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When A Snail Loves - Chapter 46.1

Published at 19th of January 2017 09:54:40 AM

Chapter 46.1

Chapter 46 . 1- Xu Xu, Xu Xu!

The train rocked/ swayed along on its journey . The scenery outside the window flew past, and the compartment was bathed in alternating stripes of light and shadow darkness??

Xu Xu glanced at Po, and sat opposite him: “Did something happen that made you look for me so urgently, General Po?”

As Po rested in the centre of the armchair, his hand supported his chin, and his strong and healthy body was similar to that of a wolf at rest .

“I heard that you’re an expert in psychology . You are able to predict the identity of criminals?”

Xu Xu was sitting upright, as per normal, with her legs lightly crossed, and her hands resting on her knees, quietly observing him .


Why had he, in the blink of an eye, started harboring suspicions about her? Did he suspect that she was aware of his identity?

Xu Xu was unable to think of how his suspicions had been aroused . However, she was very clear why he had wanted to look for her .

He was probing her .

If his suspicions had been confirmed, he would have already killed her .

Moreover, with his exceedingly conceited character, he would find it very hard to believe that his well-concealed identity had been exposed .

Thus, she must definitely not give him any cause for suspicion .

Having thought this far, Xu Xu knew how she would act . She asked: “Who told you that I’m good at psychological analysis?” Po’s countenance changed slightly, but she carried on indifferently: “Tisza? Our director?”

At this, Po’s thick lips turned up, and he observed her keenly: “You don’t need to concern yourself about that . As for me, I am greatly interested in what conclusion you have formed about me?”

Xu Xu looked at his eyes . They were different from the eyes of other people she had encountered; they were especially dark and sharp . In their depths, there was a deathly stillness . Only those who had killed others would have this kind of expression- seemingly calm, but in reality, cold and callous .

Xu Xu’s heart beat a little faster .

After a moment of silence, Xu Xu somewhat brusquely replied: “You think that you’re interesting? I’m sorry, my specialised skills are not for entertainment, but for solving cases . ”

Po smiled even more and braced both hands firmly on the table . The cold lines of his face moved closer to her, and his dark red scar was right in front of her eyes . Xu Xu frowned and leaned back: “What are you doing?”

“The Chinese always like to brag; it looks like you are nothing special . ” Po blatantly provoked her, “Are all the Chinese police officers as useless as you?”

Xu Xu stared at him wordlessly, the fingers of her right hand lightly tapping the back of the chair . Po also regarded her with extreme patience . After tapping for a while, she stopped: “You don’t need to goad me . In my opinion, it’s not difficult to analyse you . ”

Po leaned back, laughing loudly . When he stopped laughing, he retrieved a small, jet-black and extremely finely-crafted hand gun from a drawer and offered it to her: “If you analyse me correctly, I will give you this gun as a present . In future, when you visit Myanmar, I, the Golden Python, am/ will be your friend . ”

Give her a gun? Was this a trial?

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Xu Xu looked up, her eyes sliding to the table: “Handguns are strictly controlled in China, it would be of no use to me . If I analyse you correctly, give this to me . ”

‘This’ was a flower carved out of wood, unobtrusively placed at a table corner . Layer upon layer of flower petals were in full bloom and the dense network of veins was delicately rendered . Yet, there was also a sense of something wanton and crude .

Po glanced at the flower: “Why do you want this? It is of little value . ”

Of course there is a reason – this flower was carved by you . The wildness and complexity, hidden beneath the seemingly peaceful appearance, is very much in accordance with who you are .

Xu Xu replied: “In Chinese, we have a term called ‘fated at first sight’ . This means, when we look at something, it seems as if we have a predestined relationship or connection . To you, this flower may be an ordinary ornament, but, I think it has strength of character . ”

Po’s smile became even more mysterious/ enigmatic/ difficult to read . He took up the flower and threw it at her: “You can begin . ”

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While Xu Xu and Po were facing off, Ji Bai was on a military helicopter, traversing the landscape of vast forests and mountains, as he sped rapidly towards the train’s current route .

