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Chapter 7

7 Hikime – Cosplay Girl

« Caterpillar seal rate is now 100%” »
« Caterpillar was completely sealed »
« Skill : Summoning Magic Has Leveled-up »


I used the Oak Rod as my main weapon and the Book of Sealing Magic as my sub-weapon . After that I decided to acquire some new skills to fight . I choose Dash, Avoidance, Defense, and Cane skill as Taku
recommended and it consumed 9 SP .  


Right now is 8 pm in the real world, it's time for dinner .

I quickly added Ria-san and Ren-kun to my friend list . Because apparently Ria-san is opening a stall, next time I will be under her care for purchasing materials .

We logged out from FWO for dinner .

By the way we're having curry for dinner today .
Why curry? Because it’s simple and easy to make . My mother didn't want to be troubled to make dinner .

Tsubasa wiped the table while watching TV . I’m going to the kitchen to get the curry ready .

[This is your serving] (Yu)
[Thanks] (Tsubasa)

We both sit in front of TV while dinner .
I don’t understand what is so funny about it, but for some reason Tsubasa's laughing so hard when she watching some comedian on TV .

Well, it's no use to think about it .

[Aah that’s remind me . Onii-chan give me that . . . hurry . . . Uhmm . . . what is it again? Ah . . . sea anemone!] (Tsubasa) 

(TL :  イソギンチャク = sea anemone, Eh you can eat that?)

[Here] (Yu)
[Thanks] (Tsubasa)

It seems to have been the correct answer .
It just, why do you put sea anemone in curry - - -

I finished such an exhausting dinner and went back the world of FWO again .

Taku and Sylph joined a party with another beta player, and they seem to enter real capture, so my beginner lecture also ends with this .

I entering a shallow place by the forest to hunt for monster . There Boparu found another 2 Caterpillars, after we defeated them the seal rate went up to 100% .  

(TL : It's already 100% in the beigining of chapter isn't?)

[Phew . . . Caterpillar sealing completed!] (Yu)

[Oh, this is also because of Boparu . Thanks!] (Yu)
[Kiyui ~ ~]

Boparu somehow looks like it squirms from embarrassed . Cutee!!

[Hmm . . . what to do now . I wonder if I should proceed farther to forest but there are Wild Dogs and it's scary . well I think this is good enough for the first day] (Yu)

Boparu nods as for agreement to my words .
The sun was gradually setting on the horizon from the time when we logged in .

 It dyed the vicinity with a dark red color .

From some far away place I can hear the cries of the crows .

It’s already passed 9:00 pm in the evening in real the world, it'll be utterly dark on the outside .

It's inappropriate to say that evening finally came in game, but internal time in the game and reality does not match up .

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Anyway- - -

[The forest in the night is still too much for our current level, how about we go back to the city? Or do you want to continue hunting around the city? I think there are some night monster too . ] (Yu)
[Ki~yuii ! !]

At first I thought Boparu raised its voice for approval .
But it's different . This is warning . I look around while holding my cane immediately, but there is no enemy to be seen .

Boparu small eyebrows contorted, it hasn't released it's battle position yet .
Its long ear are moving as trying to picking up the surrounding sound .

I also look into the surrounding so as not to overlook any trivial change .
Because my ability to grasp the surrounding presence is far inferior to Boparu I hold my breath as not to interfere .
Boparu is still being vigilance because he feels something that surely can't be felt by me .


Boparu starts to running into one direction because it find something .
I'm chasing after Boparu in a hurry but because I can’t keep up with its speed Boparu from time to time stopped and waited for me .

Anyway we arrived at a place we’ve never been before . And suddenly - - -

*Dogaaaaa . . . . . . n* Sfx


A roaring sound rang out suddenly from inside the forest breaking the silence .
The sound which makes one think of thunder or some explosive sounds .

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I was surprised at the explosive sound and we stopped for moment because of that .

After we calmed down we started to running again to the place where the sound come from .

After we arrived, I noticed some abnormality there .

Now that it's dusk, the night type monster will start to appears .

Though it's a little dim in the forest even during the afternoon, the sunset is obstructed by groves when the sun has begun to set . We somehow still can see our footing but in one hour I think this is will be difficult .

And the explosive sound a short while ago will very likely attract the monster around here .

Summary this place is dangerous .

That sound is probably a bomb or something that exploded .

That is, maybe there was someone that used a bomb earlier .
If you think like that it matches the situation, maybe because there was someone here Boparu ran in such hurry .

[~Shoo . . . Noo . . . Don’t come here!!!~]

Someone is in combat with a monsters, yet I can't decided which one is inferior .

Monster : Crow Lv2
State : Active

It wasn’t difficult . . . it's just this spectacle was too unexpected for me, and I have stopped walking involuntarily .

I was surprised that the cries of crows that I heard a little while ago was not just BGM but the cries of monster Crows .  (TL : BGM = Background music)
And I was more suprised to see countless monster Crows flocking around a girl .

With watery eyes she trying to drive away the monsters Crow .

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She was about the same age as me .

In addition in the left and right side of her long pink blond hair there are- - -

Twin tail? Two side rise? Rabbit knot?

I do not know what it called but because the owner of the appearance was excellent there is no word that can express it except a beautiful girl .

Problem was in the appearance of the girl .
The jackets basis was made of white and pink and was decorated with pretty frill all around and it combined with a dress-like skirt .

The jacket is like a corset which goes along the lines of the body tightly, accentuating the girl's natural curves, mounds, and valleys to attract men .

Such clothes that were designed to make it easy to move .

In addition, the skirt rather than being below the knee is above the knee as not to interfere with movement . Every time the girl swings the cane in her hand to shake off a crow, the short skirt nearly flips up to a dangerous height .

Cane wielding girl with colorful clothes . . .  

If I have to say is like a cosplay of magical girl (Mahou shoujo) from some moe anime .

If you put a crystal to the tip of cane it will be perfect .

Anyway, you only can find such a cute dressed girl in a few places in japan but not in forest of course .
I think she is in a pinch, surely I have to do something not just stand here stunned with watching this surreal spectacle .

TL Note : In case you miss it, Tsubasa is real name of Sylph


Translator : Sabishii desu

Proof reader : Truffle 

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