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When A Snail Loves - Chapter 44.1

Published at 21st of December 2016 03:01:38 AM

Chapter 44.1

Chapter 44  Looking into Ji Bai’s intensely passionate eyes, Xu Xu held on and kept still .

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This summer, Northern Myanmar was scorching hot and the people were feeling anxious . Meanwhile, in Lin City, it was warm and pleasant .

The air-conditioning at the police station was on at full blast, with the cool air circulating within the building, and where people could feel a slight chill . Recently, there hadn’t been any major cases; hence the office was quiet and orderly, with everyone enjoying a leisurely pace .

Zhao Han retrieved some information from the fax machine, and joyfully proclaimed: “Good news from Myanmar! The chief and the others have taken down over 10 of Brother Lu’s strongholds in the past few days, and arrested 40 henchmen . Only Brother Lu managed to escape and they are searching for her throughout the country . ”

Lao Wu smiled and said: “We can prepare a celebration feast . ” Everyone laughed on hearing his words . In the midst of the enthusiastic discussion, Lao Wu’s eyes fell on Yao Meng, who was sitting opposite him . She did not join in the discussion, neither did she raise her head . A faint smile was on her pale, elegant face .

When it was time to knock off, Da Hu said to Yao Meng: “Xiao Yao, can you give me the report you’ve been working on tomorrow morning?”

Yao Meng had already shut down the computer and picked up her bag . She smiled at him and said: “I’ll do my best” before leaving .

Soon, there were fewer people in the office . Zhao Han mused forthrightly: “Why do I feel as if Yao Meng’s work has not been up to standard recently?”

Da Hu stood by the window and looked downstairs . Yao Meng was walking towards a Rolls Royce parked on the road outside the station . The driver got out to open the car door for her, and she smiled sweetly at the person inside before gracefully getting in .

“She’s found a sugar daddy,” Da Hu murmured . “No wonder she’s decided to slack off work . ”

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Lao Wu sighed and said: “I approached her, but she was not willing to talk about it . Children that are very good but naive, never stay for long . ”

Zhao Han was a little taken aback: “You mean – Yao Meng is planning to resign?”

Lao Wu did not reply and Da Hu scoffed: “It’s so obvious . Can’t you see it? Her heart isn’t here anymore . ”

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As the sun was setting, the afterglow made Mai Zha City look more peaceful in comparison to recent times .

Along the street where the formerly bustling casinos stood, many buildings were now closed and deserted . After several days of soul-shaking panic and continuous gunshots, the local residents were finally experiencing a period of calm .

After Xu Xu had sorted out the data related to the final criminal, she realised that her eyes were so tired that she could no longer see clearly . She walked to the window to stretch her weary body, and witnessed Ji Bai and several other Interpol officers getting out of a car upon returning to the hotel .

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The arrests had reached a successful conclusion . Sun Pu (was Sun Ting in previous chapters) had left the previous day with 4 Interpol officers to continue the pursuit of Brother Lu while Ji Bai, Xu Xu and 5 others stayed behind in Mai Zha City to tie up loose ends .

Xu Xu smiled slightly, leisurely walked to the wash basin to wash her hands, retrieved the first aid kit and waited . After a short while, she received Ji Bai’s text message: “Come over if you have time . ”

After his previous rescue mission, Ji Bai’s entire body had been covered with bruises and he had suffered several flesh wounds as well . The worst had been a deep knife cut on his left shoulder . In this hot and humid weather, the wound was prone to infection, hence, Xu Xu and Ji Bai were especially careful with it .  

When Xu Xu entered Ji Bai’s room, he was sitting under the fan with bare arms . He had probably just taken a bath, as his hair was still slightly damp . His eyes appeared refreshed as well, for they were especially moist and bright .

Xu Xu walked across and dropped a kiss on his cheek . He immediately turned his head and captured her lips for several kisses, before breaking it off to attend to his work .

Ji Bai scanned through some of the information briefly, then glanced at Xu Xu out of the corner of his eyes .

