Warrior’s Promise - Chapter 721

Published at 11th of September 2019 02:17:48 PM

Chapter 721

The formation on the Divine Map started to tremble violently as the middle-aged man in black and the bald man continued to refine it .

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They were similar in strength, so with their combined force and the support of the formation, the Divine Map’s defense was in a precarious situation .


The light from the Divine Map’s formation continued to weaken and grew dimmer with each tremble .

At this rate, the light of the formation would go out in 30 minutes .

After that, both the middle-aged man and the bald man would be able to enter the Divine Map .

Su Mo was a little worried . It seemed that the formation defense of the Divine Map was about to be breached!

It was not due to a weakness in the Divine Map’s defense, but rather, it was because he was just not powerful enough to control the map .

If he had the strength of a Martial Royal Realm martial artist, those two men would never have been able to breach the defense .

This time, he truly was in danger .

The chances of him escaping were close to none .

When he noticed the light from the Divine Map’s formation gradually going out, Su Mo clenched his jaw in frustration .

Rather than waiting around for those two beasts to enter the Divine Map after its defence was breached, he might stand a chance if he voluntarily turned himself in!

Although his chances did not look good, it would still be better than waiting for death in the Divine Map .

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Fortunately, those two demonic beasts were no different from human beings in terms of spiritual wisdom . They were not barbaric demonic beasts that lack spiritual wisdom and only possessed the instinct to kill . He would not have any trouble communicating with them .

Then, Su Mo immediately disabled the defensive formation of the Divine Map .

After the defensive formation was withdrawn, the light from the Divine Map immediately went out . The middle-aged man and the bald man were both slightly taken aback and stopped refining at once .


Su Mo appeared with a flash as he came out of the Divine Map .


Their gaze fell on Su Mo .

“Greetings to you, elders!” Su Mo saluted the middle-aged man and the bald man respectfully . He tried to be as deferential as possible .

The two stared hard at Su Mo and carefully sized him up . Their sharp and piercing gaze made Su Mo feel very uneasy .

Although the two men had not released their auras, Su Mo still felt an invisible pressure, like an enormous mountain pressing down on his heart . This made it difficult for him to breathe .

“Ha Ha! Boy, how dare you come out? Aren’t you afraid that we will kill you?” the bald man taunted . He laughed mockingly .

“I’m so weak, and hiding inside the Divine Map’s Space will do nothing to help me escape . Why then should I continue to hide? ” Su Mo said with a chuckle, trying his best to remain calm .

“Humph! At least you know your limits!” the bald man scoffed .

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” I’m just a passer-by and have not harmed anything here . Please let me go!” Su Mo said sincerely while looking earnestly at the two Demonic Beasts .

“Since the ancient times, no human has managed to walk out of Wild Sacred Mountain alive!” the middle-aged man in black said . His narrow, triangular eyes gleamed coldly .

Su Mo’s heart sank at the middle-aged man’s words . However, he did not panic . If those two had wanted him dead, they would have already killed him . There was no need for them to waste time on idle chatter!

Sure enough, the middle-aged man asked coldly, “Boy, have you been keeping my kind in captivity within this Spacial Device?”

“In captivity?” Su Mo quickly shook his head and replied, “That is not true . Indeed, my brother is inside this Spacial Device, but he is not kept in captivity!”

Su Mo then mentally released Lil Eight from the Divine Map .

Lil Eight appeared before him with a purple flash .

Hiss! Hiss!

The moment Lil Eight appeared, its huge snake eyes locked on to the middle-aged man in black, its excitement clear .

Once the middle-aged man caught sight of Lil Eight, his eyes immediately shone with brightly with divine light .

“Nice! Its bloodline is very pure!” the middle-aged man nodded to himself after carefully examining Lil Eight .

“Elder, are you of the same kind as my brother?” Su Mo feigned surprise .

“Your brother?” the middle-aged man in black asked as he glanced frostily at Su Mo .

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“That’s right! Lil Eight is my brother, we two grew up together!” Su Mo replied, feigning sincerity .

The middle-aged man sneered, then he looked at Lil Eight and said gently, “Little girl, Sacred Mountain will be your home from this day on! I, the emperor, will personally guide you!”


Su Mo was dumbfounded .  Little girl?

Lil Eight was a female?

Su Mo was suddenly dismayed by the fact that he was not even able to tell whether Lil Eight was a male or female! He mentally cursed at himself .

Anyway, what had the man said earlier?

I, the emperor?

Could this man be a Lv 8 demonic beast which would then be comparable to a Martial Emperor martial artist?

How could this be possible?

Su Mo was shocked .  Wasn’t it said that there was no Martial Emperor martial artist left on this continent?

If this man was a Lv 8 demonic beast, which was comparable to being a Martial Emperor martial artist, why weren’t the demons ruling the entire continent?

He should be an Emperor-to-be, right?

Su Mo knew that today, an Emperor-to-be was the strongest being on this continent . Although they were not Martial Emperors yet, they were still a half step away from being the Martial Emperor .

Su Mo guessed that this man must be a half step from being a Lv 8 demonic beast, which was comparable to being an Emperor-to-be .

Lil Eight understood what middle-aged man in black had said, but she looked at Su Mo inquiringly .

Su Mo thought quickly . It would not matter whether or not he was against Lil Eight staying . He was not strong enough to go against the middle-aged man, not to mention that bald, burly man beside him .

“Ha Ha! Lil Eight, we are brothers . If you want to stay, then stay . I will not forbid you from staying!” Su Mo said with a chuckle, which made him look very accommodating .

Lil Eight lowered her head at Su Mo’s words . Her red serpent tongue darted out to lick his face before she face against his .

“You want to follow me?” Su Mo asked in surprise, touched by her loyalty .

“Elder, Lil Eight does not seem to want to stay!” Su Mo said nervously as he looked at the middle-aged man .

“You have no choice!” the middle-aged man said, his expression cold . He then pointed his finger at Lil Eight’s head, and a stream of light shot forward .

Su Mo was startled . He began to feel the telepathic connection between him and Lil Eight disappear .

The middle-aged man in black had severed Su Mo’s and Lil Eight’s master-servant contract as if it was nothing .

Su Mo might have been emphasizing that he and Lil Eight were brothers, but the middle-aged man was an expert who was comparable to an Emperor-to-be . Naturally, he could tell that Su Mo and Lil Eight were bound by a master-servant contract .

Damn it!

Su Mo’s heart dropped . Now that the middle-aged man had broken off his contract with Lil Eight, it was highly probable that he would attack him . .