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Published at 19th of July 2016 05:46:26 AM

Chapter 8

8 Hikime - VS Crow Population


The adolescent thought that were running through my head took me to somewhere nice to escape from reality .
Boparu started to struggle in my hands as if to say “Let me go!”
Finally my consciousness back to reality .

[E~to . . . there are a lot things I want to retort but for now let’s help her Boparu!] (Yu)

« C Quest : “Encounter with Alchemist Girl” do you accept it? Y/N »


Some text appeared, because there was no time to think about that I just ignored it .

Then YES was chosen automaticaly and the text disappeared .

It seems my behavior was interpreted as a chosen answer .

Well I’m not sure though .

[Kaaa . . !?]

Taking the initiative Boparu attacked with *bang!!* as it hit the crow that came flying down to attack the girl . I continuously stomped the crows that were laying on the ground and still had remaining HP after being attacked by Boparu .

[E~h?! . . . Eh?!] (Cosplay girl)
[Kaaa- - - - -!]

Leaving aside the girl that's flustered because a small savior suddenly appeared, The crows focused their attacks toward Boparu that defeated their comrades .

No matter how quick Boparu continuously attacking the crows, they still have the advantage in the sky .
It’s would just be a matter of time before the table turned .

To approach an enemy that flys around Boparu needs to run at full strength from the beginning before launched an attack .

Of course I’m not just watching—

*Swoosh!* Sfx

With an upper strike, I bring down one of crows that trying to attack Boparu from behind .

I poised the cane lika a sword to prepare for the next attack .


The crow fell to ground while uttering a suprise cry . I prepared my cane like a spear to thrust the falling crow .

[Shit!] (Yu)

The falling crow still have 10% HP remaining

[Haa!] (Yu)


It’s likely no longer able to get up let alone fly .
I stabbed the crow with my cane until it  no longer HP remain and it stopped moving .

3 more came huh? This is tough .


[ [ [Kaaa!] ] ]

I don’t think these guys will let us win easily .
I can tell from the flying crows that still clearly see us with hostility .
It's going to be a troublesome endurance race .


[Raaa!!] (Yu)

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Another one killed, I don’t remember how many Crows I’ve defeated so far . But it’s certain that the flying Crows still increased no matter how many we defeated .


The curtain of night has fallen, if anything I want to leave this place already .
Facing repeated wave-like attacks, my HP has fallen bellow 50% and soon will hits 40% .

Half of the enemy still survived and they begun to counterattack .

Boparu is no better than me its HP has fallen below 20% and might sink in the next blow .
Anyhow, except for when attacking the crows are flying over head in the sky .
So if it jumps carelessly Boparu will also received damage from another crows attack .


Because damage to both is inevitable when striking, the attack is only reversed after the charge is evaded, but the cooperation of the crows isn't so superficial that a slow counterattack is permitted .


Therefore Boparu keeps provoking crows while avoiding their attacks .
Meanwhile I occasionally launch an attack from behind .

But this situation won’t last forever, the enemy is steadily decreasing along with our HP . Right now we can only wait and see which side goes down first .

[Boparu!!] (Yu)

Boparu finally received direct hit from an attack that can’t be avoided .

Its HP decreased at a frightening speed .

[Ki~yu ― ― ― ―]

Boparu's body slowly disappears like haze .

――――No . . . !!

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Boparu wasn't really dead .
It just can't be summoned for one day as a death penalty .
Tomorrow I can see its cheerful figure again .

I know that . . .

But still ――――

[Bastard . . . . you did it . I don’t care anymore, come here . . . I will kill every single of you!] (Yu)

6 Crows left, and they are flying unsteadily .
I have 30% HP remaining, my movement become dull because of the mental fatigue from fighting .

It’s thanks to Boparu that I still can stand now . Boparu devoted itself to support me and received incoming attack in my stead .

But Boparu is not here anymore . . .

For now I want nail the heads of all those guys in front of me to Boparu's coffin .


Five crows left
I was hit on my back but there is no sense of pain just little a slight feeling discomfort .

[Good bye] (Yu)

I had predicted the attack to some extent .

I immediately twisted my body, and with the momentum I hit one crow with full force . It flew and then crashed on a tree . 4 Crows left .

[ [ [ Kaaa!!! ] ] ]

Simultaneous attack from three directions .
2 from the side and 1 straight from the font, I swung my cane from the side and hits 1 crow .

It flew and crashed into another crow in the air .
The last one that was coming  from the front canceled its attack and flew overhead . Two crows remains .

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The 3rd crow from earlier turned in the air .

It's charging at me from air to increase its speed .

The flapping sounds that I hear give me an unpleasant feeling .
I immediately jumped to the side, after awhile a crow attacked the place I was before .

It was dangerous
It approaches me again, giving me no time to take a breath .
Because my center of gravity is unstable I can neither avoid or intercept the incoming attack .


In the last moment I received attack with my cane halfway through .
I grasped a foot of the Crow that stopped for moment and beat it against the ground just as it is .


[Gyaga . . . ]

In the end it can’t stand anymore . 1 Crow left .

[Kaaa !!]

The remain one fly straight to me
Whether it got angry because I killed its companions or because it's foolish and can’t understand the difference in strength .

Well either one is fine, I defeated the last one .
Now no crow are left


Translator : Sabishii desu

Proof reader : Truffle 

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