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When A Snail Loves - Chapter 20

Published at 14th of January 2016 12:52:50 PM

Chapter 20

The fuzzy night and its soft light,

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Zi Xiao acted like nothing happened, held up his hand towards Xu Xu’s direction, ”Hello, Ms . Xu Xu, We’ve met before . My name is Zi Xiao . ”

Xu Xu furrows her brows and is about to say that he’s truly rubbish/dull when she met her brother’s gentle and encouraging eyes . She suddenly remembers Ji Bai’s words: “Xu Xu, understanding and knowing how to treat people is necessary . ” She also remembers her brother’s words a few minutes ago: “Since you are already here, show some respect and at least have a meal with him . ”

There was silence for two seconds, Xu Xu also holds up her hand: “Hello . ”

Zi Xiao’s pretty eyes flashed with satisfaction . Holding her tiny hand, he is a bit stunned . Her hand is soft and colder than he could ever imagined . For the next second, Xu Xu uses force to pull her hand back .

The three of them sat down . Xu Jun looks over the menu while Xu Xu intently stares at the table .

“Do you have anything you like to do?” Zi Xiao asked .

Xu Xu didn’t think of talking to him so she just answers without much thought, “Other than my job, I don’t like anything else . ”

Zi Xiao smiles, “What a coincidence, I’m also like that . ”

Xu Xu remained silent .

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Xu Jun glances over the two of them, the corners of his mouth turns up .

Zi Xiao asks again, “I heard you studied criminal psychology, what does that field researches on? Is it like those American shows?”

Xu Xu calmly replied, “In college, I’ve researched on three areas . First is to build storage of data and the types of criminals in China . Second, it is about the effects of family situation on crimes when matured . Third is… . ” then she starts to explain using complex criminal psychology terms .

Zi Xiao attentively listens while nodding continuously; a smile intently shows on the corners of his mouth . His eyes are sparkling .

“Why are you explaining it in such a complex way, I can’t comprehend anything . ” Xu Jun speaks up .

Zi Xiao immediately responded, “I also can’t comprehend but I feel Xu Xu speaks really well . ”

After that, whenever Zi Xiao asks anything, Xu Xu always answered with, “Yeah”, “right”, and “I don’t know” .

Xu Jun goes to the bathroom for a moment while they are eating .

There is only the two of them left; Zi Xiao looks at Xu Xu and smiles . Xu Xu bluntly said, “This meeting doesn’t mean anything, I won’t accept you . ”

Out of Xu Xu expectation, Zi Xiao shows no sign of shock or anger . He nods, still maintaining a tender image .

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Then, he said, “Xu Xu, I understand my past behavior was too abrupt and it left a bad impression on you . I bug you while you were working . I apologize . ”

Zi Xiao sincerely admits his mistakes like that and she isn’t a stern person . So she nods, “It’s alright, I don’t mind and you shouldn’t either . ”

The smile on Zi Xiao is even deeper thus it showed his sparkling white teeth, “None of us mind what happened in the past, that means I’m your meeting partner today . I hope you can give me a chance . You should get to know me before you decide whether to accept being my girlfriend . I’m 25 years old with a healthy body . I don’t have any bad habit or a felony record . Other than that, I have enough money; you don’t ever have to worry about money in the future . I graduated in the top 10 when I studied abroad . I also got a high IQ result that is beneficial in the future . If we were to date, I will maintain a serious conduct being in the relationship . Therefore, reconsider it . ”

Xu Xu was stunned .

This is the first time in her life that someone said a whole list while confessing feelings for her . Moreover, everything he said is logical .

Honestly, Zi Xiao prepared beforehand . He already asked Xu Jun about Xu Xu’s hobby . Xu Jun isn’t going to help an outsider but he still could give him pointers . Xu Jun told Zi Xiao, Xu Xu likes to analyze everything . He shouldn’t treat her like those realistic girls . He has to use his sincerity in order to convince her .

Zi Xiao decided to say those words after careful considerations . It suits Xu Xu with the way she decides everything with logical reasoning .

Seeing Xu Xu’s stunned manner, Zi Xiao quietly celebrates on the inside . He asks again, “Can I consider your silence that you have accepted it?”

Xu Xu rubbed her forehead, “I’m sorry, I’m a bit tired . My mind is not clear enough so it affects my ability to analyze . Give me a couple of minutes in order to concentrate . After that, I will give you my answer . ” Finished speaking, she looks at the time on her wristwatch then silently ponder .

It’s quite unbelievable for Zi Xiao, feeling funny . She is really focused on pondering about it .

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If it were someone else, Zi Xiao would lightly smile then leave . Even if he is pursuing them, how could he become the fish on the cutting board waiting for the women to declare the result? And to do so in front of him .

However, this person is Xu Xu, He knows that she doesn’t mean to belittle him, while she is not being arrogant . She is earnestly pondering about it .

While she says her mind isn’t clear, she needs to focus to consider it . Zi Xiao knows, he has convinced her . She is hesitating . Why is she hesitating? Is he not good enough?

Despite thinking that, when he saw that Xu Xu furrows her brows, Zi Xiao felt nervous .

Around a minute later, Xu Xu looks down looking especially relaxed, “I’m done . I’m very sorry, I can’t accept you . ”

Zi Xiao turns pale, immediately asks, “Why?”

Xu Xu stops for a moment before she softly speaks, “I’m thankful for your feeling, your conditions is very good but you are not my type . While your conditions can be changed however taste is very hard to control . I apologize . ”

When Xu Jun came back, Zi Xiao is leaning back on his seat while looking outside the window with a bad expression . Xu Xu is playing with her phone with a slight blush on her face .

Xu Jun doesn’t ask about the situation but sits down and talked about business .

Zi Xiao doesn’t talk to Xu Xu once for the remaining time . Xu Xu puts away her phone and listens to the their discussion .

After the meal, Xu Jun says, “Xu Xu, go to the car first . Zi Xiao and I are going to smoke a cigarette . ”

Xu Xu said, “Okay” then went out . The two of them is smoking, Xu Jun smiles, “My sister is really straightforward and isn’t good at socializing . It’s because I pampered her too much; let’s have a meal without her next time . ”

Zi Xiao immediately understands . His words are meant to comfort him about today’s defeat while helping him hold on to his pride .

He eyes looks after Xu Xu’s figure from afar; he replied, smiling: “Even if you didn’t do it, I would still will it myself . If I persist, I’m determined that there will be result, you are not going to interfere, right?”

Xu Jun a bit shocked, smiles, “Alright, I won’t . ”

Honestly, when he got rejected by Xu Xu he was really angry about it . She is being too stubborn while not giving any face .

But Zi Xiao can’t take it . He tells himself there is no way he can’t pursue this little girl .

Her rejection made him more determined to make her accept him, made him want to conquer her . However, he thinks it is only natural for a man to be determined to get a woman .

In Xu Xu’s eyes, Zi Xiao’s business is taken cared of . She doesn’t have any idea that Zi Xiao is not planning to give up . While she still needed to wake up early for the next two days even if it’s  weekend, Xu Xu was still able to rest at home thus she quite recovered .