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Published at 1st of December 2018 06:23:31 PM

Chapter 42

42nd Critter -- Fairy Summon

《Skill: Cane has leveled up . 》
《Summoned Monster: Boparu has leveled up . Please choose status increase . 》
《Summoned Monster: Mizuki has leveled up . Please choose status increase . 》

Boparu  Kicking Rabbit
Lv14 → 15
Stamina    10
Strength   22 → 23
Agility    22 → 23
Dexterity  12
Magic      4
Spirit     7

Scouting, Presence Detection, Jumping, Dash, Kicking, Charged Kick, 3-D Movement, Air Walking (NEW)

Mizuki  Magical Owl
Lv14 → 15
Stamina    12
Strength   11
Agility    18 → 19
Dexterity  10
Magic      16 → 17
Spirit     10

Flight, Ambush, Scouting, Night Vision, High-Speed Flight, Wind Magic, High-Speed Chanting (NEW)

「~~!! ~~!!」

「~~! ~~♪」

  While circling above the piled-up Fairy Eaters, sniffing and inspecting, the fairy was convinced the Fairy Eaters really were dead, and after shouting out something, lots of fairies came out from wherever they were hiding to see the situation, joyously twirling around in the air as if dancing .

  Together with Boparu and crew as usual, I flopped down in the flower field and tried to follow the fairies that were dancing in the sky with my eyes, but rather than that, there was a matter that I had to consider .

  I glanced at the pile of Fairy Eaters .

  No matter how you look at it, that was an event monster . If it was an ordinary monster, then I would seal it, but if it only comes out here, dismantling it for a rare item would be good . . . since if it doesn't come out again, I would be unable to seal it anyway . . .

  Hmm . Since there are 6 of them, do I try sealing 1 of them and consider what to do afterward?

  The result was that I sealed it . Seal rate has become 20% .

  . . . un . If I left this page only at 20%, it’ll feel upsetting, so let’s seal 5 of them and dismantle one .
  I have to say that the decision was made at the point I sealed one .

《Fairy Eater seal rate has become 100% . 》
《Fairy Eater sealing completed . 》
《Skill: Summoning Magic has leveled up . 》

  Incidentally, the Fairy Eater didn't drop anything .
  How is it that it didn't drop anything?! While I was considerably troubled . . .


「Nn? Something the matter?」

  Dancing and fluttering about, from within the crowd of fairies that were expressing joy with their whole bodies, one fairy flew close to me, peering into the sealing book that I had taken out to seal the Fairy Eater .

  . . . honestly, somehow only this one was distinct from the multitude of fairies, though I think it's the fairy that came with us . Probably . Most likely . Though I have no basis for that .

「Have you become interested in this book? It's my sealing book . Since I'm a Summoner, I seal monsters in this book . Monsters that have been completely sealed become my companions .
See, there's even a page for the Fairy Eater that we just defeated . 」


  When she saw the Fairy Eater's page, she thrust out both hands with a 'Hya~! ><' feeling, and while clinging onto me, she beat on my chest with a 'poko poko' .

  Hahahaah . This fellow sure is teaseable .

「Nn . Then, you'll travel with us? Its not that there are any places that you want to take us to, right? . . . Fairy?」

「~~~ . . . !」

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「Wai-! Oy!」

  The fairy, having separated from my chest, stared at my sealing book . While I was thinking about that, she hopped into the book just like that and disappeared .

《Fairy seal rate has become 100% . 》
《Fairy sealing completed . 》
《Skill: Summoning Magic has leveled up . 》
《Monsters sealings completed has become 15 . 》
《The summoned monster limit has been increased by 1 . 》

  O, oh . I-I did it . . . ?
  Somehow, the seal was completed . Is it that . . . ? The feeling of wanting to try out an item?
  It's good that I unexpectedly gained the ability to summon her now though . If I had been unlucky, wandering around without a guide would have sucked .

