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Chapter 231

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Nefarious Filthbird

At headquarters, in the hunting team’s administrative zone.

*Thump!* A huge Venom Wyvern descended from the sky and created two large depressions as its feet touched the ground.

A black shadow flickered, and a robed Magus jumped off the back of the Wyvern.

“My Lord! My Lord!” An old Magus saw the Venom Wyvern, his eyes brightening as he approached them.

“Old man! We’ll need to have some words about you escaping at the last minute!”

Leylin couldn’t be bothered to deal with him and entered the hall.

“Vice Team leader! Lord Caesar is looking for you!” Two hunting team Magi came before Leylin and bowed slightly, their manners impeccable.

Though Leylin had no real power in front of Caesar, ordinary members like them were small fry. Those who had offended him the other time were still in isolation! Hence, these members were extremely respectful to Leylin, or at least on the surface.

”Great timing, I was just about to look for him!”

Leylin nodded slightly.

*Ka-cha!* The door opened, revealing Caesar’s figure behind the office desk. The two Magi who had escorted him here quickly left.

“Magus Leylin! You’re just in time. Regarding the previous mission…” Before Caesar even spoke, a huge metallic piece was firmly thrown onto the table.

“It’s done!”

On this huge silver white metal, there were indents that formed an old, wrinkled face.

“Metallic lifeform?” Caesar was slightly suspicious, but at the thought of something, his eyes suddenly opened wide.

“I need to inspect this!”

After speaking, Caesar took the metallic sculpture and jogged out of the office, leaving Leylin alone inside.

Though Caesar had issued this mission before, not in his wildest dreams could he have expected Leylin to actually complete it. After all, Marb was a Magus on the same level as him!

However, Leylin had given him something that looked like Marb’s head. How could this not astonish him?

In that moment, Caesar even had the suspicion that Leylin had brought him brought a random head to escape punishment.

*Creak!* Ten minutes later, the door opened once more.

Caesar appeared in front of Leylin, but his expression was dark, with even hints of shock in his face.

“I didn’t think you would actually be able to do it…” Caesar could not conceal the shock and curiosity in his eyes.

“If it’s possible, could you share the process of your mission with me? You know, as the hunting team leader, it’s necessary that I know about the entire process and then give rewards accordingly.”

Caesar spoke indifferently.

“It was very simple…” Leylin unfolded his arms. “After taking on the mission, I was going to look for you but coincidentally saw him heavily wounded, which is how I completed this assignment.”

“Magus Leylin…” Caesar’s face darkened further. “Please speak the truth!”

“That’s what happened! I even brought along a neutral wandering Magus. If there’s anything else you need, you can just ask her.”

Leylin was indifferent.

In reality, as long as one was not completely blind, anyone could see this was an excuse!

But so what? Marb was dead. If Leylin said he was heavily injured, that must be the truth!

As for that female Magus, she was just a semi-converted Magus. How could she tell the state of a peak rank 1 Magus’ injuries?

“You…” Caesar’s face began to flush.

In that instant, he suddenly seemed to have thought of something and his entire body relaxed.

“No matter what, Magus Leylin, you have disposed of a peak rank 1 Magus from the other faction, thus showing your loyalty to Four Seasons Garden. Your bravery will be known by all light Magi, and you might even be recorded down in history…”

Caesar congratulated him with a fake smile.

“Thank you for your compliment, but I want to know more about the substantial rewards I will be getting!” Leylin nodded nonchalantly and then spoke.

For him, having a reputation wasn’t all that important. With the prerequisite that the situation would not be unfavourable to him, he was, of course, willing to do some good deeds and obtain a good reputation. However, if there were no advantages and him needing to put in so much effort, making a name for himself in history was just something that only idiots would bother doing!


Caesar breathed in deeply to calm the fire within his heart and said icily, “There will naturally be rewards. As for any promotions, that will have to wait. However, the contribution points have already been issued to you. 1500 points! Don’t worry, the organisation is very strict when it comes to things like this, so I don’t have the authority to dock points from you.”

Immediately after, Caesar produced a green crystal card from within his robes and passed it to Leylin.

An obscure look flashed past Leylin’s eyes as he held out his hand to take the card.


That instant he took the card, a slight explosion happened.

Leylin and Caesar’s bodies shook for a second, and they immediately sprang apart.

“What a terrifying rate of improvement! Magus Leylin!” His expression held a trace of fear as Caesar looked at Leylin.