Although there was only suspicion without proof, through the insistence of the task force, both China and Myanmar had agreed that they would jointly send out special police forces and military troops to intercept the train in order to avoid possible risks and dangers .

Ji Bai looked out of the window at the floating clouds . The hand grasping his handphone was a little hot .

The train had already left the mountainous region, and communication signals had resumed . The task force had also been in contact with the Interpol officers on the train, and had planned a coordinated attack from within and without . However, Xu Xu’s phone had been switched off .

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The other Interpol officers reported that Xu Xu had been invited by Po for a ‘chat’ . The senior Interpol officer had tried to bring her back by giving the excuse that she was needed for a meeting, but the soldiers had said that General Po did not wish to be interrupted .

In order not to arouse his suspicions [1] , they could only refrain from action and bide their time [2] .

Looking at the last message she had sent, Ji Bai felt his heart clench slightly with pain .

Xu Xu, Xu Xu!

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Xu Xu could not be contacted because, after she had received Ji Bai’s SMS, she had immediately deleted it and switched off her phone . She could not let any clues drop into Po’s hands [3] . The only thing she had been unable to deal with was the piece of paper recording her reasoning process, currently in her pocket .

Fortunately, Po’s intention had only been to probe her . He probably did not want to arouse her suspicions, so he had not searched her .

Meeting Po’s inquiring gaze, she did not immediately speak, but calmly stood up and looked around the carriage before turning to look at Po to say: “Firstly, you have a very strong character . You act based on your own judgement and standards, rather than the commonly accepted standards of right and wrong . Therefore, your soldiers both fear and respect you . In their hearts, you are both the heavens and the earth . ”

The corners of Po’s mouth lifted slightly, his black eyes continued staring at her, and his expression remain unchanged .

Xu Xu continued: “Secondly, you crave power . Moreover, you have great tenacity and willpower . It is for these reasons that you have such a high status in the military in your early thirties . ” She gazed intently at his face, and swiftly changed tack: “Thirdly, you have a slight tendency towards violence and abuse . This is clear from the way you shot and killed the criminal the other day . However, your sado-masochistic/ abusive tendencies do not always give you happiness . Even when these tendencies come to the forefront, you try to resist the desire for violence, isn’t that so?”

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Po started slightly .

You are currently a military commander . If you were given more power, you could have even more means, even more violent methods, to satisfy your abusive tendencies . However, by my understanding, there was no hint of such behaviour from you in Myanmar . Therefore, I think, although there is no way for your to get rid of such tendencies entirely, you have been continually suppressing them . General Po, for this, you have my respect . ”

Po watched her with indifference, and remained silent .

Without taking a breath/ in one breath, Xu Xu concluded: “Fourthly, you don’t have a lady accompanying you, so I surmise you have a lover . Since you are eager for power, this lady should be the daughter of one of Myanmar’s most influential families, in order to facilitate your desire for achieving a higher status .

Fifthly, your office, clothing, and carriage, cannot compare with those who are stationed above you . I think your financial situation is only average . Because of this, you may harbour some resentment against your commander-in-chief . ”

Finally, Xu Xu sat down opposite him again without anxiety or delay . With a trace of arrogance, she said: “General Po, you’ve heard my conclusions . Have I analysed you correctly?”

Po’s face still held a faint smile, and he wordlessly stared intently at her with his eagle eyes .

Xu Xu also looked steadily at Po – Whether everything is true, false, or an outrageous lie, Golden Python, do you believe me or not?

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[1] 为免打草惊蛇- literal idiom: beat the grass and alert the snake
[2] 只能按兵不动- literal idiom: hold one’s troops where they are; not throw one’s troops into battle
[3] 蛛丝马迹- literal translation: the thread of a spider and the trail of a horse

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