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Published at 26th of April 2019 11:49:16 AM

Chapter 43

43rd Critter -- Spirit-chan

  Led by Tina, we visited the depths of the flower field . In the center of this place was a small spring that had a fountain shaped like a silver chalice .
  Well, it was only small from my point of view, from the fairies' point of view it was about as large as a school swimming pool .


「Hmm? Hoohoo . You're going together with this person? Hmm . You've also received a name? Tina . . . it's a good name . 」


  So, there weren't just fairies at this lake . The other person, who Tina was explaining to with all her might while waving her hands about, had an appearance of a little girl of around single digit age .
  She had emerald-green hair that sparkled the same as Tina and the other fairies and was equipped with miniaturized Fairy Series clothing the same as Sylph was wearing . So cute .

Unnamed NPC
Spirit  ???? Lv??

《Skill: Appraisal has leveled up . 》

  Oyo? I was wondering whether she was a monster, but she was an NPC Spirit-chan . That I couldn't see her job and level was scary, but maybe she's amazingly strong, right?

「Umm? Something wrong, child of man? Is there something stuck to my face?」

  The pose of tilting her head to the side didn't perceivably differ from human NPCs . Well, the monster fairies made human-like gestures as well, so isn't this much to be expected?

「Nah, not especially . . . 」

「Ah, I got it! You want to know my gender!」

「 . . . 」

  . . . could it be that this girl is an air-head?

「If I speak from the conclusion, it's that there isn't any gender difference for us . Would there be any gender distinction for the monsters accompanying you? Basically, we're not as concerned about gender as you humans are . 」

「No, I didn't particularly ask . How did it become a such a conversation?」

  What? On top of the loli-grandma characteristics, she's not a woman?

「Nn? Humans are creatures that put an emphasis on the opposite party’s gender when communicating, aren't they?」

「Un . I can't deny it entirely, but . . . 」

「Right? That's what I was taught by the human that came to the flower field previously . I was also taught this way of speaking by that human, and as expected, what that fellow said was correct!」(TN: all of Spirit-chan's lines end with "nojya" and use an archaic way of speaking . )

  Oy, fellow who came previously! Don't impose your personal preferences on naïve NPCs!!

「Geez . If you don't believe what I'm saying . . . do you want to look and verify . . . ?」

「Since that would likely result in an account ban, no thanks . So, if you would, please lower the raised skirt . 」

「Umm? That so . . . 」

  What's with that slightly disappointed look . . . ?!

「Haah . . . setting aside such matters, since I want to log out briefly, I'd like to borrow a place to set up a tent, so . . . 」

「Umm . If you're asking, considering you all rescued my family members from a crisis . . . If it's to that extent, then there's no problem to let you use it as much as you want . Also, when you want to go back to the human dwellings, if you talk to me, I can send you back via the water fountain anytime . It's just . . . 」

  At that point, Spirit-chan cut off her words and her gaze shifted to the surroundings . un . I understood the thing Spirit-chan wanted to say .

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「Kyui!? Kyui!!」
「Hoh-! Hoh~」
「Meeeeehppu! Meeh, Gehoh, Gehoh!」

  Piccha, Piccha, BasshyaaAAAAAAN!!

  Animals and fairies frolicking at the waterside . . . so damn noisy!
  I mean, in the end a tsunami had occurred, but such power can't be happening if they're not using Water Magic, right?! Since the fairies magic power is high, it's easy for them without using magic .




  . . . I'm not seeing this . There's no way I'm seeing a scene where fairies swallowed up by the tsunami spawned from the aftermath of Boparu's sweeping kick are rotating around happily . 'Something I'm not seeing' is a homonym with 'doesn't exist' . un .

「 . . . lending the place is fine, but since it's a bit noisy . . . Is sleeping even possible?」

「Aah . Since I will be logging out, it's not a problem . Well, once I've eaten dinner, I'll be back soon, so lend it to me for just a bit . 」

「Hmm . Then, I'll prepare the reward meanwhile . 」

「Nn? With Tina also having decided to coming along, and you lending me a place as well . Apart from that, is a reward or such necessary? 」

  Though I would gladly receive the Fairy Series equipment, can I say that I want to equip it if that means giving up the Rabbit-san Series' scouting ability? Hmm .

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「Well, no . Would there be any reason for accepting it to be a bother? It's a matter of obediently receiving a person's good will . Rather, if I don't prepare a reward, I'll be thought of poorly by you . 」

「It's like that?」

「It's like that . 」

  While having such a conversation with the spirit, the tent thudded from the inventory, already setup . And, like that, it was taken out . I quickly hopped inside and logged out, before the fairies, who's eyes were made to sparkle by the tent that suddenly appeared, swarmed .

  While hearing the voices of the fairies that drew close by not dozens but a gross (TN: 12 dozen), my consciousness gradually disconnected from Yuu's* body .  (TN: Yuu written in kana (ユウ) as the in-game character name)


「The big box or small box . You can take whichever you prefer!」

  Having Loomed in front of the tent and pounced on me upon logging in, Spirit chan uttered such out of her mouth first thing .
  Sitting there at the feet of Spirit chan, who was flaring her nostrils and looking pleased with herself, were both a box I could probably just get my arms around and a palm-sized box .

「 . . . Umm, these boxes?」

「Yep! I tried preparing according to a tradition that has been handed down among your people! The contents are unrelated to the size of the box, so choose with your instinct!」

「 . . . That I can be locked up if I impersonate a Fairy Eater here, I get it . 」(TN: Glad he gets it, because I have no idea what he's trying to say here . . . maybe referring to tearing the boxes open? *shrug*)

  Seems pointless to have changed the box size when revealing that the box and contents have no equivalence . . .

  Though deciding by whim or bias was fine, shall I decide democratically by majority vote?

「Since its troublesome, I will choose the small box!」

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  Choosing the small box, me and Mizuki .
  Choosing the large box, Boparu, Aegis, and Tina .

  With that result, the reward from spirit chan was decided to be the large box!

  Saying that, I wonder what the box's contents are .

「TeReTeReTeRe! Open sesame~!」(Yuu?)
「What was in there? I want you to show me too!」(Spirit-chan)

  Immediately, Boparu and crew crowded behind me who was trying to open the lid, peeking to see inside the box . . . together with Spirit-chan and the fairies, too, for some reason .

「Umm . . . isn't it something Spirit-chan and you guys prepared?」

「Nn~, certainly there's no doubt that the boxes were prepared by us, but it's different for the contents . 」

What's with that? Doesn't it feel like the system prepares the box's contents? Well, setting that aside, the contents of the box . . .

「A ring?」

There was only a tiny ring inside .
A ring with a large green gem mounted and a silver band engraved with tightly-packed unreadable small characters on the interior .

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