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When A Snail Loves - Chapter 38

Published at 14th of January 2016 12:52:50 PM

Chapter 38

Seeing Ji Bai and Xu Xu once again, Qiao Shi was less tense, though she still showed traces of caution in her eyes .

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Ji Bai handed her a cigarette, and she whispered: “Thank you . ” The finger holding the cigarette was trembling a little .

“The confession before was too brief, I hope you cooperate, tell us in more detail what happened that night . ” Ji Bai spoke .

Ye Qiao lifted her swollen eyes: “I don’t have anything else to say, what I remember, I’ve already confessed it . ”



Ji Bai did not listen to her refusal, continuing to ask: “When you arrived at the scene, did you see another car or anyone leaving there?” Ye Qiao lowered her eyes: “No . ”

“How did you get in the villa?” Xu Xu asked .

Ye Qiao thought for a moment, then replied: “Ye Zi Xi opened the gate . ”

Ji Bai looked at her and slowly spoke: “It was already ten at that time . The villa is on the mountain’s cliff, there’s no one around . You’re a woman but you went to her place alone, you weren’t afraid that Ye Zi Xi would hurt you?”

Ye Qiao trembled . Ji Bai’s questions made the scene of that night suddenly appear in her mind . The silence of the mountain, the trees moving like the shadows of ghosts . She had parked the car by the road, looking at the lights at the villa not far ahead . Her heart was aching, as if it had fallen into oil . Imagining her husband and cousin at the love nest belonging to them, imagining the scene of her husband who had a high sex drive tormenting another woman under him, made her feel nauseous . But thinking of that handsome and omnipotent husband of hers, the love and hatred entangled, making her fall into the mud that she was unable to get out of .

What kind of agony would she feel when she went to Zi Xi’s house?

At this time, Ji Bai’s deep voice, distant as though coming from another world: “ When you were in the villa, how was the situation?”

Images appeared in Ye Qiao’s mind, she spoke in a hoarse voice: “It was very dark, cold, I went inside…” She took a deep breath before continuing: “I saw Zi Xi sitting on the sofa, she asked me what did I come for . . ”

“Was there anything happening in the house?” Ji Bai interrupted her .

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His eyes were sharp, making her subconsciously more careful, while recalling what was happening then: “I did not pay much attention, the air conditioning was on, Zi Xi was probably making a midnight snack, the microwave made a sound . After that, we had an argument…”

“After five to six stabs . . I couldn’t remember clearly, I was very frightened . ”

“ I can’t remember the exact arrival or departure time, I didn’t look at the clock . I arrived at the villa at about little more after ten o’clock, and left at little more after eleven . ”

Her confession wasn’t as perfect as before . There were questions that she couldn’t answer, saying that she did not remember, or she simply stayed silent .

When they were out of the interrogation room, Xu Xu patted Ji Bai’s arm . “Master, I have some vague thoughts, can we discuss it?”

Ji Bai turned around to see Xu Xu’s face, which was without the slightest color . Her black eyes, the sclera which was originally clear before, had now become bloodshot .

He almost forgot, how long he hadn’t slept was also how long she hadn’t slept .

“Alright . ” Ji Bai stared at her: “Discuss it tomorrow, now you should go back to sleep . ”

Xu Xu dazed: “But I…”

“Go home immediately, I’ll call your house half an hour later to check . ”

Xu Xu was a stubborn person, though a bit unwilling, but she still obediently went home to sleep . And Ji Bai also took this chance to sleep for two to three hours in his office, after that, he took the keys to drive to Lin Shan Mountain .

At this time, the sky was already completely dark, the villa in the middle of the jungle of trees, there were thick dark clouds above the horizon without any stars . This scene made others think of the day of the night of the murder . In the villa, how many had been stained with blood, how many were silent about it .

Ji Bai was calmer and, even more, awake due to the cold night . He turned the power on, stepped on the cold stairs and walked into the villa .

Ji Bai stayed in the living room for almost an hour, combined with the confessions and emotions of each person, finally, his mind thoroughly organized all the clues . The situation had become clear, this allowed him to temporarily relax . He intended to go upstairs to take a look, then go back to the city .

The second floor was very quiet, everything was still the same as the day of the murder . Ji Bai was thinking as he stood before the wardrobe, when suddenly he heard light footsteps coming from downstairs .

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Who returned to the crime scene?

Ji Bai softly and slowly walked down the stairs, keeping a look out to observe . The second moment, a person who had never once panicked, was now covered with cold sweat .  

Because he saw a figure who was sitting exactly where Zi Xi’s dead body had been .  The person was kind of leaning on the sofa, motionless .

After missing a heartbeat, Ji Bai immediately recognized who the person was . She heard a movement, looked up and saw Ji Bai, surprised: “Master?”

Seeing Ji Bai’s weird expression when he approached, Xu Xu totally did not expect him to get frightened by her . Thinking that he might be angry because she did not go home to sleep, she meekly said: “I slept for four hours, it’s enough . ”

Ji Bai: “You’re sitting down/there/like that to study the case?”

Xu Xu frowned: “Analyze the victim through analyzing the occurrence that happened at the crime scene, I wanted to try that . ”

Ji Bai glanced at her once; this little girl seemed to be very daring .

