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Chapter 298

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“Is that so?” The girl lifted her brows, and even Baelin couldn’t bear to keep eye contact.

“Please pass on this message to that great master! I would like to meet him, and our Argus Family welcomes him to our door!” She spoke in an aloof manner.

The guard behind her immediately took out a sculpture that looked similar to the crest on his shoulder and passed it to Baelin.

“This! This! And those arrows. We want them all!”

The girl pointed at the display cabinet.

“Alright, alright!” Baelin was so excited that he was flushed red. He didn’t even have the time to analyse the crest in his hand, and immediately packed up the swords and other weapons, passing them to the guards behind her.

“The total is 1050 Gold! Thank you for your patronage!”

Baelin nodded at the girl, and the butler passed a small bag of gold coins and a purple-gold card to him. Baelin was on the verge of becoming stupid as his hand trembled while holding the bag.

The girl saw his movements and a glint of mischievousness appeared in the young noble’s eyes.

“I wish to go to the Woody Wastelands! Can you be my guide? I’ll pay 10 Gold per day.”

“Ten- Ten Gold?” Baelin’s breathing became rough.

While working in Leylin’s shop, the pay was 3 Gold per month; this was already a pay grade that made the residents of Potter Town incomparably envious.

Ten Gold a day? This was something Baelin had never even dreamed of!

“But!” Baelin looked at Leylin and gritted his teeth as he rejected the suggestion. “My apologies, my lady! I must work here every day…”

Though Baelin wanted to make some quick money, he was still able to make a distinction between the present and the future.

Leylin was currently teaching him how to train to become a knight! This was only available in specific noble families of the Twilight Zone, and he would not have another chance to get it, even with over a thousand Gold!

If he gave this up just for a little Gold, that would mean giving up his future as a Knight; Baelin felt that he would completely regret that choice of action.

“Interesting, interesting! I never thought I’d discover such an intriguing shop on this trip!”

The girl laughed like a skylark.

“My name is Jenny, and I live in the largest inn in the town. If you change your mind, you can come look for me at any time.”

After the girl and her companions left, Baelin carefully placed the gold and purple-gold card on the table.

“The purple-gold card that is valued at a thousand Gold! It’s the first time I’ve ever seen this, and in addition, there are so many gold coins. My lord! We’ve struck it rich!” Baelin’s eyes were full of little stars.

“Yeah, yeah!” Leylin nodded, paying no mind as he kept the purple-gold card.

“The rest of the gold shall be yours as a commission!”

“Oh, boss, let me praise you! You’re really the master of fairness, the embodiment of compassion…” Baelin immediately began to cheer.

He tossed the crest up and down in his hand, puzzled. “This seems quite familiar! I recall hearing something about this Oscar Family from somewhere before…”

Suddenly, he shrieked, “Damn it! Sun Vine Argus! It’s the marquis family in the eastern capital! What did I just give up…”

However, although Baelin sighed, he did not pursue this matter any further.

After all, they weren’t going to take him in as a servant, but only as a guide. It would be a very stupid decision to reject Leylin’s teachings here.

The appearance of the Marquis’ daughter here obviously made her the topic of conversation in Potter Town. Leylin could hear the latest news about this group from Baelin.

“My Lord! My Lord! Apparently, Miss Jenny came to this place in order to prepare to obtain a very special birthday gift for her mother! She’s preparing to look for it in the wastelands. What a filial daughter she is!”

“Haha… I found out that Miss Jenny is looking for a special plant called the Dragon-Blooded Flower Bud! It’s said to help women maintain their looks for ten years, and can even be sold off at an auction in the eastern capital for almost a hundred thousand Gold! After offering a reward for it, all the adventurers, mercenaries and even residents of the town have begun to pour into the Woody Wastelands to look for it, dreaming of getting rich quickly!”

“My Lord! I just saw Miss Jenny entering the Woody Wastelands while being guided by the baron’s knights…”

Baelin was as excited as a sparrow, chirping in front of Leylin; Leylin just rolled his eyes.

“Have you completed your homework for today?”

With that single sentence, Baelin completely quieted down and scratched his head.

“No, but I’ll be done soon!” Having said this, Baelin quickly rushed to the training grounds and began to wave around a large sword that was about the height of a person.

“You still have the mind to think about running around outside of training. You seem to have a lot of excess energy!” Leylin grinned, “I’ll multiply the tasks you have to do for today.”

“Oh! No!” Hearing Baelin’s anguished wailing, Leylin felt his mood improve.

