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Chapter 241

Killing Pierre

Leylin unceremoniously began to search through the large resource warehouse as the smallest and most valuable items all disappearing into his robes .

The rodent who was following him took advantage of Leylin’s high position and managed to obtain quite a few valuable items .

Once he was satisfied with his loot, Leylin returned to the doorway and spoke to the rest of the Magi who were anxiously waiting, “The rest is all yours . ”

“Many thanks to Lord Blood Rogue!”

After the Magi present bowed to Leylin, they cheered as they impatiently dashed into the warehouse, plundering as they liked .

“What a pity! If I had some magic artifact that could store items in another space dimension, you wouldn’t be getting anything from here . ”

Watching the large storage warehouse get ravaged, a feeling of pity overcame him .

Even if he couldn’t use these things, they could be exchanged for magic crystals and the like .

However, time was short and he could not afford to keep many items on his body, so they were able to benefit from this .

“Rodent! Come here!”

Leylin spoke indifferently .

“My Lord, what may I do for you?” Upon witnessing Leylin’s battle achievements, this Magus, Rodent, was already fully in awe of Leylin and was even ready to sell its body to him .

“You specialise in detection, right? I remember the last time while we were surveying the entrance to the secret plane, you were the first one to discover it . ”

Leylin spoke matter-of-factly, but from the sharp glint in his eyes, it seemed as if he had already seen through Rodent’s entire being .

“It’s just an effect from the shapeshifting spell…” Rodent’s heart chilled as it smiled dryly .

“Good! Find me the current location of this smell!”

Leylin raised his index finger, and tendrils of blackness were emitted and turned into thin little black pythons . They quickly appeared before Rodent and bit onto its nose .

“Ah…” Rodent gave a miserable cry, but the intense pain it had been expecting did not register . Instead, the smell of a Magus had travelled into his mind .

“It’s him! Bring me to him!” Leylin’s voice was very calm and it was impossible to tell if he was agitated or gleeful . However, this situation evidently unnerved Rodent further .

“Yes! Yes, my Lord, I’ll bring you there now!”

Rodent sprawled flat on the ground, nose right on the ground as he sniffed hard .

After a few minutes, he confirmed a direction, “It’s here . Please follow me, my Lord!”

Concealed under the the crimson mask, Leylin lightly chuckled . What he had given Rodent was the scent of Pierre, who was in charge of the merit points exchange centre .
As the first Magus to be exploited by Leylin, his scent had been kept for future purposes .

But from what he had heard from Pierre, what he had plundered was not the main warehouse . The real one was something that even Pierre did not have the authority to bring others into .

This was an opportunity that was hard to come by!

Leylin gathered that the items in that main warehouse were definitely top-grade items or ingredients that Four Seasons Garden had found in the Eternal River Plains’ secret plane .

If he managed to obtain all of that, it would likely be enough for him to advance to a rank 2 Magus and even above that .

At this thought, his breathing began to silently roughen .

The large rodent-like Magus had no real talent in terms of fighting skill, but it was his skill in detecting an opponent that Thousand Meddling Hands required his expertise for .
Leylin followed this large rodent and bypassed several secret passageways . There were, of course, several alarms and magic traps, but they were all destroyed by Leylin .
The main function of these traps was to alert the light Magi of intruders, and summon a large number of Magi from the Four Seasons Garden .

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As they went further in, even Reynold would be startled into action . With a rank 2 Magus like him around, things were as safe as it could be .

But the situation now was different . Four Seasons Garden’s headquarters at the secret plane was now in a state of confusion and chaos . Reynold, the rank 2 Magus in charge, had now been lured away by a rank 2 Magus from Thousand Meddling Hands .

In a situation where the main forces were gone, just a few dull traps and spells were just a joke to Leylin!

“We’re here! My lord, if my senses don’t fail me, the owner of the scent is within this passageway . ”

After going through a maze filled with traps and crossroads, the large rodent pointed to a green passage at the opposite side and stated with confidence .

This passageway looked extremely narrow, to the point that only one person could cross at a time . Within the passageway, there were innumerable vines that twined together to create a green wall, and there were even powerful energy waves emitting from it . The aura it emitted was vaguely familiar and was something that Leylin had felt not too long ago — it belonged to Reynold, the rank 2 Magus!

“It can’t be wrong! This is the place!”

