Warrior’s Promise - Chapter 393

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Chapter 393

"Su Mo, this skill is the hope of both Firmament Palace, the Firmament and Continent . I hope you won't fail the Palace Master!"

Seeing Su Mo come to life, the white-haired elder said solemnly .

Although Su Mo did not know what hope the Firmament and Continent needed, he calmed down and nodded heavily .

After a short while, he asked, "Elder, who destroyed Firmament Palace? Who was able to kill you and my Master?"

Su Mo was quite confused about this . Mighty as Firmament Palace and the Five Elements Supreme Emperor was, he could not imagine who would be able to do this!

"That is not your concern for now . I'll tell you when you reach the Martial King Realm!"

The elder sighed and said, "Your top priority now is to level up your cultivation!"

Su Mo sighed inside . It was inappropriate to ask any more since the white-haired elder did not want to tell .

"Okay! Now that you've obtained the martial arts Legacy from the Palace Master, you can stay here to cultivate or leave!"

As the white-haired elder left the array, and his body became more illusory .

"I'd better leave!" Su Mo said, without hesitation as he had too many things to do to stay .

The elder nodded and said "I see . Before you leave, you can choose three treasures!"

He did not urge Su Mo to stay, because he knew that one must go through hardships in order to grow stronger .


"Three treasures?" Su Mo's eyes glittered, he became excited again .


The elder waved his hand with brilliant light, and dozens of treasures flew out; hanging in the air .

Su Mo swept through them . Seeing a long sword, a jade note, an elixir, spirit fruit, blood, and armor .

Every one of them was exceptional, and shone with a terrifying aura . Such as the white long-sword, it sent out sharpness and seemed to be breaking through the void .

The spirit fruit radiated massive Spiritual Qi . Su Mo felt like his cultivation progressed a little only by smelling it's scent!

"These are the ones for your current level . As for the stronger treasure, they're not fit for you . You can pick three of these!" The elder said .

There were countless treasures in Firmament Palace . However, Su Mo's cultivation was too low for the mightier treasures .

Seeing the treasures, Su Mo frowned and did not have a clue which to choose .

"Elder, may I ask what effects they have?"


"Of course" the elder smiled and said, "I can recommend three of them for you . You will be happy about it!"

"Really? Which three?" Su Mo asked in surprise .

The elder pointed at the white jade note which was the size of a palm and said, "This recorded an Upper Lv 9 Body Refining Skill named Archean Elephant Skill, the complete and advanced version of Elephant's Strength Skill!"

"The complete and advanced version of Elephant's Strength Skill?"

It shocked Su Mo again . Was the Elephant's Strength Skill an incomplete skill? How did the elder know he had cultivated the Elephant's Strength Skill?

Thinking of the light gold scales that appeared on his body whilst cultivating the Elephant's Strength Skill, Su Mo suddenly realized that they were the scales of Archean Dragonesque Elephant!

The Archean Dragonesque Elephant was a Divine Beast of mythology . They had the most robust physical strength with incredible defense, and their gigantic stature made them look matchlessly powerful!

"Good! I'll take it!"

Su Mo said firmly because this skill suited him very well .

So saying, the elder waved the jade note into Su Mo's hand .

"This is the blood of an Archean Dragonesque Elephant . Of course, it's just ordinary blood, not blood essence . 99 percent of its essence has been lost due to the long period of time, it can still do you a great benefit . "

The white-haired elder pointed at a ball of golden blood .

"The blood of Archean Dragonesque Elephant!"

Su Mo was shocked that they even had such an incredibly rare and precious item .

Gazing at the ball of golden blood, not only did he smell wilderness but also supreme dragon power .

"I'll take this too!"

Su Mo said without a doubt . With this drop of blood, his Elephant's Strength Skill . . . No, I should say his Archean Dragonesque Elephant Skill would progress significantly .

"Okay! For the last one, you can pick either the Precious Jade Sword or the Spirit-maintaining Pill!"

The white-haired elder nodded, pointing at a white long-sword and a light blue elixir and said, "This sword is a Lv 8 weapon, the Emperor's Weapon . This pill is also Lv 8, it permanently increases your willpower and comprehension!"

Su Mo was shocked again . Both of these Lv 8 treasures would be very valuable to him .

He really wanted to take both of them, yet he had no choice since the elder only let him pick one .

After a thoughtful moment, he clenched his teeth and said, "I choose the Spirit-maintaining Pill!"

Although the Emperor's Weapon was precious, the Spirit-maintaining Pill was way more important for Su Mo .

After all, weapons were just utilities, whilst the Spirit-maintaining Pill would increase his skill .

With higher willpower and comprehension, he could improve his overall strength more easily .

Shortly, the three treasures fell into his hands . Su Mo put them in his storage ring solemnly .

"Su Mo, this is the Holy Token of our Firmament Palace, which represents your identity as a Holy Son . With it, you can command all Firmament Palace disciples!"

The elder took out a palm-sized token, carved with a lifelike golden dragon . There were nine colors on it, representing the nine palaces of the Firmament Palace .

"Also, with this token, you can open the path to Firmament Palace at any Holy City of Top 100 in East Continent!"

Hearing this, Su Mo nodded, and yet he was shocked . "I can command all disciples?"

"Elder, how many disciples do we have currently?" Su Mo asked .

Although Firmament Palace had long been destroyed, it had been appearing in the real world for so many years that it may have recruited considerable disciples and unofficial disciples!

Hearing this, the elder sighed and said, "Indeed, we had recruited many disciples . Disappointingly, they left after getting Legacies, and only a few of them are qualified to come back . Therefore, they had a poor sense of belonging to Firmament Palace, and I don't know how many of them are willing to serve us"

Su Mo frowned . If it was the truth, what was the point of recruiting disciples!

"Gold One, how many disciples do we have?"

The elder looked back at the puppet man .

Gold One saluted with his hands folded and said, "Your Highness, the Earth Palace Master, in hundreds of thousands of years, we had 123,766 disciples and unofficial disciples in total . According to the jade notes of souls, 173 members are alive!"


The elder shook his head . In ancient times, Firmament Palace had had millions of disciples . Now, among the 173 members, those who really want to serve Firmament Palace might even be scare . How pathetic it was!

"Is there experts among them? Or someone outstanding enough to get the Legacy of the nine palaces?" The Elder asked again .


Gold One said, "Two of them had excellent talents, barely enough for the Legacy . They are still waiting . "

"As for experts, the one with the highest cultivation reached a half step to the Martial Emperor Realm and became one of the top experts on the Continent . His name was Di Shi, the Palace Master of Emperor Xuan Palace in Central Continent!"

Hearing this, Su Mo's heart was shocked intensely .

"The Palace Master of Emperor Xuan Palace in Central Continent?"

"Isn't he the father of Xi'er!"

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