They had been so busy these past few days that each change of dressing had been rushed, and Ji Bai had not been in a state of mind to pay her heed .  There was an instance where he asked Xu Xu to change his dressing, when he had been in a meeting with Chen Yalin, as they were pressed for time . He did not even notice when she left the room . But today, the work had finally came to an end . His mood was considerably lighter, and he was finally able to take a good look at her .

In order to facilitate the dressing of the wound, she stood by his side with one foot on the floor, and her other knee on the sofa, fully concentrating on cleaning the wound . Today, she was wearing a simple light-blue knee-length cotton skirt, setting off her snow-white skin . He felt that she looked really refreshing . It was now that he realised that she was actually very particular about how she dressed herself; her clothes were of a variety of patterns and styles, but they were all very practical .

As her man, he was enjoying her exquisite femininity that she inadvertently revealed every time she is with him .

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After looking at her for a while, Ji Bai reached out to grasp her arm . Her skin was smooth and cool, as if she had never perspired . It also felt soft, which was a complete contrast to his warm and firm muscular form . Ji Bai had never known how pleasant it was to touch a woman’s skin before, or how addictive it could be to men .

The corners of Xu Xu’s mouth lifted slightly, and she allowed him to continue stroking her arm, while she concentrated on his wound .

“Don’t move . ” Xu Xu reached for the medicine on the side table . Ji Bai’s eyes unconsciously followed the curve of her body as it stretched .

Xu Xu picked up the medicine and started to apply it . Suddenly, Ji Bai placed his hand silently on her waist . Xu Xu did not mind .  Unexpectedly, his thumb started to move slowly across the fabric, gently caressing the delicate flesh at her waist .

“It’s ticklish . ” Xu Xu laughed in spite of herself .

His hand stopped moving . After a while, it slid down to her hip, he paused for a second before he started to gently caress again .


Xu Xu’s entire body trembled slightly, she raised her eyes to look at him .

He calmly and tenderly looked at her with his deeply compelling, glistening black eyes, as if he wanted to pierce her innermost being . Moreover, his hand did not stop moving . . .

The fan whispered softly, as the sunset cast a sliver of golden light in the room, the hushed silence was tinged with sultriness . Looking down at Xu Xu’s instantly flushed face, Ji Bai felt as if a light breeze was teasing his heart .  The memory of the the day his little woman had inadvertently confessed (*) her feelings for him was seared into his mind . In addition, the pleasurable sensation that his hand was experiencing, her pure and innocent nature, in contrast to the alluring curves of her body in his grasp, really felt good…

(*) actual character used in the novel: 春光 = Spring . Literary meaning: ‘the light of spring’  During the spring season, couples tend to confess their feelings to one another as it is usually a very beautiful time where pale pink flowers will tend to bloom . Some people hope that their romance will bloom into a beautiful flower .

In the face of Ji Bai calmly and confidently advancing all over her body (**), Xu Xu was caught in a dilemma . They were lovers and so this level of intimacy was normal . However, she was embarrassed as her whole body felt like it was on fire, and her heart was beating more rapidly than she had ever experienced . An unusual exhilaration surged through her heart, but this fierce and blazing emotion would soon be more than she could take . Should she desire more? Or make him stop?

(**) Idiom: like an army advancing and conquering territory

At this point, Ji Bai stopped his hand to decide whether to push aside the folds of her skirt or to cover her up, but Xu Xu assumed he was stopping . She felt that the work at hand was of greatest priority and that they had no time for indulgence, so she pushed him away and stood up .

“I’m going back . ” Xu Xu said softly .

Ji Bai smiled slightly, but did not persuade her otherwise .

She took several steps forward, before turning her head to say: “Before we return to Lin City, I won’t come to your room at night . ”

Ji Bai understood . Right now, they still had responsibilities to discharge . What had transpired had been a fleeting moment of giving in to his desire . On looking at her shy and embarrassed face, so rarely seen, Ji Bai felt happy and at ease . He said indifferently: “All right . I’ll listen to you . We’ll talk about this further when we return to Lin City . ”

Heat rose up in Xu Xu’s body, as she quietly walked away .