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Published at 13th of July 2016 07:32:41 PM

Chapter 6

6 Hikime – Merchant

[Amazing Onee-chan you’ve won!] (Sylph)
[No it was because of Boparu’s cooperation, especially for the last part] (Yu)
[Don’t be like that, it was your hard work too] (Taku)

I have had enough, I don’t think we will win if we have to fight like that again

[I think it was a good fighting though, I was suprised!] (Sylph)
[Well it’s good that both of you are safe] (Taku)

Well I know that, but what is this hazzy feeling?
That’s aside, we defeated 5 Wild Dogs and the sealed rate went up to 50% .
10% per dog huh? That’s half of the rabbits and caterpillars

[Well, Boparu’s combat power was confirmed . Level was also raised . It’s time to go back to town] (Taku)
[Agreed] (Sylph)
[Yeah . I want to rest a little too] (Yu)

We left the forest while looking at the mini-map that automatically  generated to where we first came .
On the way we sealed two more caterpillars, there are a lot players but not to the point where it’s crowded .
On the contrary the plains were very crowded, lots of players were fighting rabbits there .

[It seem Ria-san is in transition street of the south gate]  (Taku)
[We headed to meet up with an acquaintance from the beta] (Sylph)

[Yu, are you listening?] (Taku)
[Don’t worry, it was likely “Onee-chan” illness] (Sylph)
[Who is sick? So, what kind of person is Ria-san?] (Yu)

[Hmm… Rian-san is a merchant, she’s also cooks a little, and other various things like mediator for the production worker alliance . Look like a female boss? such feeling when people gathered around her](Sylph)
(TL : it’s witten in romanji “Onna bossu” so I will keep as it)

[Oh you call for a female boss?] (Ria)

Suddenly a voice call out from the side .
When we turn around we saw a woman in a stall waving her small hand

[Ri . . Ria-san?] (Sylph)
[Ooh so you are Yu-chan . Sylph sent me riddle like e-mail that she wanted to introduce me to her sister brother] (Ria)
[Hello, I am Sylph’s brother] (Yu)

Ria-san who smiled softly doesn’t look like a female boss at all .
But for some reason Sylph is frozen stiff .

[Hmm… . I hadn’t heard that a sex changed function was added] (Ria)
[No no this guys looks like this even in real life, well his hair is short though] (Taku)

[Oh long time no see Taku, did you come to buy something?] (Ria)
[Yes, we brought some rabbit fur and we need a cane for this guy] (Taku)

[A cane is it? Wait a minute, I think Ren-kun has made some] (Ria)
[Ooh we can expect that] (Taku)

[Fufufu the skill level was reset but I don’t think there is much differences in product] (Ria)

Sylph was silently standing besides Taku who spoke to Ria-san like dealing with superior opponent .

The little sister I know is someone with a fearless personality
But I don’t know if Ria-san is the type that she’s not good at dealing with? I don’t understand .

[You mean that Ren? The beta player?] (Sylph)
[Carpenter… summary a person who deals with wood products like cane, bow, or furniture . Ren-kun was famous during beta, good enough to have its own brand name . ] (Ria)
[Oh that’s amazing] (Yu)

For now we will wait for Ren-kun that will bring some of his crafted Canes here .

[Let’s start with fur first, so how many did you bring?] (Ria)

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[A total of three, one each] (Taku)

[Heee it was less than I thought] (Ria)
[Oh this guy is a Summoner] (Taku)

Taku put a hand on my shoulder while smiling at me mischievously .
After a moment of silence Ria-san smiled wryly while looking at us .
I will let you imagine what she thinks about me .

[Hello, I’m Yu the Summoner] (Yu)

Boparu jumped on the counter of the stall and raise its one hand . Cute!!

[Oh dear, that’s an unusual job . Summoner is a rare job that came out during job selection, it was famous because it’s a inefficient job . You are probably the only Summoner in the first generation . You should do your best!] (Ria)

Seriously? I never heard of it, will I be the only one who becomes a Summoner?
That’s impossible, right?

