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Published at 3rd of October 2018 08:36:05 PM

Chapter 41

VRMMO de Summoner Hajimemashita - Chapter 41

41st Critter -- vs . Fairy Eater

  Guided by a fairy befriended in the forest, we had arrived at the fairy's flower garden .

「Ooh~, it's a beautiful place . 」
「Meeh, Meeh」
「~~! ~!!」

  Together with Boparu and Mizuki, I gestured toward the fairy dwelling and raised my voice in wonder at the beauty .
  The fairy was pulling on the ears of Aegis who was munching on the flowers at his feet .

  Oy . Aegis . Weren't you eating stew just before? Is it dumplings before flowers? No, maybe because he's eating these flowers, that doesn't apply . . .
(TN: This is a joke on a proverb that generally means to prefer food over frivolous things . I've also seen it used to refer to girls who would rather do boyish things and hang out with boys, something probably due to the manga Hana Yori Dango which itself a joke on the proverb by spelling 'dango' to mean 'boy' instead of 'dumpling' . )

  Good grief . Looking at this field of flowers, don't you feel anything, Aegis?

  Carried away by the wind, the pretty multi-colored flower petals beautifully danced in the air .
  While singing as they danced together, fluttering from flower to flower, the fairies danced and flew .
  While drool was scattering from the center of a huge flower splitting wide like a mouth, the enormous plant slashed with it's tentacles .

  . . . nn? There's something strange, isn't there? One more time .

  Pretty multi-colored flower petals were flying up into the air, scattered and blown .
  Fluttering from flower to flower as if fleeing, fairies were flying and dancing while raising screams .
  Using its tentacles, a huge plant was trying to toss captured fairies into the split center of a huge flower that looked like a mouth .

  un . However I look at, isn't this is a crisis!?

「Boparu! Mizuki!」

  Accurately understanding the reason I was calling their names, Boparu who had climbed on my shoulder to look at the scenery, hopped down and shot forward like a bullet, and Mizuki flew out to cover her .

Monster  Fairy Eater   Lv10
Status   Eating   Passive

  Too apt a name . Isn't it doing as it pleased too much?

「Aegis, you go too! This isn't the time to be eating flowers!」

  With Aegis, and the fairy who led us here, I made my way through the flowers .
  Whether because the fairies moved by flying, the fairy garden didn't have hardly anything resembling paths, and the flowers grew densely up to about my shin height . It was nice and pretty to look at not long ago, but it sure was a pain to move through .
  I ran while tearing off the plants wrapping around my feet, resulting in a considerably decreased movement speed . Aegis was getting tangled up and falling over, and because something small like Boparu was almost completely covered in the flowers, I had no idea where she was .

「~~!! ~!」


  Mizuki let fly wind blade magic from her wings, severing a tentacle, and saving a fairy that looked like it would be eaten at any moment .



  While the Fairy Eater was trying to flail its cut tentacle around violently, Boparu who approached hidden in the flowers jumped with a backward spinning kick (somersault) launching the Fairy Eater probably twice my height into the air .


  From that . Clearly bracing her legs in mid-air, she jumped further . Giving a kick to the base of the flower petals, turning the face of the flower upward, and closing in on its fat stalk that had clearly become defenseless~ and . . .

「Kyui, kyui, kyui, kyui, kyui, kyui, kyui!!!!」

  Ultra-high-speed disorienting (chaos) kick . The opponent died .

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  M-mid-air juggling . . . what the hell?!
  H-huh~? That's funny~ . Was I playing a fighting game just now? Or rather, as expected, I didn't make it in time . Maybe it's just as well that Boparu took care of the opponent by herself this time, but I'm troubled that she's standing out too much . Aegis's motivation will decrease further . . . It would be terrible if we were isolated deep in the enemy camp, and if we got attacked while Boparu was charging, that would be troublesome too . And, she's not the main firepower .

  . . . Well, in this case, because there was a need to rush in before the fairies were eaten, it couldn't be helped, but . . .

  Landing on top of the Fairy Eater which fell with a thud, Boparu, who was letting out a war-cry of victory while making a pose, was as cute as always~ .

「O~y . Boparu~good work~ . 」


「No way, a double push!?」(TN: From what I can find this is a gaming term related to two-stage battles or an extra spawn triggered by killing the first spawn . )

  No, since 5 of them came out, it's not a double, however . . .

  5 new Fairy Eaters rose up further away from us to surround Boparu who took down the first one .


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「Let's crush them all! Mizuki, cover me and Aegis! Fairies, run away! Boparu . . . do something appropriate!」


「The enemy just has a few low-rankers! We won't lose! Go!」

  Aegis turned around with me, faced toward the nearest Fairy Eater, and ran along a path made by trampling down the flowers .

  Kuh, since they were plants, Fire Magic seemed like it would be effective, but if I used it in this place, the fairies flower beds would get totally burned up .

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  It was an utterly unusable magic!!

「『Water Ball』!!」


  The quickly chanted Water Ball hit the Fairy Eater, but the damage wasn't great . Rushing to there, Mizuki let loose a follow-up Wind Blade, cutting and sending flying two of the opposite side's tentacles . Effective .


  Having caught up with us, Aegis attacked with a tackle and started eating the thick stalk as it was .


  Aegis didn't let go, even when the remaining tentacles slapped at him . The tentacles were made to wind around the trunk, torn off and thrown away together with sections of the stalk that was being eaten .

「『Water Ball』!!」

  There, the second-stage Fairy Eater, hit by an Air Ball from Mizuki who prioritized the chant time . . . and a Stone Ball from the Fairies, was defeated .

「That's one . Aegis, nice fight . You were a big help!」


  Clinging to the enemy and drawing the attacks onto himself, he gained time for the spell chants .
Just as a tank should . Taking distance from the enemy as the chants finished was also good . . . . seems like a coincidence though .

「~~! ~~!」

「Fairy . You didn't run away? It's dangerous, you know?」

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  The fairy showed her spirit by doing a guts pose with both hands and puffing up the front of her small chest . Cute .

「It's like that, huh? Got it . If that's the case, how about assisting me? When it gets dangerous, you can run away, you know . 」


「Alright! Then, let's go!」


「 . . . nn?」

  In front of us who turned around to go take down the next Fairy Eater, the figure of Boparu came flying in head-first from the sky above the 4 piled-up Fairy Eaters . . .


「「「「Gu-, Gwaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!」」」」

  Flower petals scattered about the entire surrounding surface in the wake of Boparu's finishing-move like blow that tore through the tops of the piled-up Fairy Eaters and delivered a deathblow to all 4 Fairy Eaters' bodies at once .

  Woah, pretty~ ahhahahahaha .

  . . . Boparu, she wasn't a cheat-type reincarnated person, was she?! She won't kill me in order to become independent, will she?! She'll continue to be our cute Boparu, right? Shiver .


  Extracting herself out from under the Fairy Eaters, Boparu came bounding at me saying, did I do great? did I do great? Praise me! Praise me!

「Yup~, alright, alright . You really did your best~! You did great~!」

  As expected, cuteness is an absolutely unchangeable justice! Because she's cute, isn't fine~?

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