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Chapter 1.1

Chapter 1 (1/3)

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Five helicopters that scatters the wind – like a squirrel chirping, flew away .

I cried out loudly while looking at the scene .

“Why, why?! I am here, I am here you know!”

Obscured by the loud noise, there’s nothing to be heard .


April 1st, 2016

A certain information was publicized all over the world .

It was a fictional thing saying “the dead revived” .

Of course, this story is not in the television and the newspaper, it’s an information disclosed in the form of a net only video distribution .

At first, it was regarded as an April Fools joke, but over time, similar information like “dead people started to revive” — was delivered .

On the net, we call them zombies, the number of views rapidly increased as the number of deliveries increased to match it .

The origin was in the US, a country that has a relaxed regulation in a certain sense, pictures of zombies being shot with a gun, being hit with an ax, and images of people being attacked by zombies, started to appear .

The television and newspaper started broadcasting the information in the form of terrorism and rioting — but this time zombies became known around the world .

Fiction, but is not .

It did not took so long until an accurate information conveying the zombie for a variety of reasons, such as a strange disease of unknown origin, terrorism by biological weapons, biohazard, curse, etc .

This is because the outbreak of zombies was happening not only in the US but also around the world .

Zombies outbreak also occurred where I live in Japan and people have fallen into panic .
“Yagata, you saw that video?”

“Which one?”

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“The zombies, zombies!”

“Ohh, that April Fool’s story? Do you believe that?”

“Of course, that’s absolutely true!”

“If it were true, it would be featured in the news and the government would say something about it . ”

“Well, it certainly is . ”

Whatever the conversation during the opening ceremony is about, I did not care, as I had been searching the net with a smartphone .

The high school that we go to is a private one which was identified to be advance, and this year we are sophomore, so we have to think about taking college entrance exams .

I don’t have the desire to go to a university, especially since I want to do something particular, there’s no university to say so .

As for me, I will just do my best on my part, spend the time with my friends in class until graduation, I’m such an ordinary high school student .

There’s not much to socialize with oneself and the others .

So there’s no such thing as girlfriend .

I think that’s just proof that I want more money than a girlfriend .

However, my daily life was walking to the end starting on April .
It was the time of the test on May when the Golden Week ended .

The school so suddenly broadcasted while I was reviewing whether there was no mistake, while taking off the sleeve as it was getting hot .

“An emergency police, a person from the emergency police will soon arrived . ” (TL: I feel Deja vu . )

This broadcast is a sign that a suspicious individual invaded the school and that it is dangerous .

Exhaling a sigh at the test, I cleaned up the writing materials and took out the smartphone from the bag .

“As you’ve heard, be prepared to evacuate at anytime . Your teacher will look out for the situation . ”

“Mishima-sensei is it not better for you to contact the staff room than that?”

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“Mmm, th-that’s right . Your teacher seems flustered . ”

The students are anxied about the intrusion of a suspicious individual at the same time pleased about the liberation from the test with a smile, the teacher can’t help but put a wry smile as he was watching the classroom .

With such classmates around me, I started searching the net quickly—no— I started gathering information .

It’s about the Zombie Apocalypse in Japan .

It’s been a month and a half since the first delivered information, some place in the US are now uninhabitable .

In addition, information on Zombie Apocalypse was sent not only by the US, but also in Canada, Mexico, South American countries, Europe, Africa, Russia, Asia and all around the world .

For now, it has not been confirmed in the Far East region such as Japan and the Korean Peninsula, but I do not know when it will .

I don’t think the zombie outbreak can be dealt with only because travel and visits have been restricted for nearly a month .

Although the government did not say it is zombies . But an invasion of pathogenic bacteria of mysterious diseases, everyday from the TV, but we can’t count on its validity .

Protect yourself by yourself .

Only in these days have I been thinking about self-defense which the trend for Zombie Apocalypse is getting stronger .

And it began . (TL: the chills . )

“Eh? What is it? A thug? Where is the police? What? You can’t connect?”

The voice of the teacher who was contacting someone, echoed throughout the classroom .

At the same time, sirens can be heard from afar .

I do not know whether it’s the police or the firefighter, but they’re probably dispatched .

And as the results of the net search, I found out the the information was being broadcasted on TV .

I immediately connected to the net TV and raise the volume of the speaker .

“Everyone, please calm down . Never go out . Never go outside . The violent cases by the mobs frequently are now in Japan . Military incidents by mobs are now frequently occurring in Japan . ”

“Who is it?! The guy using a smartphone! Close it, close it quickly!”

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A panicked outcry came from the teacher as he took down his own smartphone .

But I did not follow it, others also took ouot their smartphone and began watching the TV .

“It’s bad, bad, bad . You serious?”
“Zombies have landed in Japan!”

“Your kidding! What, what should i do!?”

Without reason, everyone got panicked made a noise, and I heard similar commotion in other classrooms too .

Glancing at such classmates, I took my bag, approach the window and turned to look outside .

We are taking a test so there was no one on the schoolyard, but I can see at a glance that the state of town is different than usual .

Smoke rose in some places, and fire might have occurred somewhere .

At the school gate, I saw someone fighting .

Although it’s not clear in this distance, one can see that a lot of people are swarming at the school gate, and a male teacher is trying to push them back by stinging them with a mop .

The people outside did not try to get back at each other, as if zombies had gathered in searching for people .

“Sensei, Mashima-sensei, Mashima-sensei!”

“Wha—what is it?”

“Did the intruders not barged into the school? Or have they already broken in?”

“No—not yet . They seemed to be hold down at the gate, that is so!”

I knew that that call from before teachers wol
That call from before, the teacher already knew that the zombies are not yet in school .

This is a great information .

And a classmate who heard our conversation also looked throughout the window .

“Wow, what is that?”

“Did fire erupted in town?”

“Maybe that’s a zombie?”

“So it’s a zombie!?”

This time everyone began taking action, even dumb or stupid people .

Smartphone in video mode, began taking the scene at the school gate .

Frankly doing such thing, should not be the case .

I approached and called out the teacher who was stunned and did not move .

“Sensei . You have a moment?”

“Wh—what is it?”

“This school has a solid fence and walls, so it will not be breached unlelss it go over it . However, there is a place where you can go in and out easily . ”

“Wh—what!?” (TL: Man this guy always stutters . )

“Please low down your voice, or else there’ll become a panic again . ”

“Th-that’s right . But, you’re rather calm . What was your name again?” (TL: again (-_-) )

“Yakumo, Yakumo Yuuji . The key next to the entry gate behind the school building is certainly broken . If that place is not suppressed the,”

“Yakumo, you knew such a thing well, but… Oh, listen carefully, do not leave the classroom as the teacher returns to the staff room to consider countermeasures!”

“Well, how would you do that?”

“Through the school broadcast . Do not do something arbitrary . Good, going to the toilet is okay, but do not move if not necessary . ”

Now, this should secure the school .

I just hope idiots and zombies won’t appear .