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Published at 10th of July 2016 07:17:06 AM

Chapter 5

5 Hikime – VS Wild Dogs

[When I leveled-up I got a magic skill, but how do you use magic?] (Yu)
[Oh there are other magics too, I thought you only had Summoning Magic] (Taku)
[Onee-chan, first you select the magic from the magic list, after the chants completed the magic will activate . But if you receive damage while chanting, there is a possibility the chant will be canceled . The higher damage taken the higher possibility your chant will be canceled . Well this will be useless if you take a critical hit while chanting though . By the way level 1 of Fire Magic is Fireball] (Sylph)
[Is that so? Let’s try it!] (Yu)

«[Fireball activate!»

When you select Fireball from the magic list your mouth will begins moving to chant without permission . Somehow when your body moves without permission it’s ticklish .

[Wait wait stop stop] (Taku)
[Hmm… what’s the matter?] (Yu)

Oh, the chanting has stopped . I see it’s stops When I’m talking .

[It’s true that the power of Fire Magic is higher than other magic but there are some disadvantages too . First the range is short, it can not be used in water, you will receive oxygen deficiency when using it in caves or closed spaces, and We are in the forest if you use Fire Magic and it spreads we will also received damage] (Taku)
[And it’s will stand out if used in the dark . Well there are both advantages and disadvantages] (Sylph)
[I see] (Yu)

Fire Magic is not convenient huh? Summoning Magic is much better . Well it is better than nothing .

[Onee-chan, I recommend Wind Magic, the range is long and the attack is difficult to avoid because it’s hard to see] (Sylph)
[The power is low but it’s easy to hit . That’s how it is…] (Taku)

Boparu started to become restless, this happens when its finds an enemy, for the time being Fire Magic is “No” .
We headed to the monster that Boparu found . It was there, a caterpillar chewing armful of grass with *mokyumokyu* .

Monster : Caterpillar Lv1

State : passive (in meal)

«Skills: Appraisal skill has level up! »

[Oh Caterpillar . The thread is a material for creating armor and the drop rate is high ] (Taku)
[Cute!] (Sylph)
[Really?] (Yu)

The figure of the caterpillar eating is indeed cute as Sylph said, but the size is little… . .

[This is cute, look!! It will grow into a beautiful butterfly] (Sylph)
[It will be scary if it grows into a moth though] (Taku)
[Boo… then no need to Seal it] (Sylph)
[Oh please do] (Yu)

With such things the combat started — and then ended . Taku approached caterpillar from behind and cut it in two, finished .

This… there was no need to use Fire Magic more precisely no need to use any . The caterpillar seal-rate is 20% same as rabbit, that means I need four more to completely seal it .


[Ki~yuii! Ki~yuii kyuikyui!]

After walk through the forest while looking for next prey, suddenly Boparu raised cries of alarm .
Not long 5 dogs make an appearance, raised its voice as if threatening .


Althought we are not in attack range yet, the distance was gradually shortened .

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[…Wild dogs . They always acted in groups of 3 or more and with the hiding skill they can launch a surprise attack too . The most trublesome opponents in the forest . It’s drop fang and claw that hardly have any use] (Taku)
[I and Taku will kill one dog each, try holding back the other one and wait for reinforcements] (Sylph)

Boparu’s HP has about 40% left . Magic can’t be used and I don’t have any other skill for battle . I just need to buy time and leave the rest to Taku and Sylph . So… .

[Don’t ask for the unreasonable!] (Yu)
[Right…] (Sylph)
[Then you can burn that one to crispy] (Taku)

Taku and Sylph approaching the wild dog while swinging their weapon to intimidate it . And on my side… . .

[Here we go Boparu!] (Yu)

With less physical strenght Boparu used hits and run tactic, taking advantage of its speed . The front is in my charge .

[Come here!!] (Yu)

I am yelling around to get the the wild dogs attention so Boparu can launch an attack . When the dog jumping to me I have to avoid it at all cost because I don’t have a weapon to fend it off .

[Watch-!] (Yu)

When I make a big horizontal jump, I fell on my butt because I tripped over tree root .


There was no reason that the Wild Dogs would not launch a chase in such a golden opportunity . Wild dogs run up at full speed to me that fell down without even worrying about the surroundings .

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Like a bullet charge Boparu thrust at the flank of the Wild Dog . The Wild Dog that tangled with Boparu rolled over to my right side .

[Nice Boparu] (Yu)

When The Wild Dog tried to get up I jumped and kicked it’s belly like a soccer ball .

[Gyaou… . . ]

The body of Wild Dog flew and crashed into a tree and then lost its remaining HP .

«Player has level-up . Please update your status»


Boparu raised cry of victory? Yoshi yoshi thanks for the hard work .

Player :Yu
Summoner Lv2 → 3
Vitality : 12
Strength : 10
Agility : 12 → 13
Dexterity : 13
Magic : 15
Spirit : 15

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Skill :
Summoning Magic Lv1, Fire Magic Lv1, Appraisal Lv3 → 4

«Earned 2 skill points . Current skill points : 12→14»

Once again I raised Agility status . The fight just now was dangerous, I can’t even hold a candle . I want to move a little more quickly .

«Summoned monster : Boparu has level-up . Please update the status »

Oh, Boparu also leveled-up . Well it was a big success .

Boparu Rabbit
Lv1 → 2
Vitality 10
Strength 7 → 8
Agility 15
Dexterity 12
Magic 4
Spirit 7

Skill :
Search, Area perception, Jumping

Boparu’s dexterity is high so the strenght status that risen . Boparu is a close quarter combatant but because the strength is lower than mine I will give its position as rear guard, but at least the strength status has to rise to 10 first .


Translator : Sabishi desu
Proof reader : Truffle

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