Warrior’s Promise - Chapter 394

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Chapter 394: 394

Su Mo remembered it clearly . Shangguan Hao and the elder from Emperor Xuan Palace said that Xi'er was the daughter of the Emperor Xuan Palace Master when they took her away in Sunnywood City .

This could not go wrong!

Su Mo took a deep breath . It turned out that the father of Xi'er was a disciple of Firmament Palace, and his cultivation was as high as a half step to the Martial Emperor Realm!

"Di Shi became an official disciple of Brightgold Palace 95 years ago . With his current cultivation, he can become the true Legacy of Brightgold Palace, and hopefully be the Master of Brightgold Palace . But he never showed up again or contacted me, I'm afraid that he'll never serve our Firmament Palace," Gold One continued .

Su Mo sighed . Di Shi had become the Master of Emperor Xuan Palace, which was one of the nine superpowers, controlling hundreds of millions of people's life and death . How could he want to be a little disciple in Firmament Palace?

After Gold One's words, the elder fell into meditation . After a short while, he looked at Su Mo and said, "Su Mo, you're the Holy Son of Firmament Palace . You need to find descendants of the nine palaces . Only when the nine orthodoxies of the nine palaces gather here can they help you achieve the greatest cause!"

"What? Finding descendants for the nine palaces?"

Su Mo slightly frowned . Firmament Palace's standard for disciples was so high and had not found an appropriate descendant for so many years . How could he find descendants?

"Correct! In post-archean times, there were several who had incredible talent and obtained the Legacy of the palaces . However, we hadn't chosen the Holy Son, and they have gone missing in the river of history . Now that you've become the Holy Son and inherited the Palace Master's orthodoxy, you need to find nine descendants as soon as possible! We can't wait any longer!" The elder said solemnly .


Su Mo' face also turned serious, "Elder, we have such a high standard for the descendants, and as you said, we only had a few appropriate ones . I'm afraid that we can't find nine in such a short time . "

It sounded true . It was an impossible mission .

"Holy Son, indeed we do have high standards . However, now that you've inherited the orthodoxy of the Palace Master, you can lower the standard if you wish . It's up to you!" The elder said earnestly .



Su Mo was dumbstruck . The Master of Earth Palace had - unexpectedly - handed over this critical mission to him!

After a while, Su Mo nodded in agreement . "Do it as I may! I'll recommend the appropriate ones here in the future . "

"By the way, elder Gold, what about those who are waiting out there? Shall they continue?"

Su Mo asked the puppet man .

"Holy Son, you can call me Gold One!"

Gold One saluted with hands folded and said, "Although those outside are far below the standard of being a descendant, some of them are good enough to become ordinary disciples . The test should go on!"

Su Mo said with a nod, "What's next?"

"The combat strength test . They'll fight different levels of puppets!" Gold One said .


"What? There are other puppets in Firmament Palace?"

Su Mo asked with surprise . He thought that there were only two puppets here: Gold One and Stone One!

"Gold One, go take charge of the test!"

The elder said to Gold One with a handwave .

"Aye! Holy Son, Earth Palace Master, excuse me!"

Gold One saluted with hands folded and left .

"Holy Son, there're many puppets in our palace . The strongest nine of them, including Gold One and Stone One, are at Peak Martial Royal Realm, and kept the nine palaces safe . Besides, we also have plenty of puppets at each level!" The elder said to Su Mo .


Su Mo suddenly understood . It was the puppets that had been running the Firmament Palace, and the spirit of the white-haired elder had usually been sleeping .

Su Mo fell into meditation . Now that he had become the Holy Son, he had to consider for himself and for Firmament Palace .

Some of those outside were his enemies, and he could not let them get the Legacy .

Especially Xue Mo who wanted to kill him before . It would be a disaster for him if Xue Mo got the Legacy .

"Elder, may I arrange their test?"

Su mo asked the white-haired old man uneasily .

Hearing this, the elder smiled and said, "Of course, you're now the Holy Son . The choice of the palace masters and of disciples is up to you!"

Su Mo was happy to hear this .

"Uh . . . Elder, I don't want some of them to get the Legacy, would you . . . " Su Mo smiled awkwardly .


It stupefied the elder for a second . He then laughed and said, "Holy Son, the disciples will be your men, it's all up to you! Even if you want to appoint a palace master without a test . Of course, his or her talents can't be too low!"


"Got it!" Keen light glittered in Su Mo's eyes . It never occured to him that the elder would give him such authority as soon as he became the Holy Son .

In fact, Holy Sons in ancient times did not have such great authority . Times were different now . The elder had been waiting for so long that he did this to increase Su Mo's sense of belonging to Firmament Palace .

With a wave of his arm an illusory sky curtain, on which displayed the square, came into their sight .

At this moment, people in the square were all waiting, and their noises were delivered through the curtain .

All of them had discontent, and complaints rose one after another . They had been waiting for hours .

Xue Mo's face was still as water . It had been two hours since the puppet took Su Mo away .

Behind Xue Mo, a Cold-blood Hall member frowned and said "Prince Blood, what the hell is wrong with that puppet? Did he take Su Mo for the Legacy?" .

Cold-blood Hall members had many talents . After the match, they still had seven left .

Hearing this, Xue Mo's face turned sour . He had also assumed this and it made his heart weigh heavy .

Although Su Mo's talent had been proved great through the test, the puppet should award him after all tests were finished . However, the puppet ignored all people and took Su Mo alone for the Legacy!

How could this not annoy him!

Wenren Tianyi, Chu Zhantian, and Lei Xiao also looked bad . None would be happy about things like this .

"Junior Sister Hong, where do you think the puppet took Su Mo?"

Chu Yunfeng asked Hong Qingxuan who stood beside him with a dignified face .

Hong Qingxuan looked calm . She shook her head and said, "No idea!"

"For the Legacy? Before the test finished? Who does he think we are!" Chu Yunfeng said coldly .

Hong Qingxuan's eyebrows slightly rosed . The puppet also displeased her, yet she could do nothing but wait because they were here for the ancient Legacy .

She was also confused . "His talent was indeed higher than us . But according to the rumors, his Lv 7 Martial Soul and Lv 8 property talents were not enough for Firmament Palace to pay so much attention!"

She couldn't figure out why the puppet took Su Mo away!

Just as the crowd was waiting anxiously, Gold One came back from the sky with a noise of the wind!

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