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Chapter 1095
Chapter 1095: Cheng He

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The Cloud Continent had Ruo Shi River as the demarcation line dividing the Outer Land and the Inner Land .

The Outer Land was mainly made of four directions which were the Northern Outer Land, Southern Outer Land, Western Outer Land, and Eastern Outer Land .

The Northern Mountain Land was just an area located close to the Ruo Shui River on the north of the Southern Outer Land . There were two other areas on both sides of the Northern Mountain Land closer to the Ruo Shui River that belonged to the Southern Outer Land .

The Northern Divergent Land located on the east side of Northern Mountain Land was quite outstanding as well even though it was not as popular as the Northern Mountain Land .

Naturally, the Northern Mountain Land was popular was because of the Ou Clan and the Lu Clan .

The two clans were Ancient Clans that had existed for 10,000 years . They were the two oldest forces in the entire Southern Outer Land .

More accurately, there were no other forces that had existed for 10,000 years like the Ou Clan and the Lu Clan in the entire Outer Land .

Perhaps on Cloud Continent, there were forces similar to Ou Clan and Lu Clan that had existed for 10,000 years . However, those forces were located on the other side of the Ruo Shui River which was the Inner Land .

The Ou Clan and the Lu Clan were the only two forces that had existed for 10,000 years in the Outer Land .

Due to that, the Northern Mountain Land was famous in the entire Southern Outer Land .

In the intersection of the Northern Mountain Land and Northern Divergent Land lay a vast city . The city was bustling with people constantly entering and exiting .

The city was called the Alchemist City .

There was a tower located at the central zone of the Alchemist City . The building was a landmark of the city .

There were square plaques hanging outside of the tower from top to bottom with a word written on each of them .

It read 'Alchemist Guild' if one was to read them from top to bottom!

People did not stop walking in and out of the tower similar to how there were always people entering and exiting the Alchemist City .

If one took a closer look, one would notice that most people going in and out of the tower had a badge on their chest . It was the Alchemist badge .

One would be able to tell the grade of an alchemist just by looking at the badge on their chests .

The tower in Alchemist City's central zone was where the Alchemist Guild's Main Guild in the Southern Outer Land was located . The Alchemist Guild that ruled the entire Southern Outer Land .


At this moment, a person flew at lightning speed and arrived above the tower in just a blink of an eye .

However, that person stopped moving as soon as he arrived in the air above the tower .

"I'm here to see the Guild Master . There's something that I need to report to him . " It was an azure-clad old man . He looked at an azure-clad middle-aged man who was blocking his way with fear in his eyes as though the azure-clad middle-aged man was some destructive beast .

The azure-clad middle-aged man stood there emotionlessly . He seemed to be one with the heaven and earth, giving an immense pressure to the azure-clad old man .

The azure-clad old man did not know when sweat began to drip down his forehead .

"Let him in . " At that moment, an ancient voice came from the top of the tower . Although the voice sounded old, it was energetic .

"Yes," the azure-clad middle-aged man who did not move earlier responded respectfully when he heard that voice .

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Almost as soon as the azure-clad middle-aged man responded, he vanished entirely in the air as though he was never there in the first place .

"People from the Alchemist Guild are so powerful! I'm afraid only a handful of people in the Southern Outer Land are able to defeat them," the azure-clad old man mumbled softly to himself and took a deep breath .

When he regained his senses, he flew into the top tower and arrived in a spacious room .

An old man in a silver robe sitting before a table at the side of the room was enjoying a cup of tea in his hand quietly .

"Guild master!" The azure-clad old man bowed respectfully to the silver-robed old man .

"Why didn't you stay put in the Northern Mountain Land? Why did you come to the Alchemist City?" The silver-robed man asked . He did not even look at the azure-clad old man as he continued to enjoy his tea .

"Guild Master, I came to Alchemist City to show you this . " The azure-clad old man lifted his arm and an exquisite box appeared in his hand . The entire box was made of jade, and it looked expensive .

Unfortunately, the silver-robed old man did not even deign to turn his head . He sat there and calmly said, "You should know that I, Cheng He, think nothing of this ordinary things . " There was arrogance in the old man's tone .

The silver-robed old man before him was the Guild Master of the Alchemist Guild's Main Guild in the entire Southern Outer Land . Was there anything that he had never seen before?

