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Chapter 766

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Return And Meeting


In a flash of light, Leylin’s figure disappeared immediately, and reappeared in the Eternal River pocket dimension.

“Mm, let me think…” Leylin’s expression was rather intrigued, “The Twilight Zone, central continent, south coast and now the new subterranean world, it seems that I have more and more companions too…”

‘Could it be that this is the realm for me to spread my seed across the world, and father many illegitimate children?’ Leylin thought, rather speechlessly.

“However, in terms of diversity, the more base samples there are, the higher the probability of mutated bloodlines cropping up. Belinda and the others’ Alabaster Devilsnake and three-headed python bloodline combined with my own Targaryen bloodline, is something to look forward to…”

Leylin’s followed the customs of ‘when in Rome, do as the Romans do— he had already accepted the Magus World’s traditions and did not feel like he was doing anything inappropriate.

“Only, compared to gathering them together and forming an enormous harem, perhaps scattering them across the continent like this would be easier for them to accept…” Leylin stroked his chin and had a slight headache, and soon stopped thinking about it.

The essence of his soul force began to slowly spread along the laws that were everywhere around him, making Leylin grasp everything around him in an instant.

Afterwards his mouth slightly fell agape, and he made a small sound of surprise.

“I never thought that they would arrive so quickly!” Accompanying Leylin’s thoughts, several figures appeared in the main hall.

The first was Freya, carrying an infant. She looked rather more mature now, with the bearing of a young married woman. She looked as if she could only see Leylin, and nothing else.

Gilbert, Emma and the other higher ranks in the Ouroboros Clan also appeared immediately. Even the Bloodline Alliance’s rank 5 Jeffrey appeared, who couldn’t stop staring at Leylin with a bewildered expression.

Towards the back of the crowd, there were still two others. The heads of the light and dark Magi, Nonov and Anye, forced a smile towards him.

“Ley…Leylin, you’ve returned!” Freya’s eyes were filled with tears as she approached Leylin.

“Yes, I’ve returned,” Leylin smiled at her, and picked up Syre easily.

His child was now a few years old, and he sized up this rather familiar stranger with an inquisitive expression.

After seeing him, Leylin immediately thought of his eldest son in the Twilight Zone, Daniel, who was being raised by Celine. He was presumably as big as Syre.

“After I received your news, and was made aware of the teleportation spell formation here, we immediately brought the elites of the Ouroboros Clan and came here.”

“Mm, we took control of this pocket dimension on our way, and all of the entrances have been guarded by our Kemoyin warlocks,” Emma smiled at Leylin and Freya and told them their reason for coming before, with a strange glow in her eyes.

Only Nonov and Anye stood at the back, and exchanged glances with each other. They then looked at how Leylin couldn’t care less about them and their hearts were filled with bitterness.

They naturally now knew that Leylin had deceived them before, and monopolised everyone’s thoughts here.

However, even if they knew, what could they do about it?

The Ouroboros clan’s strength, although it wasn’t particularly outstanding in the central continent, was still considered absolutely monstrous on the south coast. Those who are known as light and dark Magi could not be their opponent at all, and so they had immediately occupied the entire Eternal River pocket dimension.

With just Gilbert and Emma, the two Rank 4 warlocks were enough to make all the Magi bow down before them. Especially once they knew Leylin was actually a Rank 6 Breaking Dawn Warlock, the highest ranked Magi of the entire central continent, they didn’t dare to breathe one word of complaint and dejectedly surrendered their benefits.

Leylin could clearly predict all of their thoughts, and was only slightly shocked at how quickly they had acted. Even the Bloodline Alliance had been alarmed.

“Ley…Lord Leylin! Was the earlier transmission…real…?”

At this moment, Gilbert respectfully bowed at the waist, and his eyes were full of expectations.

At the same time, Jeffrey who had been silently standing at the side nervously clenched his fist.

“Oh, so it was because of this! The declaration I made when I broke through to Rank 6, all of you heard it as well?” Leylin smiled a little.

“So.. So you’re saying that… You…have already broken through the bloodline shackles and entered the realm of Breaking Dawn?” Jeffrey nervously swallowed hard and asked in a hoarse voice.

“Yes, I have already completely broken free of the bloodline shackles, and broken through to the Breaking Dawn Throne,” Leylin nodded, there was nothing in particular for him to deny.

Also at the same time, he released a little of the imposing aura that he had been suppressing.

With a loud hiss like the long warble of mountain rivers, an overwhelming, earth-shattering bloodline power with the essence of soul force swept across them. A projection of his true soul seemed to fill the room with the golden light of the sun, and rays of light seemed to pour down upon them. A powerful feeling of oppression could be felt, and only Freya and Syre at Leylin’s side seemed completely unaware of it.

