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When A Snail Loves - Chapter 54.1

Published at 24th of April 2017 11:38:46 PM

Chapter 54.1

Chapter 54 . 1

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With me here, you don’t have to do anything to solve the problem between you and your mother-in-law

Concerning the matter of how to get along with his mother, Ji Bai was already highly experienced (百炼成钢 – literal, tempered into steel) . His first thought was to develop a strategy, and that strategy was to shield Xu Xu (呵护 – to bless) .

But Xu Xu was different .

She had previously spoke about ‘avoiding important matters to dwell on the trivial’, but she could not agree with the overall strategy involved in ‘gaining the acceptance of the Ji family’ . She felt that this solution only dealt with the situation, without getting to the heart of the matter – which was ultimately, the person .

Right now, the general situation had already been established . Where Mrs Ji was concerned, she had thought to try her best to communicate and get along with her just once . If she succeeded, then Ji Bai would not be in a difficult spot, and everyone would be even more comfortable and at ease . If she failed, it would not be such a big loss .

However, the only thing she had not thought about, was whether this situation would cause her pain .

Thus, when Mrs Ji had uttered such heartless words, Xu Xu was thoroughly shocked .

It was debatable whether her reasoning was flawed . And if a misunderstanding caused an estrangement, it could be dispelled . However, if someone condescended you, and didn’t like you, what would you do?

Xu Xu was willing to continue to try and communicate with her to better their relationship, but she was absolutely against doing anything to try to prove that she was ‘worthy to be with Ji Bai’, or ‘worthy to be liked by Mrs Ji’, because, to Xu Xu, Mrs Ji’s judgement and standards were not right .

Thus, after the sudden stab of realization, Xu Xu’s response was to remain silent . She was not going to retort, as there was no point or sense in doing that .

Seeing that Xu Xu didn’t look too good, Mrs Ji’s eyes were full of mockery . As she had nothing further to say to Xu Xu, she turned and left .

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Ji Bai was hiding the carefully selected diamond ring in his breast pocket . When he entered the house, he saw his mother, with a livid face, leaving his bedroom . She took one look at him and continued on to her own room .

He hesitated slightly, then walked over in a calm and composed manner . However, he then saw Xu Xu walking out, and knew from her expression that something was not quite right .

Ji Bai stopped her with a swift move, and stared at her while asking in a low voice: “What’s wrong?”

Xu Xu: “Let me be by myself for a while . It’s not a big deal, don’t be anxious . ”

After they started living together, they had a tacit understanding . When Xu Xu said she needed to be alone, Ji Bai always gave her the space and time she needed .

At this point, Ji Bai was silent for a moment, then released her . Xu Xu walked into her own room and closed the door .

His mother’s room door was also tightly shut . The servant, with lowered head, was in the living room mopping the floor . Ji Bai sat for a while, observing the servant’s expression, then called her outside the house .

Naturally, the servant was initially unwilling to say anything – Ji Bai had only recently come home, the household was under Mrs Ji’s control . However, under the skillful interrogation of a criminal investigator, using a few words and applying either persuasion or pressure at other times, Ji Bai quickly obtained a fairly comprehensive account of what had just transpired .


At this time, the night was perfect, with a brilliant moon hanging high in the sky . Ji Bai stood at the pond outside, with his heart a little troubled . Subconsciously, he reached into his pocket for a cigarette, and, instead, touched a pack of date slices . With a wry smile, he ate two or three slices, then turned to enter the house .

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He first went to his mother’s door: “Mom, I’m coming in . ”

“All right . ”

The room was illuminated with a warm light, and his mother sat on the sofa, casually watching the television . Ji Bai sat by her side, and smilingly looked at her: “I’m leaving tomorrow, don’t you want to say a few words to me?”

