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When A Snail Loves - Chapter 49.3

Published at 28th of February 2017 10:39:49 PM

Chapter 49.3

Chapter 49 ‘extra’

Suddenly, Xu Xu felt a warm sensation on her neck . Out of the corner of her eyes, she saw Ji Bai lowering his head to kiss her gently, as his big hands pulled up her pajamas, and explored within, caressing her .

The movie played on, forgotten . Only the sounds of two people breathing heavily could be heard in the spacious living room . Ji Bai pressed her entire body against his, and willfully ravished her .

Not long after, he stood up, picked her up in his arms, and walked into the bedroom .


The room was even dimmer, and the night outside the window was as dark as the depths of the sea . Ji Bai lay Xu Xu on the bed, and could not help laughing as he looked at her .

Xu Xu covered her face with her hands – now that they had reached the point of no return**, she really felt shy .

(literal – the arrow has been fitted to the bowstring . Complete idiom is “箭在弦上, 不得不发” – an arrow fitted to the bowstring cannot avoid being discharged; one cannot but go ahead, one has reached the point of no return)

Ji Bai did not allow her to evade him . He pulled down her hands, and captured her lips with a kiss . Then, he removed her pajamas, and buried his head in her body, kissing his way downwards, inch by inch .

His hands stopped at her waist, fingering the edge of the little slip of material . Xu Xu waited, her heartbeat thundering in her ears, and felt a series of soft sensations . She looked down to see him gently cupping her buttocks, his handsome face following the edge of the material, kissing his way along it .

Xu Xu did not know that this was what Ji Bai had wanted for the longest time .

His tender lingering on her body caused her entire being to melt**, and she lifted her hand to lightly brush his black hair, trembling in response to the movement of his lips and tongue .

(literal – her heart and head became a pool of water)

Ji Bai kissed her for a while, then removed the last obstacle/ barrier to her body . Kneeling between her legs, he asked: “Help me take off my clothes . ”

Xu Xu sat up and removed his shirt with a flushed face . In the dimness of night, his bare body was tall and muscular; his outline very powerful . A faint light illuminated his handsome face, and his black eyes were shining like stars, while burning like fire .

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Xu Xu reached both arms around his waist, and her head slowly moved upwards .

When Ji Bai felt her small face lightly brushing his hot chest, all other sensations were lost to him as his blood reached boiling point/ threatened to boil over . He placed a kiss on her forehead, then lay her flat on the bed again, and pressed his entire body heavily on hers .

The darkness grew deeper, and the whole world seemed to come to a stop . Lying under Ji Bai’s arms, she let him lead/ guide her in this experience/ pleasure/ area/ world (literal – world, but we just used that in an earlier sentence) which neither of them had entered/ tasted before, as they were tangled in its warmth and passion . In the darkened night, the shadows of trees swayed outside the window . Xu Xu could only hear those enticing sounds, as well as the fragments of sound from her own throat . Each time this happened, Ji Bai would kiss her, or caress her cheeks, perhaps in captivation, or in comfort .

Xu Xu was bashful, nervous, but also deeply absorbed in the pleasure .

Xu Xu had long been familiar with the concept of ‘sex’ . However, experiencing it personally, she now knew the intimacy of relations between a man and a woman, is the most primal, the most exposed means of communication . It was so perfect and stimulating that one could easily lose oneself in the experience .

Ji Bai’s every touch and thrust seemed to ignite the fire that had long been hidden in the depths of her body . When he held her urgently and fiercely, soaring with her to the heights of ecstasy**, she was led to a profound realization – with such deep emotions, only these means could proclaim and release- only these means could appease the true core of her being- her heart that rapidly beat for him .

(literal: together soaring to the clouds)


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When they finished, it was already 3 o’clock in the morning . Xu Xu had lost her earlier embarrassment, and laid languidly in Ji Bai’s arms, unwilling to move . Ji Bai was also enjoying an unprecedented feeling of comfort and ease, and was entirely satisfied . He sat up in (on the) bed, one arm hugging her, the other fumbling for the cigarettes at the headboard (bedside table?) .

Xu Xu looked up at him .

This time, Ji Bai would surely not listen to her . Without heeding her, he lit a cigarette – tonight had been too wonderful, if he did not smoke, he would be doing himself a disservice/ he would be sorry towards himself .

After exhaling luxuriously, he looked at her, completely at ease: “Da Hu said: ‘to smoke a cigarette after the event, far exceeds saving/ living as a supernatural being/ fairy/ god . ’ I want to experience this personally . It won’t be repeated . ”

Xu Xu let the matter go, and snuggled into his arms . After a while, she made an involuntary movement .

Ji Bai noticed, and asked: “What’s wrong?”

Xu Xu softly replied: “It’s a bit painful . ”

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This of course was due to Ji Bai . As he as aware of her softness, he had told himself to be especially gentle . However, in the midst of passion, he had unknowingly used more force, causing her to gasped in discomfort repeatedly, and this pain had persisted .

“I’m sorry, it’ll be ok after a while . ” Ji Bai caressed her hair . “Next time . . . I’ll be gentler . ”

Xu Xu’s cheeks flamed, and she lowered her head without speaking . Ji Bai put down the cigarette, and pulled her into his embrace . Looking at her bare skin in the light, he felt a tinge of soft anticipation, as well as the hint of latent fire .

He knew her skin was delicate, and had previously been careful not to leave marks . But, tonight, there had been no way to escape it . He had left marks on her everywhere, and his fingers had left deep impressions on her buttocks . . .

This snow-white skin was really alluring – already, the desire to ravish her was almost unbearable, but that skin (the word used here is literally ‘cloth’), with its traces of love marks, was even more exquisitely enticing . One look was enough to light the fire of desire .

However, he did not want to tire her out . After a moment of internal struggle, he decided to seek quick relief despite the reduced satisfaction, (“飲鴆止渴” – drink poison to quench thirst, seek quick relief regardless of the consequences), and kissed his way along the network of love marks on her body .

On looking at Xu Xu blushing again, and her delicate, pale body slightly curled up, Ji Bai experienced a surge of emotions, and he lowered his head to whisper in her ear: “My little treasure . . . ”

Too sexy, my treasure .


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