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Chapter 254

After having spoken, Leylin made a show of flinging his robes, with the intention to leave .

“What are you doing?”

“To take care of the mess that was left behind, and arrange for the dark Magi to receive access to the information about our defenses and resources…” Leylin’s figure eventually disappeared into the distance, leaving behind the echo of his voice .

Leylin went straight to his room, opened a secret door and revealed a basement .

“My Lord!” A dwarf in black clothing bowed towards Leylin .

“En!” Leylin nodded, and then pointed at the dwarf! A bright light was sent out from his fingertips and disappeared into the dwarf’s forehead .

The dwarf’s body swelled in an instant; green veins wriggling on his flesh like little snakes .


The dwarf’s body constantly expanded, and actually transformed from a little dwarf to an adult, burly male!

With the change in his body, his black clothes burst and revealed a manly and handsome figure . However, on what had once been a beautiful male body, all sorts of runic brands now covered it all over that formed a bizarre spell formation .

The man’s body which was laden with brands trembled involuntarily as bead-sized sweat constantly dripping . From the looks of it, such a transformation was extremely uncomfortable, but the burly man gritted his teeth and did not make a sound .

“You did well, Number 2!” Leylin glanced at the burly man and praised him .

“It’s my honour to be able to serve Master!” This burly man was actually one of the Branded Swordsmen that served Leylin!

With his strength as a Branded Swordsman, the only way for Number 2 to fail in killing Wade, who was already injured and weakened, was according to Leylin’s special instructions .

Even the slip of paper that warned Wade was arranged by Leylin .

“I’ve already helped you . Everything that happens next depends on your luck!”

Leylin lightly sighed, his pupils seemed to penetrate the void and see Wade, who was already fleeing .

He had gone out of the way to do all this .

After all, he was on somewhat good terms with Wade and allowed him to enter Four Seasons Garden . He did somewhat owe Wade .

Though Reynold had bad intentions towards Leylin, and Leylin had struck back mercilessly and indirectly caused Reynold’s death, this had nothing to do with Wade . ?
Hence, Leylin did not mind letting him off when it was convenient .

To take it further, Wade right now still had some talent in being a Magus and was not someone Leylin had in his sights . Even if Wade wanted to avenge his father or anything like that, he could just kill Wade .

After this act, Leylin believed he had repaid the debt he owed Wade . If he stupidly decided to provoke Leylin, Wade would immediately be killed . There would be no hesitation .

In Leylin’s mind, there was a very clear line .

Wade was now a tiny bit helpful to Leylin, and they were on somewhat good terms, so he could let him off . If they were even closer, Leylin might even arrange for Number 2 and Number 3 to escort him out, rather than letting him fend for himself .

Of course, before all that, the prerequisite was that none of this would harm Leylin’s interests . If not, favours and things of that nature were not even worth considering .

“I won’t chase after him anymore, but to make sure everything goes well, Caesar will definitely mobilize dark Magi from Thousand Meddling Hands to kill him . Good luck to you!”

Leylin estimated that the chances of Wade’s survival in the external world were no more than 40% . This was in a situation where his own luck was factored in .

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However, this was much better than staying behind in the headquarters, where he was sure to die . Hence, Leylin sighed a little and quickly pushed this matter to the back of his mind, and ordered Number 2 and Number 3 to conceal themselves in order to be his trump cards . Without telling anyone, Leylin came to the region where the core of the formation genie was .

Whatever Caesar had ordered him to do, had naturally been disregarded . Did Caesar dare to fall out with him just over such a trivial matter?

The core of the formation genie was now situated at the heart of the headquarters of Four Seasons Gardens, not far from what had been Reynold’s office .

Here, with every step he took, he could see many light Magi who appeared quite solemn as they went about their tasks . Amongst these Magi, not only were there Magi from Four Seasons Garden, there were also a few Magi from the Lightning Corps .

In Leylin’s eyes, the core of the formation genie was just like a generator room essential for the upkeep of the defense spell formation . The defense spell formation that guarded Four Seasons Garden was extremely important, and with the previous attack, the status and need for such defensive mechanisms was elevated by several times .

However, it was but a decoration in Leylin’s eyes . He was one of the two most important people in Four Seasons Garden now, and not only did these Magi not question his being here, but they bowed to him .

After sending away the Magi outside, Leylin entered the room in which the spirit genie was located .

This room was very empty, and wisps of cool air floated about, which caused the temperature to drop .

In the centre of the room, the metal pillars within what was the main body of the formation genie that Leylin had seen the previous time were standing tall .