You two over there!!
Why do you avert your eye?
Do you hit my shoulder to comforting me?

[Eeeh… maybe I want to become one too] (Ren)

It’s a boyish girl that has interrupted our conversation . No, a boyish boy? A boy wears the meaning of boyish . In short the boy who looks like a boyish girl?

This cute child can’t be a girl .

[Ah you are…] (Taku)

Taku be quite!

[Yo hoo Taku-kun and Sylph-chan . That Onee-chan over there I think this is the first time we’ve met . I’m Ren the carpenter nice to meet you] (Ren)
[Yo hoo Renren . As you see this is Yu-chan my sister] (Sylph)

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There Sylph started again, but she’s not looking at Ria-san at all .
I don’t know what you’re so afraid of… .

[Hello, I’m Sylph brother my name is Yu and I’m Summoner . This rabbit is Boparu and one more thing don’t call me Onee-chan] (Yu)

“Nice to meet you” Boparu raises its hand as to say that .

[Oh my, Boparu-chan is so smart] (Sylph)

Sylph catches Boparu that was standing on stall counter and started to brush Boparu against her cheek . Boparu try’s to struggling but soon gives up because it can’t win against Sylph’s strength .
Please control yourself, Boparu HP hasn’t recovered yet!

[Then Yu-san has the same type male-avatar like me . We are comrades] (Ren)
[Ah… yes] (Yu)

Somehow a camaraderie has been forged . Taku has a similar type male-avatar but he is not mistaken for a girl . I am feeling happy about it but somehow it’s also complicated .

[Oh yeah the cane was it? Because I made it, I can guarantee its performance Please choose the one you like . Ria-san can I borrow your counter?] (Ren)
[Sure, wait a moment] (Ria)

On the small counter variuos canes line-up . From small to big each different .

[The material is mostly from oak so there is no additional effects . Speaking of which what are you using? Wand or rod? For magic efficiency I recommended a wand or so called short cane] (Ren)
[This one] (Yu)

Ren talked happily like a machine gun, but I had decided since the first time I saw this guy (cane) . The length is about 1m 30cm, this is the longest cane that Ren brought . A hemisphere decoration on the top and ferrule on the base . You might think it’s rather thin but I have no problem with that .

[Weapon : Cane] Oak Rod rarity 1
ATK +10 magic attack power +5 weight 2 endurance value 300
Long cane made by shaving the oak tree
Auxiliary also performs the effect of magic actuation are oriented to

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the physical attack is low

[Hoo…] (Yu)

I’m shaking it lightly with the bottom as the center, you can guess capacity of the maker from there . It’s beautifull and it’s easy to handle, this is a good cane . Maybe is better if there is little more weight, well I will use it as my main weapon .

[It’s good, this one please] (Yu)
[Are you sure?] (Ren)
[Well that’s just like Yu] (Taku)

Hey hey what do you mean by that?

[Well rather than cane is closer to being called staff, it’s a decent weapon but the magic attack is rather small so no demand for it . I will give it as present for our meeting today] (Ren)
[Eh is that okay? This is for sale isn’t?] (Yu)

[No problem, I think this child will be more happy getting to be used by Yu, Rather than unsold and wearing dust in the warehouse and you don’t have much money on you, right?] (Ren)
[Ahh . . ] (Yu)

Come to think I only have little money from one rabbit fur . Then… is not enough at all .

[I know it, because Summoner seems to run out of money in an early stage . It’s also better to keep some production skill to earn money] (Ren)
[Thank you, I will gratefully accept it] (Yu)
[Yeah, I will expecting your favor in the future… just kidding] (Ren)

Looking at mischievously laughing Ren I now understand why poeple mistaken him
for a girl .



Translator : Sabishi desu
Proof reader : Truffle

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