopped and there was
a figure of a rabbit that was bitten by another rabbit .

[Giiii… . ]

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There is a tussle between rabbit and rabbit .
I don’t know which one is Boparu because they look alike . Sylph which
caught up first had already drawn her rapier .


Boparu-chan is the rabbit that has the upper-hand . I know it because
there is a green marker on Boparu

[Ooo… Boparu-chan amazing!] (Sylph)
[The fight was determined with the pre-emptive attack, it’s good
because they have the same status] (Taku)
[Oh the Hp bar is only 2% left . Let’s take a break okay?] (Yu)

In the forest Boparu find two more rabbits . We get 3 pieces of rabbit fur from total three rabbits that Boparu found . Because it’s material originally used for beginner armor, it won’t sell for a high price, but right now the price is higher . Lucky!

[Hmm…?] (Yu)

[Who would think to fight with two rabbit in a matter of minutes since coming up here? But to accurately grasp the position of the enemy in such a distance that does not enter the field of vision is quite difficult, I wonder if it’s because of a skill?] (Taku)
[Of course because Boparu-chan is amazing, look at how cute it is, cute is justice!] (Sylph)
[Why is Sylph acting all bossy, I don’t understand . From now on I’m counting on you as a lookout in the forest] (Yu)
[Well for combat lets just leave it to those two people, we’ll just do what we can do!]

Well I almost can’t do anything though…


Translator : Sabishi desu
Proof reader : Truffle

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