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Chapter 9

9 Hikime - Heal Cream

« Skill : Cane skill has leveled-up »
« Skill : Appraisal skill has leveled-up »
« Skill : Dash skill has leveled-up »
« Skill : Avoidance skill has leveled-up »
« Skill : Defense skill has leveled-up »

[Hello ? ?] (Cosplay Girl)

There are a lot of corpses in the vicinity .  
On the bushes and brances, here and there are decorated with black corpse .


[Wow . . . what a severe injuries -desu! It mus be treated soon -desu!] (Cosplay Girl)

Suddenly someone appeared beside me . . .
No, I just didn’t relaize her aproaching me .

I’m so exhausted both physically and mentally and my head right now is full of Boparu .


Aah . . . this isn't good .

I come back to my sense .
And then my body feels something soft and warm .

[Eeh . . ? ?] (Yu)
[Aah . . are you allright -desu!?] (Cosplay Girl)

I can see clearly the cosplay girl from earlier in front of me .
She was applying something to me while glancing at my face .

[You are- - -] (Yu)

« Player has leveled-up . Please update your status »

Eii this is on the way! For now, Strength .

Player :Yu
Summoner Lv4 → 5
Vitality 12
Strength 10 → 11
Agility 13
Dexterity 13
Magic 15
Spirit 15

Skill :
Cane Lv1 → 2 (NEW), Summoning Magic Lv2, Fire Magic Lv1, Appraisal Lv4 → 5, Dash Lv1 → 2 (NEW), Avoidance Lv1 → 2(NEW), Defense Lv1 → 2 (NEW) .

« Earned 2 skill points . Current skill points : 5→7 »

[ ? ? ? ] (Cosplay Girl)
[Ah sorry . Umm . . what is this?] (Yu)


The cosplay girl applied some cream while holding my right arm .

She look at me with a doubtful look and then cutely tilted her head when she heard my question .

[Ah you see, this is Heal Cream . . . a medicine -desu . If it's a potion you have to drink it so this is easier to use . And I’m confident this is more effective than potion –desu!]

She changed her worried look to a smile .
With happy expression she expalianed about the medicine to me

Well that looks better .
She is cute when she laughs . . .
Yep she is cute when laughing! !


And it’s applied . . .   and applied .

Indeed from the places the cream was applied I can feel a warm feeling spread all over my body, my HP is also quickly recovering . It seems to be a really excellent recovery means .

The problem is . . .  

whether we can leisurely applied it during a battle .


« Crow seal rate is now 100%” »
« Crow was completely sealed »
« Skill : Summoning Magic Has Leveled-up »

[Item : Material] Crow Feather Rarity 1

Feather of a crow :
It's used as material for alchemy .

I cooperated with cosplay girl to collect corpses of crows for sealing magic .
We also collected 11 Crow Feathers and after that we return to the city together .

[Speaking of which, you are . . . ] (Yu)
[My name is Ellness, please call me Ell –desu!] (Ell)  (TL : エルネスデ)

[O . ouu . . . I’m Yu best regards Ell] (Yu)
[Y-es, best regards -desu] (Ell)


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I raised my cane while say so .
With sound effects like *nipa* Ell smiled while looking at me .


Do- -Don’t missunderstand okay!
It’s not like I'm embarrassed or anything, it’s just that I'm a little fascinated because she's cute .

Oh, setting that’s aside .

[When we came to help, why didn't you run away Ell?] (Yu)
[That’s because . . . I was worried . . . ] (Ell)

Haaa . . . I was wondering why she was still here when she didn’t have much combat power, but this kind-hearted girl is worried about me who fought on her behalf .

[I was worried whether I could return to a town safely if alone –desu!] (Ell)
[Eehh . . . you mean that?] (Yu)

It’s not me, she was worried about herself .

Do--Don’t missunderstand okay! It’s not- - -(we skipped this part)

« Skill : Cane skill has leveled-up »
« Skill : Dash skill has leveled-up »
« Skill : Avoidance skill has leveled-up »
« Skill : Defense skill has leveled-up »

[Oh?] (Yu)

[Is there something wrong –desu?] (Ell)
[Ah nothing!] (Yu)

Now we are treveling in the forest at night while looking at the map .
I trampled down an Owl that came at us with *hoo-hoo* sound .
My skills went up .

