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Chapter 261


“How is it? This is the masterpiece we created together!”

In what had originally been Reynold’s office, Caesar used the formation genie’s observation spell formation to survey the situation in the headquarters of Four Seasons Garden within the secret plane . The sea of blood and flames gave rise to a morbid look of pleasure on his face .

“I don’t feel much! Every living being is born, grows, and dies . Such is the law of nature . ”

Leylin answered expressionlessly like a preacher .

The reason why he and Caesar were here was naturally to do something of utmost importance—to move the secret plane’s gate’s core body of consciousness!

This process was extremely troublesome, and getting past the defense of the formation genie and sealing spell formation were trivial matters .

A consciousness core was a very delicate and fragile thing that could be obtained from a body . If there was the slightest attack from the external world, it would instantly die . Previously, Caesar had planned on destroying it and had not thought through the process but simply used the most violent methods .

However, it was different now . The person who would hand over the core body of consciousness to the dark Magi needed to ensure its safety . This was an extremely delicate job and there were immense benefits to it . As long as they possessed the core body of consciousness, that meant that they could control the entrance of the Eternal River Plain’s secret plane!

Such a benefit would cause the light Magi association to lose their senses, much less the dark Magi!

“Who’s going to take over? Can you tell me now?”

Leylin stared hard at Caesar .

Within the office were a huge crowd of dark Magi .

The group of commanders in charge of the core in the secret plane had been completely infiltrated and taken over by dark Magi! This was simply hilarious .

However, no light Magus inside could laugh at the situation because they had all become corpses in the corridor outside .

The dark Magi gave off the feeling of people who had gone through specialised military training, they were swift and decisive in their actions . The smell of blood was so dense on their bodies that it could not dissipate .

These were the elites of the dark Magi! Their battle power was far from what an ordinary Magus could compare to . Even the troops from the Lightning Corps were a level lower than them!

Just standing there gave off a very intimidating pressure .

Compared to them, Leylin only had Number 2 and Number 3 beside him, looking rather pathetic in strength .

“You should be quite familiar with who it is…”

Caesar laughed, seeming to be rejoicing in Leylin’s misfortune .

“It’s me!” A hoarse voice sounded in the room .

Dark green flames spread in the air, eventually turning into a door .

A tall and slender Magus with green eyes in a black robe emerged from the door of flames .

Silver solidified spiritual force particles were hovering around his body . The waves from the spiritual force were like ocean waves spreading across the area .

“Lord Cabourn!” The surrounding Magi quickly bowed .

This rank 2 dark Magus was the one that Leylin had seen previously . He was also the person that backed Thousand Meddling Hands; Caesar and Giant’s biological father!

“Keke! We meet again young man!”

The dark green flames in Cabourn’s eyes was extremely vigorous, and he was measuring Leylin up with what seemed to be bad intentions .

“So it’s Lord Cabourn!” Leylin’s expression did not change and he gave a small bow . Inside, however, he was beginning to get nervous, and worked even harder at using the spiritual force compression method from the old witch .

Fortunately, the rank 2 dark Magus fixed his attention on the core body of consciousness .

Cabourn approached the place where the seal had once been . The seal had already been mostly removed by Leylin and Caesar, and this rank 2 Magus would be able to easily dispel the rest .

Cabourn lightly tapped on the floorboard with his shoes . Two sides of the desk split open, revealing the sealing formation below .

At this point, the spell formation had mostly been destroyed and the runes of the spell were dim .

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At the centre of the spell formation that had split open, a translucent depression emerged .

White gold flames the size of a pea were burning steadily .

“Is this the core body of consciousness of the platinum gate?” Though these white gold flames were tiny and looked ready to go out, Leylin was able to sense the immense energy and solidified spiritual force within .

This feeling was like lava that had yet to explode . It was like the sea during its tranquil stage, deep and enigmatic, enormous beyond belief!

“This is it! This is it!”

The rank 2 Magus, Cabourn, mumbled in a bewitched manner .

Next, he turned to the Magi present . “What happens next is that I’ll take over here until our people completely occupy this place!”

The core body of consciousness of the gate of the secret plane was basically like a key to the gate . It was extremely important . In order to prevent any accidents or unexpected situations, the rank 2 dark Magus was going to take the core far away or destroy it right away .