“Oh, Dragon-Blooded Flower Bud?” Leylin touched his chin and searched up some information recorded by the A.I. Chip from the ancient ruins.

He seemed to have seen records about this sort of precious plant in ancient books. It was said that it lived in a very harsh environment and needed to coexist with a high energy being, taking in the blood of this being every once in awhile, or else it would wilt.

“I remember that the high-energy being coexisting with the Dragon-Blooded Flower Bud is called the Goat-Horned Earth Dragon. It’s said to be a mix between an ancient dragon and some demon, though I have no idea how true that information is…”

Leylin pondered deeply, “In addition, the beautification effect of the Dragon-Blooded Flower Bud is just a side effect. The main use of the Dragon-Blooded Flower Bud is to combat specific toxins…”

“Interesting. I was just searching for a good reason to enter the eastern capital!” Leylin glanced at Baelin who was still wailing but did not dare stop training, a fierce light glinting in his eyes.

Three days later, a small group laden with injuries returned to Potter Town, bringing back horrifying news.

The team with the Marquis’ daughter had met with unexpected danger while chasing after the Goat-Horned Earth Dragon and were stuck somewhere. Even the baron’s knight team captain had sacrificed himself.

This team had risked their lives to return and seek help.

The entire town sank into terror. The fury of a Marquis was something Potter Town could not take on, and the person most afraid of the headstrong daughter were the owner of the area, Baron Joseph.

“My lord! My lord! I heard that…”

Baelin rushed into the yard like a gust of wind, to the sight of a plump man in luxurious clothes, constantly using a gold-coloured handkerchief to wipe the sweat on his face.

He was instantly like a duck held by the neck, his words stuck in his throat as he bowed, “Hello, Sir!”

This plump man was obviously Baron Joseph, the man in charge of Potter Town. Even Baelin’s current job had been introduced to him by this man. For Baelin, someone with land and an inheritance could be said to be an amazing person, and as a result, he was so shocked that he quickly greeted the baron, his head at his chest.

“So it’s Baelin! Do your job well!”

Baron Joseph did not seem to have any interest in conversing with him, and instead bowed towards Leylin with a smile, “Well then, I’ll leave it to you, Great Master Leylin!”

In order to settle down, Leylin had used mental spells as well as having left a very powerful image in Joseph’s mind.

Hence, now that he had met with trouble that he could do nothing about, Joseph quickly came to Leylin as soon as he could.

“My lord! What happened?”

Baelin waited until Joseph left before asking.

“What else could it be other than to save that willful girl?” Leylin spoke indifferently, picking out a shining set of armour from the storeroom.

“Ooh, ooh! Oh! My lord, are you going to take action?”

As Leylin’s shop assistant and semi-disciple, Baelin was very curious about Leylin’s past and his power, extremely excited.

“Bring me, my lord! I’m sure you’ll lack a servant in the Woody Wastelands, right?”

“Bring me! You have to bring me!”

*Boom!* A large set of Knight’s armour was thrown at Baelin. “Try it on!”

“Oh! Alright!” Wearing armour was part of training to become a knight. Baelin had trained a lot, but it was his first time officially wearing armour. He was so excited that he was slightly flushed.

This shiny armour unexpectedly fit him very well. There were even some patterns at the sides of the metal, and the leather plating underneath. Not only was it beautiful, it could also protect a few areas; Baelin loved it.

After training for such a long period of time, Baelin had also grown taller. He had beautiful muscles, and after wearing the armour, he looked extremely brave and courageous.

“How is it? I’m handsome, aren’t I?” Baelin patted his chest narcissistically, and two pieces of metal struck each other, producing a loud sound.

“Next!” Leylin tossed a steel sword to Baelin, and after he had worn and put everything into place, Leylin nodded in satisfaction.

“I can relax now!”

“Of course! Huh? Relax? What about?” Baelin was bewildered.

“Young man, the mission to save the princess will fall to you?” Leylin tried to hold back his laughter, patting Baelin’s shoulder while speaking in a heartfelt, meaningful manner. Baelin was stunned.

“Huh? Huh?! Me?! You want me to go to the Woody Wastelands alone?” Baelin finally reacted, pointing at his own nose.

“My lord, I’m not even a knight! Are you trying to kill me?”

“It can’t be helped!” Leylin spread his hands, “Someone must stay behind to look after the shop! Youngsters like you need to be more energetic!”

“My lord, forgive me for my being so direct about this, but you sell but a few items per year. It doesn’t make a difference whether you watch the shop or not. In addition, there’s a large difference between being energetic and sending myself to my death!”