Syre even opened his eyes widely, and seemed to try and grasp at the golden flames of soul force with his delicate, plump little hands. Naturally, the powerful flames of his soul was controlled by Leylin to be like an exquisitely gentle spring rain to Syre, and did not harm him in the slightest.

“The emperor! The bloodline warlock emperor! The emperor of our Kemoyin warlocks!” Gilbert and Emma kneeled down, with a face seemingly full of tears. They had felt a hugely imposing aura from Leylin, which was far greater than the aura of a Kemoyin Serpent Emperor that he previously possessed. This kind of feeling was as if he was their entire universe, and also the progenitor of their bloodline.

Freya nervously caught her husband’s hand, as if she was afraid he would slip away if she wasn’t careful, “The illusion I saw earlier was true, you’ve really become the new progenitor of our bloodline?”

“Yes, it’s true. From now onwards, our Kemoyin Warlocks have all completely escaped the Snake Dowager’s suppression!” Leylin nodded as he stroked Syre’s head.

“Our wish! Our Ouroborous clan, and all the Kemoyin Warlock’s long-cherished wish has finally been realised…” Emma said, while choking on her sobs.

The Ouroboros clan was soaked in the tears of blood [1 overwhelming suffering] that the overpowering bloodline shackles caused, and now they finally had someone who succeeded in breaking the curse. The inspiration and hope that this success brought was absolutely incomparable.

Leylin now was in the position where even if he made preposterous commands, the entire Ouroboros clan would perhaps cheerfully accept them.

“As expected, a rank 6 warlock, the power of the bloodline emperor! No wonder I had no ability to resist when you willed us to move here,” Jeffrey mumbled, but the fact is he had gone in the wrong direction.

A normal bloodline emperor, even if he could easily murder rank 5 warlocks, could not render them entirely unresisting, and teleport them to places. Only those who were more powerful than laws could do this sort of thing, but the scope of Jeffrey’s knowledge was too weak, and he had never seen a more powerful bloodline. Therefore he had naturally misunderstood and made this connection, and Leylin could not be bothered to correct him.

In any case, in their view it didn’t matter whether it was a rank 6 bloodline warlock or a rank 7 with the power of laws. For them, this was completely unreachable and they were powerless to resist.

“According to the prophecies of legends old, the most powerful Bloodline Monarch has finally appeared! I didn’t think that the prophesised one was you, and not Bevis!” Jeffrey said, with a complicated expression on his face.

“So you’re saying that… You had heard what Gilbert and the others said about the bloodline manifesto, and specifically came over to check because of your suspicions?” Leylin stroked his chin, looking very calm.

In the entire central continent, there was now no one who could deal with his strength. Naturally they remained extremely motionless, and there seemed to be nothing to worry about.

“That’s right, once we heard his declaration, we all thought it was unbelievable. If it wasn’t for elder Alpha hypnotising many Kemoyin bloodline descendants, and receiving the same news from everyone, we probably would have thought that you were drumming up a scam…” Jeffrey’s expression was rather complicated, as the Bloodline Alliance had pinned all its hopes on Bevis, and paid much less attention to other bloodline geniuses like Leylin.

After all, as far as the Warlocks knew, the idea that bloodline shackles could not be broken had already been accepted as unshakeable common sense.

As a result, compared to those warlocks with the potential to only reach Rank 5, one can understand the reason why they had put most of their hopes on Bevis, who had a rank 6 bloodline,

However, Leylin had now not only risen to a rank 6 Bloodline Warlock, but he had even broken through the bloodline shackles, the curse that afflicted all warlocks. How could Jeffery not be amazed by this?

“Perhaps once the news spreads, the entire Bloodline Alliance, no, the entire central continent will go mad! And also there’s Bevis… Oh dear…” Jeffrey shook his head.

“Mm, after I finishing handling my business in the South Coast, I will definitely take you back!” Leylin nodded his head, “Now, please give me some time with my wife and my child, I want to attend my duties as a husband and father…”

Seeing Leylin so impolitely chasing him away, Jeffrey and the others didn’t dare to resist, and left the great hall after politely bowing.

Once they left the place and spread the news, it did not concern Leylin as to what kind of riotous scene appeared.

Because at this time, Freya had already tightly grabbed Leylin’s hands and began to burst into tears.

And Leylin tenderly patted the back of Freya’s hands and placated Syre.

After this was all done, night had already fallen.

“So you mean… During all this time, not only did you go underground, you even directly went to the Purgatory World, and even saw the Snake Dowager, Trial’s Eye and all those legendary beings?”

Leylin and his family were now sitting at a sumptuous dinner table, and Leylin occasionally spoke a little of his experiences– of course it was the censored version, and he had hidden many of his secrets, but just that version was enough to shake Freya to the core.