Ji Bai already had a conclusion so there was no need to stay any longer . But Xu Xu had appeared, of course, it was naturally a different situation now . It’s still long before dawn, Ji Bai said: “ You go ahead and look, I’ll wait, we’ll go down the mountain together . ”

Xu Xu nodded, but she did not continue to sit where the chalk had outlined the body of the victim, instead she started to walk around the living room to observe; air conditioning, messy coffee table . Xu Xu stood in front of the microwave, suddenly feeling a slight warm air beside her . She looked up; she did not know when Ji Bai came to stand beside her, he was also observing the microwave .

“Found anything?” Ji Bai said .

Xu Xu replied: “Still looking . ”

JI Bai did not say a word . Xu Xu once again continued to open the cabinet to observe .  That warm breath still lingered around her neck, like a figure and its shadow . Ji Bai once again followed after her .

Xu Xu originally did not feel anything out of the usual, but when she looked up, he also looked up . Xu Xu was looking at something in the cabinet, looking aside a little, she immediately saw Ji Bai’s handsome profile . After that,  the image from last night appeared in Xu Xu’s mind, he was smiling faintly under the fire .  

Xu Xu was silent for a moment, then turned around and looked at Ji Bai: “Master, can we separate to explore the crime scene?”

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JI Bai didn’t intend to bother Xu Xu . But because he didn’t have anything else to do, he wanted to see her performance, perhaps pointing out something . Hearing Xu Xu’s words, he was a bit surprised: “Why?”

Xu Xu: “I need to focus, don’t like having anyone besides me . ”

Without thinking about it, Ji Bai turned and walked towards a chair far away from the morgue, and sat down .

At that moment, Ji Bai suddenly realized that it was actually fun to observe Xu Xu from afar . The little girl frowned, lowered her head, skewed her looking, squatting down, elegant-looking but also very energetic, having a lively . alluring aura .

At this time, Xu Xu was standing at a corner, her body shook a little, subconsciously raising her arms to hold her shoulder .

It became colder later the night, moreover, the weather was gloomy, because they wanted to minimize the damage to the crime scene, the   air conditioning couldn’t be switched on .  Seeing her reaction, Ji Bai immediately got up and walked over .

Xu Xu rubbed her arms, then suddenly heard approaching footsteps . After that, her shoulder got heavier . She turned around, Ji Bai was wearing a thin white sweater standing beside her, his outer jacket was wrapped around her .

“Thank you, I don’t need it . ” Xu Xu wanted to take it off .

Ji Bai: “ Don’t worry . If you were to get a cold, how can you investigate the case tomorrow?” Seeing her petite body inside his jacket, he suddenly felt an indescribable itchiness .

Xu Xu hesitated, honestly saying: “I really don’t need it, I’m not used to wearing someone else’s clothes . ” Then she immediately took the jacket off to hand it to Ji Bai .

Ji Bai swept over her calm face and took the jacket, smiling: “Master is too dirty for you?”

Xu Xu was remorseful, honestly replying: “ Of course not . ”

There was still warmth lingering in his jacket though there was no smell of sweat, there was no unpleasant smell, but it made her feel a little anxious, for no reason . She understood it to be due to the unfamiliarity .  

But in fact, Xu Xu had never worn someone else’s clothes, except her brother’s .

Her expression was very sincere with blushed cheeks . Petite build, her shoulder was slightly contracted right in front of Ji Bai .

An idea flashed through Ji Bai’s mind, as he slowly said: “You don’t want to wear my jacket and I also can’t let you be cold . There is another way . ”

While saying this, Ji Bai was a bit impulsive . A woman and a man staying in an empty villa in the mountain, his woman was shivering, he wants to hug her . Although this was a little beyond his plan and perhaps also beyond her endurance, but in his heart, he was a little bit conceited . He was certain that Xu Xu wouldn’t reject him; his attributes were quite good, even if she still hadn’t developed feelings for him, but after consideration, surely she should be willing to try dating him .

Xu Xu looked at him deeply . Thinking of the feeling of hugging her in his arms, a stream of warm water flowed through his heart .

She also looked at him with clear eyes, as she faintly smiled: “Yes, there is another way . ”

Four eyes were staring .

Xu Xu suddenly jumped in place . “ Don’t worry, It won’t be cold anymore if I jump for a moment . ” Xu Xu explained while she jumped a couple of times . Because she and Ji Bai often exercised, she naturally jumped in front of him, lightly and briskly .

Ji Bai was dazed for a moment, then he abruptly laughed, his handsome face thoroughly stretched, laughter on his face deepening . Seeing his bright smile, Xu Xu also followed him and smiled .

Jumping for few times, Xu Xu suddenly stopped . She raised her head to look at Ji Bai: “I’ve figured it out . ”

Ji Bai withdrew his smile, then gazed at her: “Good . ”

Xu Xu was about to speak when Ji Bai continued: “Let’s do this, we’ll write down the murderers to see whether our predictions are the same . ”

Xu Xu liked this thrilling feeling, this was to test their capability . She immediately nodded .

After a while, they turned their laptops to one another .

“Ye Zi Qiang, Ye Jin”

“Oldest brother and oldest daughter of Ye family . ”