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Chapter 40

40th critter -- Fairy

This girl was a little girl . More than that . She was physically a 15 centimeter or so tall little girl .

Four transparent wings grew from her back, emitting small glittering grains of light as she floated in the air .
She was wearing clothing like a large flower's petals turned upside-down, tied with a cord around the waist, and having an opening where her head came out . Little hands stuck out from the gaps between the flower petals .

. . . it kinda give you the urge to flip her over . Not with a sexual meaning, but out of pure curiosity . . . Since is seems she would dislike it, I won't do it . . .

Monster  Fairy  Lv8
Status   Passive


Drawing near with her emerald green hair swaying and while adorably tilting her head, the fairy was saying something with a voice that resonated like the ringing of a small bell, but I had no idea what she was saying .

Would I understand if I brought Sylph along? She was an Elf .
Ah, no, saying something like I was saying that I couldn't understand what she was saying . . .

「No, since this one is not an enemy, it's fine to be eating . 」

I heard about fairies from Sylph . She said that while hunting alone in the forest, she incidentally met and got along with a fairy who led her to the fairies' dwelling .
It seems that the Fairy-series equipment that Sylph was wearing was bought there .


After hearing my statement that the fairy wasn't an enemy, Aegis returned to his meal . . . . more or less, it's the case that there is a monster in front of you . . . Whether he had no wariness or was recklessly indulging his appetite . . . no, let's think that here he is being trusting . un .

「Kyui! Kyui!」

That fairy . . . now she was playing with Boparu's annoyed-seeming ears . The ears would move with a twitch each time they were touched, but the fairy was laughing with a kusu, kusu and seemed to be having fun . Boparu grudgingly shook her head, but this time, because of that, the fairy played along and zoomed after the long ears that had rejected her . . . . I was glad that Boparu was a kind-hearted child . Since with the level disparity, the fairy would probably die if Boparu's back legs even grazed her . Hey, you .


Having finished playing with Boparu, the fairy, this time, she fluffed and embraced Mizuki's chest feathers with her whole body .

That looks like it would feel so good! Switch please . Rather, switch bodies please .

It's definitely because of the fairy's small body that she can to do that . It's that . It was a composition like a foreign toddler girl clinging bodily to a huge teddy bear . She passed through Mizuki's plumage and was almost covered, though . Isn't she going to suffocate?


Mizuki looked this way like she was requesting assistance, but I replied quietly shaking my head . Mizuki had become a sacrifice toward earning the fairy's good-will . . . .


Having fully enjoyed Mizuki's whole body, this time the fairy angered Aegis as she seemed to have taken an interest in the stew that he was eating and was apparently holding out her hand .

un . Well, as expected the fairy's manners were bad . If you hold your hand out, you'll get scolded by the side in mid-meal .

「Look . Since mine is also the same stew, if you want, please help yourself to this one . 」

I scooped up a carrot and presented it to the fairy, who was glaring at Aegis even as tears were welling up from being scolded by Aegis, whose face alone was about the same size as the fairy's full body, even though she had asked with her hand out .

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Is she rather strong-willed, even though her appearance is cute and tiny? She is teary-eyed, though .


With the mental image I had for some reason, I gave her a carrot and not meat, but I wonder if that was correct? She looked delighted as she stuffed her cheeks with stew that was in the spoon and pieces of the carrot that was about the size of her face .
Ah~ Ah~ not just all over her face, even her hair is sticky . . . Aah, her hands are becoming pure white . Handkerchief, Handkerchief .

As I was taking out a handkerchief with my left hand while my right hand was occupied by supporting the spoon mid-air, the fairy, who had completely finished eating the stew in the spoon, let out a cute little belch while rubbing her stomach .

. . . it was probably pointless to even point out that the carrot eaten by the fairy was bigger around than her waist .   And that her stomach doesn't bulge even if it's things Boparu also eats . . . The inside of her stomach might be something like an irretrievable inventory .

「If you struggle too much, it'll be difficult to clean, don't you think? There . Alright, all clean . 」

I caught the fairy who was closing her eyes contentedly and floating about--and her face and her hair . While I was at it, I also wiped her hands . Whether surprised by her face being wiped, because her hands were waving about wildly, it took a while .