“Black Blood Corps! You are to guard the corridor that leads to this area . Unless I order you to do otherwise, do not let anyone enter!”

Cabourn immediately began to arrange defensive duties .

After giving the dark Magi in the room their orders, the rank 2 dark Magus switched his attention to Leylin, eyes unable to conceal his desire to toy around with him . It looked like he was eyeing a white mouse inside a laboratory .

“Magus Leylin! The Dark Magi Alliance has seen your efforts . I wonder if I can get you to do a little more?”

Caesar, who was standing behind Cabourn, began to snicker . From his point of view, Leylin now held no value, and anyone controlled by his father in this situation would not have a good ending .

“What is it?” Leylin’s face did not change .

“Please die!”

Cabourn grinned strangely, and suddenly made his move! Silver solidified spiritual force unhesitatingly swept through the office, books and bookshelves flying everywhere and turning into dust under the silver light .

The rank 2 Magus, Cabourn, was actually not at all afraid of the contract with the Trial’s Eye and had brazenly raised his hand against Leylin!

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Silver solidified spiritual force transformed into strange, huge bony claws, and bright red blood seemed to drip from the joints!

“You dare threaten me! A rank 1 Magus like you actually dared to threaten me, Cabourn! You even treated Caesar that way! I want to extract your spirit and roast it under White Bone flames for ten thousand years…”

Cabourn roared .


Leylin’s expression was solemn as he faced a rank 2 Magus who was going all out against him and in peak condition .

A layer of dense black scales emerged on his body . At the same time, the defensive layer from the Fallen Star Pendant formed on his body, turning into a phantom set of armour . Leylin immediately entered his strongest defensive state .

*Weng!* Brownish-yellow gravitational spell formation appeared in front of his chest, instantly covering an area of over a hundred meters .

A gravitational power of more than 40 times stronger than normal descended .

As if affected by gravity, the strange white bone claws sunk down a little, their speed also slowing .

“Latent Fireball!” Leylin rapidly chanted incantations, and a huge black fireball emerged, constantly expanding in midair . Two blood-red eyeballs were formed, as well as a blazing tongue that emerged from its mouth .

A huge serpent blazing with black flames hissed as it went forward, mercilessly colliding with the strange white claws .


An immense explosion swept through the office .

“You…” Cabourn was alarmed and immediately swung his arms . A black defensive layer immediately protected the area where the core body of consciousness was .

Next, black and silver-white energy began to extend and wreak havoc in the surroundings .

First the floorboards, then the window ledges, roof…

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A giant black mushroom cloud ascended at the place where the two spells had collided and constantly became larger, eventually turning into a large round shape that devoured everything .

The tremendous explosion even caused the battle going on not far away to be silenced . The dark Magi who were manipulating the magical beasts and the light Magi who were defending to the death had all halted, fearfully glancing at the scene at the centre of the headquarters .

By the time everything quietened down, what had been Reynold’s office had been levelled, and the buildings nearby had all disappeared .

Even a few layers of the ground had been shaved off .

The dark Magi who Cabourn had sent to stand guard had all been hit and they were lying around, fresh blood and broken limbs all over the place . If not for their immense power and formidable innate defensive spells, they would most likely be corpses instead of being heavily injured!

Caesar, who was behind Cabourn, was in an even worse state . He had been swept by the immense energy to over a hundred metres away, buried in a pile of ruins . It was unknown whether he was still alive or dead .

Leylin staggered backwards, paling .

Behind him, Number 2 and Number 3 had lost their robes, revealing their firm muscles and the runes branded onto their bodies .


Cabourn raised a bony finger and pointed it at Leylin, his expression full of disbelief .

Though he had split his attention to taking care of the core body of consciousness, he had spent 70 – 80% of his power on the white bony claws, and Leylin had actually been able to take it on!

Compared to a few days ago, he was now able to exhibit his full strength! He had not held back at all!

To think that this level of attack had been taken on by Leylin . Had he reached the level of a rank 2 Magus?

Cabourn was speechless .

“Looks like my guess was right! You still have a way to evade the contract made with the Trial’s Eye!”

At one side, Leylin fell back and stared hard at Cabourn .

For him, there was only one Magus, Cabourn, who would be able to threaten him . Everyone else could be disregarded .

Though Leylin and Cabourn had signed the contract with the Trial’s Eye, how could he, who liked to engage in wordplay, actually believe in it?