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Published at 20th of April 2016 03:27:44 PM

Chapter 8

 The Training Camp and the Moonlight and the Palpitation (2)

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The grouping is decided by drawing lottery . Basically they were male-female pairs . Yatta ne . Thank you so much, God-sama, Buddha-sama, ancestors-sama and the other gods-sama .

Even though I don’t know whether the Prince and Mitsuki will end up together, but if not for the lottery, the Prince would definitely not pair up with her . So it’s better for the pairing to be decided by lottery .

“Hai, boys please come over and line up here~”

Holding the box with the lottery slips, Yurino-sensei waved his right hand to gather the participants . Surrounded by male students, the Sensei who wasn’t a tall person disappeared within the crowd .

I’ll go last since I’m okay with anyone being my partner . With that in mind, I went to the back and waited for the line to clear .

Besides, from a girl’s point of view, rather than an average-looking guy like me, they’d probably prefer to group with ikemen like the Prince, Kaname or Soutarou . To the girl who’ll become my partner, I apologise in advance .

“Sakurai-kun’s slip is the last one . ”

“A, hai . ”

“Mako-chan, what’s your number? What’s your number?”

Putting my hand in the box, I grabbed onto a scrap of paper .

The number on it was 12 .

“Tch~, 12, huh . It’s different from mine . ”

Stealing a glance at my paper, Kaname shrugged in disappointment .

“What did you get, Soutarou, Kiritani?

“Mako, I, got number 12!”

“Ah, I’m together with Soutarou, huh . ”

With a “Pa~atto”, Soutarou’s expression brightened . Overwhelmed with emotions, he approached me . While thinking that he doesn’t have to be so happy, I realised that being hugged by him doesn’t feel so bad .

On the other hand, the Prince was in a bad mood from his draw . He looked at Soutarou and I with narrowed eyes . I hope he doesn’t say stuff like wanting to go home .

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“Mako-chan, what’s your number? I couldn’t find the person with the same number as me . ”

The Mitsuki who was wearing a long-sleeved russet jersey with long trousers came over .

Mitsuki was holding onto a piece of paper with both hands that poked out from her overly-long sleeves, giving a moe feeling . [1] Looking at me with upturned eyes, I really couldn’t help but think that she’s an angel .

So sly . So sly and cute .

But still, her charm specs is on the low side . It’s okay, Mitsuki has the potential to grow indefinitely .  I must turn her into a high-specs woman so that she can become the Prince’s princess . For bothMitsuki’s sake and my sake, Onii-chan will work hard .

I pushed my glasses up while once again experiencing Mitsuki’s cuteness .

“Ah, I got 12, along with Soutarou . You?”

“I’m number 7……”

“Kaname and Prince, what were yours?”

May the Prince have the same number . I asked the Prince while praying that he drew the number 7 .

“…… 7 . ”

“7?! Kiritani, you got 7?”

I don’t think it was my imagination that my voice sounded strange . It can’t be helped that I feel so moved .

My wish was heard . It’s that, isn’t it, the God-sama of otome games granted my wish .

I made a victory pose in my heart the moment I heard the Prince’s number . The flow finally turned inMitsuki’s and the Prince’s direction .

“A, I’m a pair with Kiritani-kun . Please take care of me . ”

“Ah . ”

According to my research, Mitsuki can’t handle horror stuff .

During the kimodameshi, Mitsuki going「 To be honest, I’m bad with things like ghosts…… I’m scared-desu…… 」then the Prince replying「 Can’t be helped, you can hold my hand 」, it’s possible that something like that will happen .

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Behind me, Kaname was saying something like, “Where’s my partner”, but I don’t have the time for that . Right now, I’m very busy .

“I see, Mitsuki’s together with Kiritani . Now I can have a peace of mind . Kiritani, Mitsuki can’t stand things like ghosts or the dark so lend her a hand, alright . ”

“Mou, Mako-chan, stop it . Kiritani’s troubled . ”

Looking at the Prince who was prompted by Mitsuki’s words, he was staring at me with his usual expressionless face .