  Well, in that case, I would have had to ask the fairies fluttering about the area to guide me . . .
  Then, for now .

『Summon Monster』
『Summon Fairy』

《 》 Fairy
Stamina     3
Strength    1
Agility    10
Dexterity  10
Magic      15
Spirit     15

Floating, Wind Magic, Earth Magic, Wind Magic Resistance

A fairy native to the depths of the forest .
Its curiosity shows in its lively interest about everything .
If the fairy also shows interested in a human and become on good terms, it can guide the human to its dwelling .
Acting primarily in the air, it's method of attack is elemental magic, etc .

《Please set the name for the summoned monster: Fairy》

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  Extreme! It's stats are extreme! It's Strength . . . well, it's fine if there isn't any, but isn't Stamina too low? For the moment, Stamina is extremely shaky .

《Tina》 Fairy
Stamina     3
Strength    1
Agility    10
Dexterity  10
Magic      15
Spirit     15

Floating, Wind Magic, Earth Magic, Wind Magic Resistance

  I derived her name from the Queen of the Fairies, Titania . It was hard to give up on 『Ti-Nya』-chan in hiragana, but everyone else's names were in katakana, and it would also be pitiable if only Tina was left out . . .  (TN: hiragana = cursive script, katakana = angular script often used for English and words from other languages . Note: in the Japanese text her name is Tiinya which looks horrible in English text, so I changed it a little . Feel free to pronounce the 'na' as 'nya' . . . lol)


  Looks like nothing changed from her appearance before summoning, though whether expecting a change to her body, she tried to inspect herself while twirling around, and as if twirling around had come to suit her, she twirled around my vicinity .

  And the other fairies who saw this began flying likewise, following behind Tina, and the remaining fairies who had yet to see . . . to say, when they noticed, the dome of fairies with me at it's center was completed .

「~~! ~~~~~♪」
「~~! ~!?~~!~~!」

  Noisy! Ugh, as you would expect, being talked at by this many gathered Piichiku is regretable .  (TN: Bird character from Dragon Quest?)

「O~y, Ti~na . Sorry, but it's time go eat once you settle down . Won't you lead me to a place good for putting up a tent? If there isn't one, can we go outside once? So we don't go and trample the flower field . . .

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  Tina, who was called out by me and came inside the fairy dome, tilted her head a bit, and after clapping her hands with a pom sound, the fairy dome was dispersed .

  It would be good if she was easy to understand when gesturing like that with her tiny humanoid body .

  Outside the fairy dome which was dispersed by whatever was said by Tina, Boparu was caught by a number of fairies and was flying through the air,
  Mizuki splendidly saw and avoided a pair of fairies that were blocking her way and playing tag with the situation of always being the ogres, (TN: in Japanese tag, the 'ogres' are the ones chasing . )
  And Aegis, who was making a depressed-looking face, was being played with by diving into his sides and back .

  . . . most importantly, everyone seemed to be having fun . un .



  Similarly, when Tina yelled something at the fairies playing with Boparu and crew and in a flash they stopped playing and started flying off in a single direction . Is there really a destination over that way?

  Incidentally, I was fixing my hair that had been pulled this way and that by Boparu, who had been abandoned mid-air, kicking through the air and landing on my head . It was seriously disheveled .


「Should we go that way? Alright, let's get going . 」


  While we were making our way through the flower field with Tina's guidance, we were advancing directly ahead, even if where we were going was just a continuous field of flowers . I understood that the path we were taking was the path to go back, but I didn't see the many fairies that had gone ahead of us, and about when I honestly became worried whether we would meet at this place, with a ploop  like plunging into a highly viscous transparent membrane of water, an odd feeling followed afterward .

  The visible scenery had completely changed . In front of my bewildered face, in the midst of the fairies was a tiny feathered child . . .

「Oh, what's this? When did a person come to this place?」

GyaAaaaaaaaaaa! It spoke!!!!!!!!

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