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Chapter 260

Another Round

After speaking, Leylin turned to gaze at the bustling market .

Life and death happened all the time, much like the way flowers bloomed and withered away . Everything was being transformed in front of his eyes .

“Nothing in the world can escape the decay of time! This is why I’m so set on seeking eternity, which is something I live by!”

Leylin sighed deeply in his heart .

The rebuilding of this market was not entirely without reason . At the very least, Leylin had gained quite of a bit of experience from managing it . In the future, if he ever needed to take charge of an area where Magi gathered, he knew he could do it much better than before .

Seeing Leylin expression, Caesar snickered inside without showing anything on his face, “Then let us begin as quickly as possible! Someone will move the core body of consciousness today!”

“Alright! Are we finally going to make a move?”

Anticipation flashed in Leylin’s eyes, as they walked side by side as they left .


Caliste wore the robes unique to Magi from Four Seasons Garden, and ambled over to the region he was in charge of .

Along the way, acolytes stood by the road and bowed to him . He walked past them expressionlessly, and occasionally nodded aloofly .

“This is it! Respect! Reverence! This is what it feels like to be an official Magus…”

As someone who had just been promoted to be an official Magus, Caliste had yet to adjust to this situation .

Such treatment that was reserved for those who were more powerful than the regular human had him feel a little intoxicated .

However, all these thoughts vanished after seeing the large hole beside the fort .

At the outer layer of the headquarters of Four Seasons Garden, there was a huge hole .

This was the masterpiece done by the dark Magi in their previous attack . Leylin and Caesar had ordered for people to mend this, but it had yet to return to its original state .

As he looked at the light Magi and acolytes who were carrying out construction work, Caliste felt as if all the wounds had been re-opened as they sniggered at him .

This huge wound was a disgrace to all the Magi of Four Seasons Garden!

“Those darned dark Magi! One day, I, Caliste, shall…” Caliste’s complaints and curses suddenly stopped as he recalled the insane power the dark Magi had displayed .

For a Magus like him who had grown up in a safe environment, every movement from the dark Magi, which were filled with bloodthirstiness and violence, made him feel a little stifled .

In this condition, even those who were of the same rank might lose quite badly .

“If they attack once again, will I be able to do anything?” Caliste was filled with self-doubt . After all, it was his luck that had allowed him to survive while other, more powerful, light Magi had died in battle!

“Hah… I don’t care anymore! There’s still the Lightning Corps, large-scale defense, and amplification spell formations here, as well Lord Caesar and Lord Leylin! With this level of power, there’s definitely no problem for us to hang on for one or two more days . Besides, the people from the headquarters are going to arrive tomorrow!”

Caliste exhaled slowly .


At this moment, green flames suddenly streaked across the sky like a meteor, a tail of light following behind it .

*Xiu!* Accompanying the flames was the piercing sound of friction with the air .

*Pak!* Green flames rumbled as they exploded in the middle of the sky, forming the image of a green skull!

“This is… the symbol of the dark Magi…” Caliste’s voice became hoarse, his expression displaying his disbelief .

“Enemy attack!”

The patrolling Magi bellowed, and layers of black magical beasts charged forth like a tide .

“The biochemical army of the dark Magi! This is an army made out of cannon fodder, formed due to the radiation and poisoning of beasts in the secret plane! The real enemy is still behind . Activate the defense formation and notify the two Lords!”

Atop the watchtower, a Magus who seemed to be the leader of a team icily roared immediately .

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“Activate the Heavenly Fire spell formation! Magi on the ground are to prepare wind spells and fire rain scrolls!”

This little leader was obviously the commander of a zone, and he immediately began to seek permission from the formation genie with his spiritual force .

“Formation genie! Activate the energy amplification spell formation again! The targets are all Magi of Four Seasons Garden!”

The energy amplification spell formation was a large-scale spell formation that would cover the entire area of the headquarters at the secret plane . It could cause Magi who were semi-converted and below to have their power to increase by 10% .

“Received request, verifying authority!”

He could hear the emotionless voice of the formation genie in his mind .

“Verification failed! Spell formation will not be activated!” However, the formation genie’s next words seemed to throw him down into the abyss .

“What? It didn’t go through?”

The commander’s face changed and he fiercely smashed the stone railing beside him . *Pak!* A huge chunk of green stone fell .

“It happened again! There’s a traitor!”

He turned his head, glancing in the direction of Reynold’s office . “Is it Caesar? Leylin? Or both of them?”

