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Published at 21st of November 2018 08:50:04 AM

Chapter 1233: 1233
Chapter 1233: Han Bing's Divine Sword Technique

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

They saw an ancient black dragon and 1,000 ancient horned dragons above the hideous lady's head .

The Heaven and Energy Phenomenon that was driven by the Heaven and Earth Energy with Origin Energy was the symbol of an Eighth Level Martial Monarch martial artist!

As multiple colors rose from the hideous lady's body, Li Fei and Ke'er knew that she was performing the Profundities that she comprehended .

"Wait!" Li Fei stopped her while looking frightened .

"What? Do you have something to say before you die?" The hideous lady asked in her deep voice .

She was charging her Origin Energy and Profundities at the moment, and she was ready to kill Li Fei and Ke'er anytime now .

"Are you killing us just because we look better than you?" Li Fei asked after taking a deep breath .

"Looking better than me isn't a crime . All alluring women should die!"

"What if it's Martial Emperor You Han who's attractive? What about those Martial Emperor's disciples and direct disciples from You Han Valley? Given your ability, I bet the most you can do in You Han Valley is to threaten the Martial Emperor's followers," Li Fei proceeded .

"I'll admit defeat to those alluring women who are more powerful than I am… . Those who are weaker should all die!" The hideous lady went on with her sophistry while speeding up at the same time, dashing towards Li Fei and Ke'er .

All of a sudden, Li Fei had a drastic change of expression . She just realized that the hideous lady before her was a complete lunatic who was messed up in her head!

She said to Ke'er in a moment of panic, "Ke'er, go now! I'll stop her . " Li Fei raced towards the hideous lady before she even finished .

Although she knew she was no match for her, she had to buy Ke'er time to run for her life .

"Rascal, I guess I'll see you in the afterlife . " While going towards the hideous lady, a purple silhouette appeared in Li Fei's head in that split second of despair . It was a tall, young, and handsome man .

"Sister Fei'er!" Ke'er shouted in her sweet voice as she went up to the hideous woman at the same time .

The three-foot-long blade that appeared in her hand was covered in a layer of frost unexpectedly . A sword ray surrounded by a bone-piercing chill whirled towards the hideous lady .

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The sword was swung so fast as if God was lending her a helping hand!

Although Li Fei had asked her to leave, how could she go just like that?

If something were to really happen to Li Fei, even she happened to escape death, she would live a miserable life . The thought of such a life alone terrified her .

"Young Master, if there ever is an afterlife, I, Ke'er will still be your girl…" Tears rolled down her face as an extremely frosty aura flowed out of the three-foot-long blade in her hand . The same silhouette that Li Fei was thinking of appeared in her head at that moment .

"Redundant!" The hideous lady scoffed in disdain as she faced Li Fei and Ke'er's attack . Without any Spirit Weapon, she swept a rumbling energy with her palm alone .

At the same time, three ancient black dragon silhouettes formed above her head and dashed as she attacked . They were heading for Li Fei and Ke'er ferociously, appearing very majestic .

Compared to the silhouettes of the three ancient black dragons, the single ancient black dragon's silhouette and the thousands of ancient horned dragon silhouettes that appeared above Li Fei and Ke'er's head each seemed insignificant .

"How unfortunate!" Many of the ladies who had come out of the wooden houses could not help but cover their eyes, not daring to watch .

They seemed to foresee the brutal death of the two beauties .



As a deafening loud thud resounded, gushes of rumbling airwaves swept everywhere followed by a devastated scream . It was so loud that it pierced everyone's eardrums .

"That doesn't right!" At that time, many of the ladies noticed that something was off . "That voice…"

As they opened their eyes and snapped back to their senses, they realized that a silhouette was standing in front of the two beautiful ladies who remained untouched .

On the other hand, the hideous lady had crashed hard against the mountain wall which was packed with snow . She left a human-shaped print behind on the snow .

"Ahh!" The hideous lady spat a mouthful of blood out as she looked at the lady protecting Li Fei and Ke'er . She said in a deep voice while looking gray, "Isn't killing allowed here? Are you playing favorites, protecting these bitches?"

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A loud and clear slap rang out . The lady who protected Li Fei and Ke'er vanished from where she was . She gave the hideous lady a slap as she re-appeared before her .

"Who are you to judge what I do!?" The woman standing before the ugly lady was elegantly dressed all in white as if she blended in with the snow .

Regardless of her weak appearance, she had a terrifying power hiding within her . Otherwise, the hideous lady would not have been defeated .

At that point, the ugly lady did not dare to speak further .