Neither sulky nor angry, like an abandoned cat, he simply looked at me with his large, wavering eyes .

Gazing into those eyes, I felt like I was doing something bad . More painful than any words [2], this stabs deeply into my heart .


“Makoto, leave Sakurai to me . ”

“Un . …… N? Ue?!”

The right corner of his mouth raised as the Prince released a smile .

Because of the surprising words that came out of that very mouth, I unintentionally let out a strange sound .

Just when I thought that the situation would develop badly and that the Prince would express his desire to leave or sulk again, his words came to me in one breath .

“Don’t let out such a strange sound . ”

“Because I didn’t expect you to say something like that . ”

“Well, isn’t it because Makoto was worried about Sakurai?”

The Prince who asked a question with a straight face seems like of agitated .

Frankly, I wasn’t really worried about Mitsuki . Rather, I was more nervous about the Prince flirting with her .

But as expected, I can’t say such a thing .

“Un, maa, that’s right . ”

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“If so, I’ll protect Sakurai . ”

Mitsuki who had been quietly listening to the Prince’s words started blushing . As though nothing happened, the Prince who issued such impactful words walked towards the starting point of the kimodameshi .

Hm, putting aside his face and atmosphere, it’s just like a prince to uttered such words unconsciously .

“In return, you owe me one . ”

“E, ah, un . ”

With his usual emotionless, serious face where it’s hard for one to grasp his expression, he lifted his index finger and appealed to me .

Being pushed by an unfathomable momentum, I reflexively nodded .

“Let’s go, Sakurai . ”

“A, un . ”

With my eyes, I saw off the two who were walking towards the starting point of the kimodameshi

They seems to be chatting about something . Although the Prince was expressionless, Mitsuki was smiling .

“Soutarou, isn’t it about time we went too?


As I casually patted his shoulders, he was surprised beyond my expectations . He was so shocked that it was as though 5 exclamation marks appeared one after another . His body also sprung up in a funny way .  

“Why are you going “Eh”, shouldn’t we go for the kimodameshi?”

“kimodameshi…… U-Un . Let’s go . ”

Soutarou was smiling so hard that his cheeks were twitching, is he okay?

Come to think of it, Soutarou hasn’t spoken a word since just now . And his voice became higher when I mentioned the kimodameshi . Could it be he was trying to appeal to me how happy he felt to be in the same group as me? 

Giving Soutarou a fleeting glance, he was trembling from the occasional screams which rung out from the direction of the school building, part of the kimodameshi route . Judging from his reaction, could it be…

“Are you afraid of the kimodameshi?”


“So you are afraid?”

Soutarou didn’t give a sign of assent . Although he didn’t, the face he was making revealed his obvious fear towards the kimodameshi .

While I understand that he’s afraid of the kimodameshi, if he’s like this even before we begin, then there’s no way he’ll enjoy it later on .

“You don’t have to force yourself to come if you’re scared? It’s not too late for us to go back now . ”

After all, I’ve accomplished my goal . I’ve no qualms about returning now .

“Iya, I’m fine . I have a feeling I can do this if Makoto’s with me . ”

“I, can’t do things like purify or exorcise spirits, you know . ”

“I know . I didn’t mean it in that way . ”

Holding onto Soutarou’s arm, I dragged him towards the starting point of the kimodameshi . Not resisting, he allowed me to pull him and we reached the start point .

In the end, is it really okay to participate? I don’t mind if Soutarou wants to do it, but it’s okay to stop if he’s scared . It’s not like I like kimodameshi a lot and neither am I afraid of ghosts .

But since we are here, I might as well forcibly bring him to the goal . Thankfully, I’m not really scared of spiritual or dark stuff .

“Ja, since Kiritani’s protecting Mitsuki, I’ll protect Soutarou . Or something like that . ”


It’s our turn after two more pairs .

Soutarou was holding onto the cuffs of the long-sleeved russet jersey I was wearing . The jersey will stretch if you pull so hard .

The Soutarou who was behind me finally became completely silent . What should I do . If you can’t last till the end, it’s okay to give up halfway . That’s right . Let’s do that .


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