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When A Snail Loves - Chapter 52.1

Published at 27th of March 2017 10:45:39 PM

Chapter 52.1

Chapter 52 . 1: Have you forgotten our cohabitation agreement? We won’t interfere with each other .

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4 months later .

Summer had passed and autumn was upon them . Lin City was [now] usually enveloped in a thin mist, and the entire city was cool and pleasant, full of lush greenery .

It was night . The moonlight was bright and clear, and autumn was in the air . Xu Xu, sat in front of her computer as her fingers flew across the keyboard, wearing a loose shirt . At her side was a cup of fragrant coffee, and as usual, her earbuds were stuffed in her ears . Even when someone opened the door behind her and entered the room, she didn’t hear it at all .

Ji Bai had been sent out on a field assignment by the district office . Two weeks had already passed and tonight he had only been able to rush home this late at night . He had thought that he would be able to see little rascal in a sweet sleep but he had not imagined that, without him around, she would be able to find her own entertainment .

Ji Bai placed his luggage on the floor and padded quietly forwards . She was wearing his T-shirt, which was so big that it covered practically her entire body, with only her delicate, fair legs sticking out . . . Ji Bai bent down and lifted her from the stool in his embrace: “Wifey…”

As Xu Xu had been entirely focused on the computer, she jerked in surprise, before recognizing his scent and warmth and breaking out into laughter .

The coolness of the night still lingered on his body, and his faintly chilled lips pressed down on her lips firmly . After the passionate embrace, his breathing became unsteady, and he carried her off towards the bedroom .

“Wait!” Xu Xu pushed herself away from his chest and glanced over his coat . “Go take a shower first . ” After saying this, she slipped out of his arms and returned to her seat .

Ji Bai’s arms were absolutely empty . He looked at her slim figure, and walked over to envelop her in his arms once more: “What are you busy with?”

Xu Xu chewed on the pencil tip, stared at the screen and replied: “Writing an article for Yao Meng’s magazine . Her magazine focuses on women’s life, and mental health is one aspect . ”

Ji Bai’s eyes swept over the computer screen: “Ever since when did you like doing these kinds of things?”

Xu Xu opened the drawer and took out two elegantly designed tickets, as she gave them to him: “I didn’t accept her offer of payment . Her reimbursement was these two VIP tickets to a concert – don’t you like this band? A reward is not given if it’s not deserved . I was only helping her to write the article . ”

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Ji Bai took the tickets, looked at them, placed them on the table, and lowered his head to kiss her .

After he had gone to shower, Xu Xu once again focused on the screen . She had just typed a few more characters, when she suddenly heard him yell from the bathroom: “Wifey, I didn’t bring a towel in . ”

Xu Xu got up, took up a towel and walked over . The door opened a crack, and the sound of splashing water could be heard . Xu Xu peeped in .  Hey, wasn’t the towel on the shelf inside? Before she could process this information, a muscular arm appeared in front of her eyes, and pulled her into the bathroom in an instant .

Xu Xu laughed, and pushed him: “I haven’t finished my work!”

There was no way Ji Bai was going to let her go . He pulled her, clothes and all, into the shower, and shut the door .

A scene of crazy entanglement .

By the time the two of them were lying quietly in bed, wrapped in each other’s arms, several hours had passed .

Ji Bai had been working around the clock for several days . Furthermore, he’d had to expend energy being somewhat fierce just now . As a result, he was currently both perfectly content and totally exhausted . However, although Xu Xu had lain in bed for a while with her eyes shut, she was unable to sleep – she had drunk too much coffee . She sat up: “You go to sleep first, I’ll just finish my work . ”

Ji Bai glanced at the wall clock – 2 a . m . When he saw her really opening her laptop, looking as if she were prepared to pull an all-nighter, he could not help but frown: “Come over here and sleep . ”

Xu Xu: “Don’t mind me . ”

Ji Bai got up to walk over, and closed her laptop: “What time is it now?”

Xu Xu had just received some inspiration for her article . Faced with this sudden interruption, she could not help but frown as she looked up at him . Ji Bai refused to back down and continued staring at her, his eyes deep and black, and his naturally severe expression reasserting itself .

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Xu Xu looked at him briefly, then resumed opening her laptop: “Have you forgotten our cohabitation agreement? We won’t interfere with each other . ”

Ji Bai regarded her indifferent attitude, and a small flame flared up in his chest .

It wasn’t that he wanted to interfere with her affairs, it was only that he had worked hard for more than half a month in the field, without a single night of good sleep . Once the case had successfully concluded, he had not even wanted to spend the night there, and had immediately made a beeline for home . In truth, he was beyond exhaustion, and only desired to embrace her soft fragrance and warmth, and to share her pillow in sleep . Yet, she was unable to appreciate his intentions .