Since she was small to the extent that it seemed like her neck would snap with only putting in a little bit of force, I really had a hard time .
But moving the handkerchief out of the way, the fairy's face truly seemed happy, and because even this somehow became enjoyable just from witnessing such a face, the 'cuteness' was my reward .


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「~! ~~!」
「Nn? Something the matter?」

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Ultimately, Aegis ate the stew intended for 3 people by himself . The stew, that I was eating at first and had already become not more than half by the time I did things like dividing a portion to both Boparu and Mizuki, dividing a portion to the fairy who was looking this way hungrily even though she had become full as expected just before, and saying, 'NO!' to Aegis who was looking on hungrily, in stages was finished off quickly and disappeared in the time it took to say 'ah' .

Completely fitting in with everyone, the fairy, who was doing things like wedging herself between Boparu's ears, letting out squeals each time he hopped, dangling from the leg of a flying Mizuki even though she could fly on her own, and kicking Aegis, lightly flew up and tugged on my bangs to get me to follow her .

un . Shall I resign myself to having my hair tugged since I can't understand where she's trying to bring me along to? Isn't it normally a sleeve or something?
It hurts . . . well, not really . And that fairies are hard to see, and hard to see even right in front of me . . . No, even so, I understand that it would be hard to grasp a sleeve at that body-size . . .

「I get it, I get it . Would following be fine? Perhaps if you led Mizuki to the place?」

As I said such, she promptly let go my hair, and because she was enthusiastically nodding with a smiling face, that was probably the case .
With Sylph's story, she said that she was able to encounter getting guided somewhere only just 2 or 3 times, so this was really lucky . This also was thanks to Boparu and Mizuki's healing power . Let's think that Aegis also gives off an approachable air .

. . . besides, although I didn't understand the fairy's language, my words were understood . Is it too late to notice that Boparu and crew also seem to understand?

「~~! ~~~~! ~♪」

「Straggler, you'll bump into something if you keep looking to the side~」

Whether guiding us to the place was fun, the fairy flying into the interior of the forest depths to guide us seemed to have fun with things like turning in place and engaging in pointlessly meandering flight .

More or less, by being a forest-residing flying-type monster, her movement speed was considerably greater than Aegis and I, who were going along the ground, pushing our way through the trees . Thanks to those pointless movements we were able to keep up .

. . . wasn't Boparu also a member of the ground-level group, you say? Is she somehow traveling by hopping from tree to tree like a monkey?
Because she has been traveling like that all along today, I was already accustomed to it . It was faster than moving along the ground and there was no reason not to skill-up her 3d-movement .

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No reason not to . . . but had I mixed feelings--a THIS IS NOT IT feeling . . . It was at this time today that my definition of rabbit was being shaken .
. . . or rather, wasn't Boparu changing her trajectory sometimes by kicking off nothing mid-air? Was it that? Or was it that she was raising her left foot before her right food sank?

. . . if it's Boparu, she might actually be able to run on water . . .

「Oh, have we arrived?」

While I was obsessing about Boparu's ninja transformation, it seems we arrived at our destination .
At this place inside the forest of giant trees standing in rows, there stood a tree that was particularly gigantic, and directly in front of us was a large hollow that had been formed in that tree .

「Oh~, it really is a place like the entrance to a fairy dwelling . 」

The wardrobe really is an entryway to another world . Or such . . . I prepared a tsukkomi* assuming a so-called predictable pattern, but it became pointless .  (TN: Tsukkomi = straightman's rebuttal to the fool in a comedy act . The wardrobe is probably a reference to the Narnia series . )

「~~! ~~!!」
「Got it . I'll go in . Since I'm going in, don't tug on my bangs . If you tug anymore, just my bangs will go bald . . . . seriously . Listen up everyone, we're going!」

Pulled by the fairy, I entered the tree's hollow with everyone, and for just a moment my vision became pure white, but soon returned to normal .
While I was tilting my head in puzzlement that we were in the same cavity within the big tree as before, once again, I was pulled by the fairy and exited to the outside, but the outside of the cavity was completely different to the forest where we just were .

The sunlight poured down soft and warm, there was a multi-colored field of flowers, and there were lots of fairies laughing and fluttering through the field of flowers .

Guided by a fairy befriended in the forest, we had arrived at the fairy's flower garden .

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