It was true that ordinary things were not worthy of his eyes .

However, the azure-clad old man looked at the exquisite jade box in his hand and proceeded to say confidently, "Guild Master, I think… This is definitely something worth looking at . "

"Hmm?" Cheng He finally turned around after listening to what the azure-clad old man said . He looked at the azure-clad old man . "I'm curious… Bring it to me . " Cheng He knew the azure-clad old man before him very well .

The old man used to follow by his side . Cheng He was currently the Guild Master of the Alchemist Guild's Main Guild in the Southern Outer Land while the old man was an outstanding grade two Alchemist .

He knew the azure-clad old man would not have come if it was not important .

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"Yes," the azure-clad old man responded respectfully . He took a few steps forward and placed the exquisite jade box on the table before Cheng He .


Cheng He opened the jade box immediately . There was a pill in the jade box that he was extremely familiar with . He could not help but frown when he saw that .

"This is the thing you want me to see…" Cheng He's face turned somber . He was ready to reprimand the old man for deceiving him when he suddenly fell silent .

He was stunned .

"How… How… How's this possible?!" Cheng He stood up suddenly and stared at the pill in the exquisite jade box . He could not move his eyes away from the pill .

His body began to tremble from his chaotic emotion .

"Miracle! It's a miracle!" Cheng He took a deep breath after a while and picked up the pill from the exquisite jade box with his shaking hands . His movement was gentle as though he was caressing his lover .

"91% Purity!" Cheng He finally suppressed his emotion and calmed down . However, he still could not take his eyes off the pill in his hand .

Naturally, as a grade one alchemist, he could tell the grade one Life Recovery Pill in his hand had 91% purity!


He had only heard of pills with such purity, but he had never seen one before .

"There's a myth that's passed down in our Alchemist Guild… 10,000 years ago, there was once a powerful Martial Emperor who could refine pills with more than 90% purity . "

"However, it's just a myth… It's been 10,000 years . Nobody knows if it's real or not . " Cheng He had tens of thousands of thoughts running through his mind . He could not calm down at all .

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Cheng He finally calmed down and asked the azure-clad old man urgently, "Where did you get this grade one Life Recovery Pill?"

"Guild Master, my direct disciple obtained this from the Lu Clan," the azure-clad old man responded immediately .

"Lu Clan?" Cheng He frowned after hearing what the azure-clad old man said . "I've been refining grade one pills for the Lu Clan… The grade one Life Recovery Pills I refined only have 70% purity at the most . "

"But this grade one Life Recovery Pill has purity above 90%!" Cheng He said as he looked at the pill in his hand .

He knew he did not refine this pill .

"Guild Master, you don't know this… A person with the surname Duan joined the Lu Clan recently and became the clan's first Interim Advisor! He's a grade one alchemist," the azure-clad old man explained, "He's the second grade one alchemist in the Southern Outer Land after Guild Master . "

"Grade one alchemist?!" Cheng He's eyes narrowed when he heard the azure-clad old man's words . "He joined the Lu Clan?"

"Yes . " The azure-clad old man nodded .

"Do you mean… this grade one Life Recovery Pill was refined by the alchemist with the surname Duan?" Cheng He asked .

"It's very likely . " The azure-clad old man proceeded to say, "Lu Clan is giving out rewards earlier for those who provide spirit fruit suitable for Void Transformation martial artists… A spirit fruit for a grade one Life Recovery Pill!"

"Initially, everyone thought Lu Clan was being stingy… But everyone went crazy when they found out the grade one Life Recovery Pills Lu Clan is using to trade have purity above 90% . " The azure-clad old man paused for a while before he continued to speak, "My direct disciple gave me this grade one Life Recovery Pill right after he obtained it…"

"I found it unusual so I came to see you immediately," the azure-clad old man spoke in one breath .

"You did great . " Cheng He nodded at the azure-clad old man as his eyes gleamed with a hint of satisfaction . "It looks like I'll have to make a trip to the Lu Clan to meet that alchemist whose surname is Duan . "

"There's another thing, Guild Master . " The azure-clad old man seemed to have recalled something .

"Hmm?" Cheng He looked at the azure-clad old man with doubts in his eyes .

"That alchemist with the surname Duan from the Lu Clan… I heard he's a young man… He's not even thirty years old yet!" The azure-clad old man said .