In addition, it was terribly late, and she was not taking care of her body . He could not stand it!

A moment of silence . He resisted the impulse to forcibly carry her back to the bed . Instead, he dragged a chair over and sat by her side: “Fine, I won’t interfere . I’m just going to sit here and supervise . ”

Xu Xu spared him a glance, and wordlessly resumed her typing . Ji Bai folded his arms and stared at her, taking in her fair, quiet little face . The fire in his body quietly died down – this was her usual calm and indifferent disposition, what was there for him to be annoyed about?

Xu Xu, being at the receiving end of Ji Bai’s stare, was in reality unable to do much work . She thought of how he had recently traveled home . Shouldn’t he go to sleep since it was so late? Could his body take the strain?

After a while, she decided to compromise . When she turned around, she was surprised to see his head drooping as his eyes closed and his breathing became even – he had fallen asleep on the chair .

Xu Xu pushed away the laptop, got up and squatted in front of him . , When she looked carefully, she saw dark circles under his eyes . His handsome face looked tired .

Xu Xu immediately felt distressed, and reached out her hand to push him gently, ”San Ge*, I’m sorry, I won’t work anymore . Let’s go to bed . ”

*San Ge : Third Brother

Ji Bai did not open his eyes, the corner of his mouth curled into a smile first . Xu Xu was surprised and realized – he pretended to be asleep to gain sympathy!

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Ji Bai reached out, picked her up and carried her to the bed . He held her tight in his arms, feeling both physically and mentally content . “I accept your apology, be obedient and sleep . ”

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At first, Xu Xu did not want to live together . First, she was used to doing things her own way and was not accustomed to having another person in her life; secondly they were colleagues . If they stayed together, they would be together almost twenty four hours [everyday] .

Xu Xu believed that an appropriate distance would deepen the beauty of their love . If they got too tired of each other, it might be counterproductive .

But her thoughts in this quarter seemed to be baseless — how would they become tired of each other? Work was already so busy, the time they managed to spend together was simply too little .

His purpose was to start living together as soon as possible, to invite the little girl completely in his life and create a strong bond between them . Xu Xu had a simple temperament, but he was resolute . He advanced gradually and entrenched himself deeply in her life .

At night when she was hungry, there was no one to cook dinner; she was too tired working during weekdays, so on the weekends she should took care of herself; she needed to monitor his smoking… . using these little things as excuses, he would suddenly drive to her home and pick her up . Xu Xu moved her clothes little by little to his house/apartment . Sometimes she would stay at his place for a few days and go back to her own home, but it never felt as good as staying in Ji Bai’s home . Before she realized it, they were living together .

Later Xu Xu also realized his plan, but she was reluctant to oppose it .

Xu Xu was glad that even in the third month of living together, the two of them had practically never quarreled . Even if there were conflicts, these were just minor frictions and they were always able to reconcile very quickly .

Once in a while, if there was a minor quarrel, Ji Bai would always concede to her . Irrespective of who was right or wrong, Ji Bai was always the first one to coax her . Xu Xu was very much moved by this . Once when she mentioned this to Xu Jun, even he said, “Ji Bai looks proud, but he has a big heart . ”


On Saturday night, they attended a concert at a local theater in the city center . By the time Ji Bai and Xu Xu arrived, the theater was almost full . The interior of the huge theater was brilliantly lit and all the people were immaculately dressed .

Their seats were located halfway between the middle and the front of the theater, a very good location . As they sat, they saw Yao Meng take Lin Qingyan’s arm . They were sitting in the front row and turned to smile at them . They were surrounded by some young men and women, probably colleagues from her company .

Compared to a few months ago, Yao Meng looked more mature and beautiful . With her satin like hair, exquisite evening dress, light makeup and pale eyes, she looked resplendent and attractive as she sat among the people . It was as if an uncut jade had shed all its dirt to finally shine with all its radiance . Lin Qingyan was tall and elegant; sitting together, they looked like a perfect match .

Although they had not met too many times, both Ji Bai and Xu Xu had a very good impression of Lin Qingyan . They smiled and greeted each other . Lin Qingyan politely complimented Xu Xu: “Xu Xu is looking very beautiful today . ”

Ji Bai looked at the woman by his side . In a beige V-neck sweater and short skirt, though she didn’t look as compelling as the other women, she looked fresh and lovely like a cute animal — the most beautiful woman in his eyes .

Xu Xu smiled at Lin Qingyan: “The most beautiful woman is by your side . ”

The four people laughed . Lin Qingyan looked at Yao Meng as if she was the finest jade . When the lights went down, he move his head to the side and gently kissed her on the cheek . Ji Bai also brought Xu Xu’s hand to his lips and kissed it .
Every smile and every frown of hers touched his heart . It seemed there were lovers everywhere in the world


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