Usually, this sort of formation genie was a being that had no consciousness and only carried out procedures . It could not compare to Leylin’s A . I . Chip, but to be able to construct this thing with magic was something that astounded Leylin to no end .

This was the product formed by a rank 1 and rank 2 Magus . Did that mean that rank 3 or 4 Magi could use magic and produce artificial intelligence, and even generate life?

There was a level of excitement in Leylin’s heart, as well as some vigilance . Though he had the A . I . Chip and had a much better start than the other Magi, the developed brains of highly ranked Magi were comparable to regular computers . His advantage was becoming less obvious, and would eventually be rendered obsolete .

However, he was still very confident!

Even if there was a day where the advantages the A . I . Chip granted him were evened out, or even surpassed by other Magi, he was confident he would accumulate enough power before that happened and would not fear any challenges!

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With a grin on his face, Leylin pressed the palm of his hand to the surface of the metal pillar .

“Welcome, Magus Leylin Farlier, an authority of seven stars! Please choose the function you require!”

The formation genie’s voice sounded in Leylin’s mind, instantly separating a few fundamental modules, which included: the monitoring of the spell formation, checking information, alteration of basic runes and so on .

Leylin’s spiritual force touched the module that allowed him to check for information . Immediately afterwards, a large amount of information appeared in his mind .

This formation genie was, in actuality, a massive central computer, with large amounts of information about the Magi of Four Seasons Garden, recorded in its database .

What he had right now was access to everything except a few absolutely secret documents .

“Map to the Eternal River Plain’s secret plane! Distribution of resources! The best missions! Inventory of each warehouse! Backup of academic knowledge!”

A subdirectory dazzled Leylin as it streamed past his eyes . This was just a newly-formed formation genie, and if it were a high-level formation genie that had recorded over a thousand years of history in Four Seasons Garden, all the information within would cause Leylin’s brain to explode .

[A platform to control data entry has been discovered! Proceed with remote control?] At this moment, the A . I . Chip’s voice sounded by Leylin’s ear .


“Yes!” Leylin nodded .

Next, a streak of spiritual force covered the metal pillar .

“A . I . Chip! Make a copy of the information stored in the formation genie, and establish a catalogue for browsing!] Leylin ordered .

[Beep! Mission established! Beginning copy of information! Progress: 1%…34%… 100%!]

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The A . I . Chip’s efficiency was extremely shocking, and the amount it could store far exceeded Leylin’s expectations . All the information stored in the formation genie only required a few seconds to be duplicated, and it had not taken up that much space either .

“It looks like after transmigrating, not only did the A . I . Chip fuse with my spirit, its storage space has also been increased . Even if I were to copy information from a high-level formation genie like the one in Four Seasons Garden that has over a thousand years’ worth of information stored within, there wouldn’t be any problems…”

Glee flashed by Leylin’s face, and he then commanded, “Search! Rare items column!”
Instantly after, a picture was sent to the A . I . Chip to be compared with . It was a bizarre honeycomb coal briquette, with many pearls that looked like eyeballs, was dazzling and demonic!

This was what Leylin had found after sweeping through the main warehouse of the headquarters of Four Seasons Garden . It was definitely a top-grade item found within the secret plane .

Though Leylin had no idea what it was, and there was no record of it in the A . I . Chip’s database, the rank 2 Magus Reynold was sure to recognise it . If not, he would not have treated it so preciously and protected it well .

With this image, there was sure to be a record of it in the formation genie .

As expected, after adding the database from the formation genie, the A . I . Chip quickly produced an answer .

[The fossil of the flesh from a Thousand Eyes Starfish! Degree of rarity: Level 5S . Place of discovery: Liema Channel in the Eternal River Plains’ secret plane . Note Taker: Reynold . ]

“Thousand Eyes Starfish! It seems to be an ancient creature!” Leylin rubbed his chin and looked through the introduction to its uses .

“The flesh of the Thousand Eyes Starfish contains extremely rich life energy, and can instantly regenerate a broken limb, and even give Magi at the brink of death a chance to live . It is also very effective in the strengthening of organs . With just a gram of the flesh of the Thousand Eyes Starfish, it can increase the rate of the organ’s adaptability by two levels!”

Leylin had a crazed look of excitement in his eyes as he read up to this point .

“Adaptability of the organ? Doesn’t that mean it’s useful in the remodelling of my heart?” The progress of the remodelling of his heart had been stuck at 69% .

After all, reforming the body was a very dangerous process, especially as Leylin intended to transform his heart such that it was similar to that of the Giant Kemoyin Serpent .