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When A Snail Loves - Chapter 49.2

Published at 28th of February 2017 10:36:14 PM

Chapter 49.2

Chapter 49 . 2- Too sexy, my treasure

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As a matter of fact, when the relationship between a man and a woman is concerned, . if both parties are too direct and aware of the situation, it would become a little embarrassing and there would be a lack of appeal for them .

Ji Bai also knew this, and thus had carefully created a warm and inviting atmosphere . Although the fresh flowers and red wine were somewhat common, it was much better than having both of them sitting under the bright lights, dryly beginning to force the other . Moreover, this was the first time for both of them . If it was not for that crowd of people delaying them earlier that night, what he had planned for her had been far more romantic, and everything had been ready at his place .

Xu Xu sat quietly on the sofa, with her face still flushed . Ji Bai walked over and sat down, hugging her shoulders . When he realised her back was stiff, he had a sudden thought, and whispered gently: “Shall we watch a movie?”

Xu Xu still had some misgivings, but her conditioned reflex relaxed somewhat: “Erm, ok . ”

Ji Bai rummaged in her collection of DVDs, and naturally selected a romance movie .

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Soft music, the interplay of light and shade . The scene was a bright summer’s day . A young girl was arrogantly rejecting the young man who was pursuing her . The young man smilingly and shamelessly followed behind her . As they walked through the streets, birds fluttered in the sky and clouds fluidly floated across . . .

Ji Bai kept his arm around her shoulders and did not move . His eyes were firmly fixed on the screen, as if in full concentration . Xu Xu relaxed, and was gradually absorbed by the movie .

The surroundings were dim and quiet, the only movement came from the majestic sound of the storm in the scene playing on the screen .

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When they woke up on the second day, the sun was already high** . They nestled intimately in bed whilst talking .

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Unsure how to translate 日上三竿, but it basically means that the sun was high, or in the “3:00 pole” (as I see it) . Makes more sense to translate it as “the sun was high” though so that’s why it’s been translated like so .

Xu Xu: “According to scientific research, the most healthy frequency is 2 to 3 times a week . We can use that as a reference point . ”

Ji Bai smiled dryly: “You said it was just a reference point . Indeed, this situation varies from person to person, and I’ve been experiencing a drought for almost thirty years . ”

Xu Xu: “4 times is also fine . ”

Ji Bai hugged her: “In this situation, why is there a need to plan and organise? Let’s do whatever comes naturally, ok?”

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“ . . . Oh . ”

Just then, the doorbell rang . Xu Xu thought for a moment: “It should be the courier, I’ve ordered some books . ” She pulled on a T-shirt and got out of bed, but Ji Bai saw that her neck was covered with love bites, and pulled her back into bed: “You rest . I’ll go . ” He put on his T-shirt and shorts, and walked out .

On opening the door, he stood face to face with Xu Jun and a distinguished-looking elderly man . Xu Jun was carrying Xu Xu’s luggage . When they saw Ji Bai, both men were dumbfounded .

Ji Bai was also startled, but smiled courteously: “Xu Jun, Uncle, how are you? I’m Ji Bai . Please come in . ”

Both men looked at him without moving . At this moment, Xu Xu, walked out with her neck covered in love bites . When she saw them, she stood rooted to the spot .

“ . . . Dad, Older Brother, do come in . ”



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