Leylin inspected the restriction spell formation put into place, his heartbeat quickening .
As the person in charge at the merit points exchange centre, Pierre would definitely return to the main warehouse and oversee it . As this place was kept in a secret location and had a large number of defensive spell formations, it was much safer as compared to the outside, where danger lurked in every corner . Hence, Leylin was eighty percent sure that he had chosen to hide out here .

Leylin had gotten Rodent to find his scent and was betting on this happening! Now, with the appearance of Reynold’s, a rank 2 Magus, defensive spell formations, it confirmed his conjecture .

Even if it wasn’t the main warehouse, there were sure to be valuable things around if a rank 2 Magus had attempted to prevent others from going in there .

With a lengthy whistle, his hands turned red and he activated the full power of Crimson Palm . Huge blood-red claws carried crimson flames about it as they struck the wall of vines .


Immense energy waves shot in all directions, and the passageway shook a little, rocks and dust falling from the ceiling .

After the dust cleared, the rodent-like Magus who was hiding behind Leylin saw a hole that was as large as a basketball above the entrance on the wall .

This hole was pitch-black inside, with traces of crimson flames burning and extending within .

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*Crash!* Green light flashed and the entrance seemed to come to life, innumerable tendrils twisting together and filling in the hole . Rays of green light was emitted from the vines and they were entangled together, green and right mixing together before they died down .

“The defense formation set up by a rank 2 Magus is indeed not simple!”

Leylin sighed in admiration, with no hint of disappointment in his eyes .

Crimson Palm was just one of the spells he used to conceal his identity . It was definitely not representative of what he was capable of!

The current him had already approached the realm of a rank 2 Magus . Even if he were to meet one, there was a high chance of him escaping . A formation set up by a mere rank 2 Magus was naturally not anything he worried about .

“A . I . Chip! Have they been recorded?”

Under the mask, a hint of blue flashed in his eyes as he enquired inwardly .

[Recorded 89% of the information regarding the spell formation . Currently simulating experiments and calculating its weak point . ]

The A . I . Chip intoned loyally and then presented a few points where the amount of energy present was scarcer .

Usually, when a defense formation was not activated, it was difficult for the A . I . Chip to obtain such specific data . However, through Leylin’s attack using Crimson Palm, the formation began to operate and displayed all sorts of energy waves that the A . I . Chip scanned and gathered in detail . This was how it was able to see through it and ascertain its weak point!

“So that’s it!” Leylin peered closely at the diagram pointing out the places where energy signals were weaker, and the crimson rays were produced from his hands once again .

“Crimson Palm!” The giant blood-red claws struck again! Sharp, large flaming apparitions hit the entrance amidst the vines, 3cm below the centre of the door .

*Bang!* The entrance began to shake fiercely, and large numbers of vines devoted their energies to repairing the harm caused .

“Hah!” Leylin’s arms did not stop moving as the crimson claws were used again, striking a few areas on the door .

*Creak! Creak!* The door could not bear the abuse and even the veins began to slow in their movements .

“Now!” Blood-red light flashed in his eyes .

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*Rumble!* The areas on the door that had been hit began to burn fiercely with crimson flames, forming straight lines and converging .

*Weng Weng!*

A huge crimson fireball appeared, and with a specific frequency, it bombarded the very middle of the vined entrance .


As if someone had torn countless pieces of parchment, the green-vined entrance crumbled in pieces . The original healthy green turned into a wilted yellow as if its life force was drained as each piece fell to the ground .

*Ka-cha!* The whole entrance was in shatters .

Leylin’s footsteps did not stop and he immediately entered .

Following behind him was the Rodent Magus who seemed to be struggling with its decision to follow . Its foot raised several times, but in the end, it took a huge breath and left this place .

“You actually found this place?”

After going through the passageway, Leylin came into a place that seemed like a small warehouse . The first thing he saw was someone dressed like an appraiser . He even had on gilded glasses and was standing there silently .

At this moment, the expression on Pierre’s face was strange; he looked as if a weight had been lifted from his shoulders . He smiled, “I’ve been worrying about how to tell my superiors about you breaking into the exchange centre . I guess I don’t have to worry about that anymore…”

He then gave Leylin a profound look . “You must be someone I know well, to be able to get here so quickly! Could you tell me your real identity?”


Leylin did not seem to have any intentions of letting Pierre die knowing his secrets . *Boom!* He fiercely took one step forward, and dark energy particles wrapped he and Pierre within like a fog…

*Sssii!* Thick fog spread, but there was not the slightest sound produced from the inside .

Minutes later, Leylin walked out calmly, and then entered the treasured warehouse that belonged to Four Seasons Garden .