Before, he still had the confidence that he could suppress Leylin, but now, after the probing, he found that this Magus who he had looked upon with contempt had already caught up to him and become a mighty peak rank 1 Magus! He might even be stronger than him!

Caesar could not be so casual with Leylin any longer. Leylin’s ranking in his heart had already risen to the same level of opponents who were of equal strength as him.

Leylin only gave a slight smile in response to Caesar’s exclamation.

He had even concealed a part of the strength of his Warlock blood. If not, Caesar might be completely stunned.

He took his own contribution point card and swiped the green crystal card above it!

*Beep!* A light flickered and the 0 on Leylin’s own card changed to 1500.

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“Alright! Magus Leylin, you may return and take a rest while waiting for news from the Elders.” Caesar spoke slowly.

Leylin’s transformation made him feel a little uncomfortable. He was currently in need of some time to come up with a counterplan.

“Thank you!”

Leylin stood up and took a small bow, each action revealing an unspeakable sort of elegance.


“Really? His strength exceeds yours?”

In a room made primarily out of plants, Reynold placed the white porcelain cup on the table, a hand supporting his forehead and a finger curling his hair. Another hand was unconsciously striking the table, producing the dull ‘thud’ sounds.

The current Reynold looked like an old man who was not in the best state of mind, but all those who were familiar with him could tell this was him pondering over something deeply.

Caesar stood aside, waiting for the final decision from this elder of the Four Seasons Garden.

“If that’s the case, we’ll give him the position of the head of patrolling at the headquarters!” Reynold thought over this for a long time till the steam from his porcelain cup had vanished, before speaking.

“Alright!” In response, Caesar merely nodded.

“Also, I found out that we might have paid too little attention to that guy… If there’s time, I think I want to meet him.”

Reynold stretched, looking pleased as he glanced at Caesar.

“Don’t you know how rude it is to bother an old man who was planning on taking an afternoon nap?”

“My apologies! I’ll take my leave now!”

Caesar quickly bowed and left, a mysterious grin about his lips.

“Leylin Farlier?”

Behind him, Reynold mouthed this name.

He had naturally taken Leylin’s talent into account. If he was truly sincere about joining Four Seasons Garden and that the value of the item he had gotten from the ruins was not too high, Reynold would not go so far as to do anything dirty and covet his inheritance.

However, from how Leylin had been able to improve his strength so quickly, what he had obtained was definitely not as simple as he had thought it was.

It was extremely beneficial to the user and was worth the risk for Reynold to take action.

In addition, based on the information he had gathered, ever since Leylin entered Four Seasons Garden, he still had dealings with dark Magi. He was even involved in a few of the large incidents in Nightless City!

This was just intolerable! Any organisation would not put up with the existence of disloyal members!

Though this was just a hypothesis, this was enough reason for Reynold to make his move!

He was an existence that had stepped into the level of rank 2 Magi! The difference between Magi from each rank was like heaven and earth. Even if Leylin received some amazing inheritance, as long as he had not promoted to a rank 2 Magus, he was powerless in front of a true rank 2 Magus.

Just the fact that he could solidify his spiritual force was enough to suppress most rank 1 Magi!


At this point in time, Leylin was oblivious to all this.

He was currently in a laboratory, holding a test tube that contained a grey liquid within. His blue eyes flashed as he constantly scanned the contents.

“The solution that contains a Nefarious Filthbird’s feathers! Rumours have it that the ancient Nefarious Filthbird and Trial’s Eye were nemeses. Its feathers also carried with it the chaos its original body was known for. It is an item that swindlers love.”

The conclusion that the A.I. Chip had was presented in front of Leylin’s eyes.

“Based on the information and simulations, this solution is able to take care of the oath I made with Four Seasons Garden. But what happens after? The problem I have isn’t just with the oath…”

Leylin mumbled to himself, and looked at his stats once more.

[Leylin Farlier. Rank 1 Warlock, Bloodline: Giant Kemoyin Serpent. Strength: 20.1, Agility: 13.4, Vitality: 25.9, Spiritual Force: 76.1, Magic Power: 76 (Magic Power is in synchronisation with Spiritual Force). Elemental essence conversion: 90%. Status: Altering heart, progress at 69%.]

“The heart is the location where the Giant Kemoyin Serpent’s blood was produced. Through the alteration of the heart, ancient Warlocks obtained similar vitality and abilities to produce blood!”

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