His mother thought his reason for coming to see her must obviously be to criticize her (兴师问罪 – send a punitive force against), to take the initiative to help Xu Xu . Hence, her demeanor had a hint of frostiness . She did not expect him to talk as if nothing had happened, and with a quiet smile . After a moment’s surprise, she laughed: “I have nothing to discuss . ”

Ji Bai got up to pour a cup of tea and place it in her hand: “While your son is away, you and dad must take care of yourselves . Let Eldest Brother and Second Brother handle matters . Don’t hesitate to contact me if need be, I’ll get Shu Hang and others to run any necessary errands . Please don’t let your son be be anxious . ”

The corners of his mother’s mouth turned up slightly: “You can do as you please without fear of interference or punishment (天高皇帝远 – the heavens are high and the emperor is far away) . You surely speak more charmingly than anyone else . ”

Ji Bai laughed . Mother and son chatted for a while longer, and the displeasure indicated by her furrowed brow disappeared (烟消云散 – vanished like smoke) .

At this time, the servant knocked at the door, and entered with a bowl of freshly double-boiled bird’s nest . Ji Bai asked: “What about Xu Xu’s?” The servant replied: “I will bring it to her straightaway . ”

Ji Bai nodded, and stole a glance at his mother’s still expression . He personally brought the bowl over to her and stirred the contents to help cool them . His mother smiled as she observed his considerate action .

As he was stirring, Ji Bai said: “When I return to Lin City, I am planning to ask Xu Xu to marry me . ”

His mother’s face tightened .

She heard him continue: “Ma, let us speak frankly – I like this girl . Whether you oppose us, or support us, there’s no two ways about it – I am going to marry her .

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I know that you’re not happy, and that you find it hard to accept . However, on this trip home, you have done whatever needed to be done for appearance’s sake . For this, your son is grateful . To put ourselves in your shoes, in the future, whatever has to be done between daughter-in-law and mother-in-law, I will ensure that Xu Xu fulfils her role .

As for when you will be able to accept her, and accept our marriage, your son will always be waiting for you, and hopes that day will not be too far away . ”

Mrs Ji was silent . Ji Bai looked at her, his eyes deep and dark, and said lightly: “However, Ma, you must understand that she really likes your son, which is why she is willing to journey with him . Your son also has to support her, ensure that others respect her, and cannot allow her to suffer wrong or be bullied within the family .

Just now, when I returned, I heard everything the two of you had talked about . Whether her qualifications are good, or whether she is worthy of me – is not for you to say . In the future, I do not wish to hear such talk, either . ”


When Ji Bai pushed open Xu Xu’s door, she was sitting in the chair by the window, with one hand knocking gently on the window frame, and her fair, small face, was at peace .

Ji Bai sat by her side and hugged her . Together, they contemplated the starry night in silence .

After a while, Xu Xu said in a melancholic tone: “I spoke with your mother, but the result was not too good . ”

Ji Bai pinched her straight, elegant little nose, and said with a smile: “My aggrieved wife – you don’t have to take to heart what she said . Moreover, she may not have rejected outright what you said to her, you just have to give her some time to digest it . ”

When Xu Xu heard this, she understood that Ji Bai knew all about the situation . She nodded: “I understand . Then, what should we do now?”

Before this visit, Xu Yao had especially exhorted her to be careful, as her future mother-in-law was was known to have a ruthless persona . Ji Bai treats you well, but he’s also a filial son . This is the dilemma that all men have to face . You had better prepare yourself psychologically .

Her father had also said, even though there might be dilemmas and grievances, as long as no principles are compromised, Xu Xu, as the younger generation, should act appropriately and give way, and take the initiative to maintain good relations with Ji Bai’s parents .

Taking both her father and brother’s words of advice, and in accordance with her limited understanding of what the proper relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law should be, if Ji Bai wanted her to try harder, she was willing to do it .

With one glance, Ji Bai knew what she was thinking – not only was she not angry, she was even thinking about ways to remedy the situation . Her straightforward and honest nature really caused one’s heart to soften .

He was silent for a moment, and then spun her around to face him . His handsome face held the hint of smile, and his dark eyes stared intently into hers: “It’s very simple . ”

“ . . . simple?”

“You just have to do as you’re doing now . As long as you fulfill your obligations to the older generation, that will be enough .

Where my mother is concerned, if there are any dilemmas or problems, you don’t have to worry about them, and you don’t have to take them on yourself . From today onwards, I’ll be here so you don’t have to do anything to resolve regarding your relationship with my mother . I don’t want you to have any trouble .

In the future, your relationship will one day improve . We simply have to let nature take its course . ”


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