The Owl gave extremely good experience it couldn't be compared with a Crow .
Even though avoidance and defense weren't used they leveled-up .

By the way, without having decent light we're forced to march in the forest at night .

I was wondering if something was strange on my head because we can see our surroundings despite that .

As expected of a game world .

[Hmm . . . I had been thinking for a while now, isn't Yu a Summoner?] (Ell)


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[Ouuu . . . I sealed a Crow and Owl earlier, Boparu is the summoned rabbit you may have saw as well] (Yu)

[Aah I see . But don't Summoners fight in a rearguard position?] (Ell)
[ . . . . it may generally be so] (Yu)

[No . . no . . isn't a Summoner a magic user? Ordinarily they are in a rearguard position, I never heard of a Summoner hitting an enemy with a cane] (Ell)

[ . . . what is ordinary? Do you have to do what everyone else does? What's the significants with that? Is there a problem in choosing something that isn't ordinary, I don't cause problems for anyone else so they shouldn't be able to complain . ] (Yu)

[Hmm . . . I see . What Ell has done also isn't common . Well It’s all thanks to Yu that I was saved, really!] (Ell)

Well the way you're dressed and speak isn't common .


« Skill : Cane skill has leveled-up »
« Skill : Avoidance skill has leveled-up »
« Skill : Defense skill has leveled-up »

« Owl seal rate is now 100%” »
« Owl was completely sealed »
« Skill : Summoning Magic Has Leveled-up »

I ーーー! Owl Uzee ーーーー!
(TL: have no idea what is this “だーーー!フクロウうぜぇーーーー!”)

They are coming at us 1-2 each time so I can still handle it .
I aslo wondered why the encounter rate with owl was so high?

Sealing has been completed before I got out of the forest .
If there was no heal cream from Ell, it would have been dicey .

[Fwuuh finally we left the forest] (Ell)
[Right, the town is just a little more] (Yu)

We feel relieved because we can see the town frome here .
I don’t know what kind of monsters appear in the grassland at night, but I think it's weaker than an Owl .
But I can’t let my guard down because we don’t know what it might be- - -

[Around this time, usually Rat monsters will come out . So let’s hurry to the town, I dont’t want we get attacked] (Ell)
[Ah, yes!] (Yu)

There seems to be no danger on the way home . Yes .


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[Fwuuh . . . A lot of things happened today but finally I can back to the town safety, thank you –desu!] (Ell)

I came to a different town .

I have school tomorrow so it's time for meto log out .

Boparu isn't here either .

[Well there is mesage system so I don’t have to worry about such things] (Yu)

My level also rose but Boparu died though .

[It would be ungrateful for me if I did’t give you anything -desu . Even if I said that I don’t have any money, so for the time being I will give you this . . . ] (Ell)

[Item : Recovery agents] Heal Cream rarity 1
Topical cream to restore the physical strength

She handed me 5 familiar ointments . I'm very fortunate in the current state as I have no recovery means .

[Oh thank you it’s will be of great help!] (Yu)
[Something like this is not near enough to express my gatitude to you for saving me] (Ell)
[Right . . . ] (Yu)

[Ell will tell you the location of my atelier (workshop) so you can come play anytime, ok? So then, it’s about time for Ell to go . . . let’s meet again later desudesu –desu! !] (Ell)
[Ouu see you!] (Yu)

We parted here .
Waving her hand while saying “desudesu” she smile innocently .

« C Quest : “Encounter with Alchemist girl” has completed! »
« Earned 2 skill points . Current skill points : 7 → 9 »

Yosh quest cleared, SP getto! (get)

I think that's enough for today .
For tomorrow what should I do until Boparu's revived .

Maybe stroll in the town, or come to Ell’s atelier, or maybe hunt Rabbits?
Boparu will be revived at night maybe I will try to seal Rat monster later .
And then what should I choose for my newly summoned monster- - -

Well let’s think about it tomorrow . . .
Good night!!



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Proof reader : Truffle

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