Magi were not fools in general . The failure to activate the formation genie could be said to be a fluke the previous time, but it had happened again . The scope of people he suspected had been made smaller, and no amount of concealing would work .

Caesar and Leylin did not bother doing that either, as they were already prepared to leave Four Seasons Garden .

“Leader, what do we do?” The female Magus behind him asked anxiously .

“Let’s go!” This Magus looked at the beast horde that was going to arrive soon, and then the platinum gate of the secret plane a distance away . He gritted his teeth and made his choice .

“The situation now is extremely dangerous, and there are also traitors here! The casualties here will definitely be more than the previous time . If you want to survive, leave with me! Immediately! Now!” The leader quickly explained .

He was deemed to be very trustworthy in this team, and a few members chose to leave with him . The rest stayed behind .

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At this point, those who chose to stay behind were completely loyal to Four Seasons Garden .

The expression on this commander’s face changed, becoming icy as he led his team members and broke away from the beast wave .

Before leaving, he turned back to look at Four Seasons Garden’s defensive line .

Though the ranged spell formation of the formation genie could not be activated, there were still a lot of defense Magi who chose to stay behind . Hailstones, storms, flashes of lightning and thunder, and fire raining from the sky could be seen on the defensive line .

“I’m sorry!” This leader apologised in his heart and immediately turned to leave .

Magi were a bunch of logical and practical people . The team leader was very clear that the enemies were very aggressive in their attacks, and they even had a highly-ranked spy to provide support . The Magi of Four Seasons Garden here would not end up well .

As the defense Magi battled with the army of magical beasts, immense energy waves swept through Four Seasons Garden .

In a second, Four Seasons Garden was in chaos once again .

Wandering Magi with no affiliation thought back to the previous time this happened and quickly chose to leave . Acolytes were as powerless as ants in this situation, and they could only wail in hopelessness .

On top of that, a few Magi also took the opportunity to conduct some illegal activities, and in a short period of time, the sound from quarrels, wails, and on top of that, the roars from magical beasts coupled with the aura of magic traveled throughout the region .

“How terrifying! Oh Four Seasons, did my nightmare reappear?”

“Too terrifying! It’s too terrifying!”

Caliste mumbled away . As a defense Magus of Four Seasons Garden, it was his duty to protect his homeland . However, his legs were becoming jelly and started to shift backwards .

*Boom!* At this moment, half a body, from which the other half had been ripped off by a beast, fell from the sky . As the corpse dropped, it sprayed a rain of blood that covered his entire face .

“Ah…” Caliste’s facial muscles twitched, and he no longer hesitated to run in the opposite direction .

While running, his lips moved slightly and a ring of green energy particles appeared, causing his weight to decrease by half .

A layer of dense earth armour also emerged on his body .

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“I’m sorry…” While Caliste dashed off wildly, he apologised in his heart…


Just when he passed by a building, the building suddenly began to shake violently, and then exploded in flames .

The wave of flames and heat spread out in all four directions, with sparks and rocks flying everywhere . A few acolytes who were nearby turned into ashes instantly in this explosion .

*Bang! Bang! Bang!*

Caliste had his innate defensive spell formation, so he was physically alright . However, a few larger rocks had struck his chest, causing him to pale and fall backwards .

“What happened? How could the dark Magi enter so quickly?”

Confusion was apparent on his face, which would be the last expression that he would ever make .

*Tss!* A large crimson sword that was still burning with yellow flames pierced through this Magus’ innate defensive spell formation, sticking into the area where his heart was .

“So there was one more official Magus here! I almost let him escape!”

Behind the cold voice, a Magus in black robes appeared before Caliste’s corpse and pulled out the crimson sword!

He gazed at the ruins around him, unexpectedly producing a crazed look of enjoyment, “Kill! Cry! Only after feeling the deepest sense of hopelessness will my Weeping Skeleton Sword be able to exhibit its most formidable power!”

He glanced at the acolytes around him that were completely stunned, and the sword in his hand began to flame once more, charging into the crowd of Magi .

Corpses that piled as high as mountains, blood that flowed like the sea!

Caesar had brought in many elite dark Magi troops secretly using his authority, situating them at various core areas and had them unleash attacks together!

Immediately, Four Seasons Garden was turned into a sea of flames once more! Dozens of areas went up in green smoke . Dark Magi brazenly slashed and killed as they liked, venting their innermost desires…

In this situation where attacks were coming from both within and outside, Four Seasons Garden was definitely not going to last long .