Although she was exceptional, the most she could do was to become a You Han Valley Martial Emperor's disciple or follower in the selection test that would be held in two months . Even she knew that very well .

Meanwhile, the lady before her was one of the Martial Emperor's disciples of You Han Valley . Her powerful ability was leaps and bounds mightier than the frightful lady's .

Therefore, although she was unwilling, she stayed silent .

The hideous lady glared at Li Fei and Ke'er fiercely and thought to herself, "These two bitches… I'll let you live for two months . When the selection test arrives two months later, I'll make the both of you disappear from this world completely!"

"Thank you, Sister, for saving us . " At that moment, Li Fei and Ke'er thanked the lady in white .

They knew very well that they would definitely die that day if their savior had not appeared .

However, they were filled with doubts .

The lady in blue who brought them in earlier who was either a You Han Valley Martial Emperor's disciple or follower told them from the start that killing was allowed and that powerhouses ruled .

However, this lady in white who seemed to be a You Han Valley Martial Emperor's disciple had saved them . They thought it was a little odd .

Why had this lady saved them?

"Follow me, the both of you . " After taking a cold glance at the hideous lady, she turned around and nodded lightly at Li Fei and Ke'er . She then leaped into the sky .

Although they had no idea where she was bringing them, Li Fei and Ke'er chose to obey and followed her . They left the valley with the wooden houses .

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The valley broke into chaos after Li Fei and Ke'er left .

"Who do you think the two girls are?"

"I guess they should be related to that Martial Emperor's disciple . Otherwise, why would she have saved them?"

"I heard some women don't like men; they like women instead . Do you guys think she's that sort of person since the two girls are beautiful?"

"Now that you put it that way, it's possible!"

Just like the saying 'Three women are enough to start a drama', the bunch of ladies who gathered in the valley totally twisted the situation around .

At that time, the terrified ugly lady returned to the wooden house that she stayed in .

On the other hand, Li Fei and Ke'er went to the other side silently with the lady in white .

"Sister, where are you bringing us?" Ke'er could not help but ask softly .

"To see Senior Sister Xu . " The lady turned around to look at Ke'er . A rare smile appeared on her face that was initially emotionless . It was a refreshing smile that looked like a green lotus flower in its first bloom .

Seeing that, Ke'er returned a smile but a glimpse of surprise flashed through Li Fei's eyes .

She noticed that the lady, who seemed to be a You Han Valley Martial Emperor's disciple, seemed to be extra kind to Ke'er .

Why exactly was that?

She was filled with misgivings .

Soon, the lady brought Ke'er and Li Fei half way up onto one of the snow peaks around You Han Valley . There was a wooden house filled with snow .

If one were to stand at a distance, the wooden house would not be visible at all . One could hardly see it even if they went closer .

The lady greeted respectfully at the entrance of the wooden house covered in thick snow, "Senior Sister Xu . "

Ke'er and Li Fei had their eyes on the wooden house . To be exact, they had their eyes on the door of the wooden house .

They were curious about who would come out of the house .

"Ke'er, I'm sure that the lady who saved us is a You Han Valley Martial Emperor's disciple… The person who must've trained her should be a You Han Valley Martial Emperor's direct disciple," Li Fei said to Ke'er via Voice Transmission .

Ke'er's heart lurched when she heard that . Before she managed to react, the wooden door opened with a creak .

A silhouette walked out of it slowly at the same time .

It was a young lady in green . She seemed like she was in her early 30's, and her expression was cold as she looked directly at the lady in white .

"Yes?" The green-clad lady said casually . Her voice was cold as if it originated from an extremely chilly ice cave . Li Fei and Ke'er could not help but shudder from the bite of the cold .

Facing the lady in green, their savior seemed to be pressured as she only spoke after taking a deep breath in . "Senior Sister Xu, I saw someone performing the sword skill that you know . "

"A sword skill that I know?" The green-clad lady frowned .

"The sword skill that came from the set of methods that Master Martial Emperor passed down to you," the lady in white reminded .

"What!?" As the lady in white spoke, the other lady could not keep her composure any longer and her expression went through a drastic change . "Who is that?!"

At the same time, she had her eyes fixed on Li Fei and Ke'er .

"It's her . " The lady in white looked at Ke'er while speaking to the woman in green .

"You, show me your sword skill . " At that moment, the lady in green tried her best to suppress her emotion while speaking to Ke'er .

Ke'er glanced at Li Fei . After getting Li Fei's consent with a nod, Ke'er performed the sword skill that she had mastered .

"Does this sword skill come from a set of methods called Han Bing's Divine Sword Technique?" Someone spoke to Ke'er through Voice Transmission at that second .

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