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When A Snail Loves - Chapter 58.2

Published at 3rd of June 2017 06:31:49 AM

Chapter 58.2

Chapter 58 . 2: Do you suspect that he’s a serial killer?

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Xu Xu nodded . Although she had a very strong feeling that she would definitely be able to pinpoint this person, objectively speaking, there were also many uncertain factors . It was also highly possible that the investigation would come to naught . Ji Bai had to manage the entire task force, and was unable to assign the main force to her investigation . She could understand this .

“Ok . Two people, plus myself, that will be enough . ”

At this point, Ji Bai smiled slightly, got up and retrieved a case folder from the front of the table, and handed it to her . Xu Xu looked at it and beamed .

Ji Bai: “I’ve already asked Zhao Han to conduct some preliminary investigations: in the past three months, there were more than 500 local privately owned cars that went in and out of the forest region more than three times . There are even more people who own private bungalows, warehouses or suburban homes . However, I hope this information will be able to save you some time and effort . ”

Ji Bai quickly arranged for the two additional criminal investigators to report to Xu Xu . By the time she had spoken to them over the phone, and assigned screening tasks to each one, the sky was already bright .

Xu Xu had also assigned herself more complex work, but she was really tired, and lay down on the sofa in Ji Bai’s office: “I’m going to sleep for a little while . ”

Ji Bai had also not slept for the entire night, and would have to meet with Da Hu and the others in a few hours to investigate the background of the second victim, Li Tian Tian . He rubbed his eyes and sat down next to Xu Xu . Xu Xu immediately crawled over and lay on his lap . He chuckled, and took up the sheet of paper scribbled over indecipherably with her preliminary theories: “When you conduct an analysis, do you always like to scribble and doodle like this?”

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“I scribble like this when I’m thinking really hard . ”

“The piece of paper you left behind during the Brother Lu case, was that similar?”

“Yes . ”

Ji Bai’s fingertips brushed lightly over Xu Xu’s cheeks: “Then why did you write my name over and over?”

Xu Xu shut her eyes and laughed without replying . After a while, a sudden thought came to her, and she opened her eyes . With a flushed face, she asked: “That piece of paper won’t be submitted as evidence, will it?” That would be a terrible loss of face .

“Of course it’s been submitted . ” Ji Bai replied baldly . Xu Xu raised her hands to cover her face, and sighed deeply . Ji Bai looked at her blushing cheeks, and could not keep a little smile from tugging at his mouth .

By logic, it should have been submitted . However, he had acted selfishly out of personal considerations, and kept that piece of evidence . Today, that piece of paper, full of the fragments of her inferences and longing, was safely in his drawer, together with the forlorn engagement ring . There was no need though to tell her that at the moment .


Three days later, at noon, Xu Xu and her team members finally completed the work of screening the large amounts of data . Seeing the crosschecked results, she was startled for a moment, and whispered to her two assistants: “This is absolutely confidential . ” Then she took the results with her and went to look for Ji Bai .

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Ji Bai was on the line with the officers in charge of the mountain patrols when Xu Xu handed the report to him . He looked at her blankly for a moment . Soon, he hung up the phone, and looked at the report as his expression darkened .

Xu Xu nodded: “20-40 years old, he has a history of working in Hong Kong . Three months earlier, he was diagnosed with cancer in the city hospital . In the last three months, he has frequently accessed the forest region more than five times . In the forest area, he has an independent villa . Only one person like this exists in the city . All these conditions seem to have nothing to do with the case and are only a list of possibilities . But if several such possibilities converge on one person, it is intriguing . ”

Xu Xu continued: “Ji Bai, although we are not sure he is the murderer, the murderer sexually assaulted the second victim after her death . A serial killer does not easily change his MO, especially if it destroys his fantasies about intimacies, unless his mind is already unstable . So I am guessing he will soon commit another crime . . ”

Ji Bai nodded: “We will put 24-hour surveillance on Lin Qingyan . ”


For several days, the weather was gloomy . The killer was also dormant . There wasn’t the slightest movement from him . In the end, there was no airtight way to keep information from being leaked out, rumours about the killer were already spreading gradually in Lin City .

Zhao Han, together with another policeman was responsible for the monitoring of the villa belonging to Lin Qingyan . This evening, the two were hiding in the forest region in silence .

Suddenly Zhao Han’s phone rang . It was Da Hu: “Lin Qingyan just drove out of the city . The car has a woman in it, but we could not get close enough to see clearly who it was . ”

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Zhao Han and his companion were fully ready . The sky was dark when, sure enough, they could see a Buick commercial vehicle coming along the mountain road in the distance . The car drove up to the door of the villa . A man alighted from the car . Seeing him, they recognised him as Lin Qingyan . He opened the back door, leaned into the car and carried a woman out .

Zhao Han looked through the telescope . The woman seemed to have fallen asleep . Long hair covered her face . She was lying motionless in Lin Qingyan’s arms . Lin Qingyan carried her into the villa . The lights in the villa soon lit up .

“Boss, what to do?” Zhao Han asked Ji Bai over the phone .

Ji Bai: “Wait . ”

The mountains were dark and quiet . Zhao Han and his companion concentrated on waiting for a while, when they suddenly heard a woman’s scream, then silence . Both of them were startled .

At this point, any action would inevitably alarm the snake (alert the murderer), but the police’s principle was not to allow any risk to the victim’s safety . Ji Bai ordered: “Go!”

Zhao Han and his companion ran down the hillside and rushed to the front of the villa . From the window they could only see the lights in the living room, but were unable to see anyone inside . They could barely hear some soft music playing .

They kicked open the door and following the music, they ran all the way to the main bedroom inside . The door was closed, the music was loud, but they could still hear the sound of a woman sobbing . Without hesitation, Zhao Han pushed the door open and was stunned .

The couple in the room also turned around to look and were shocked .

In the soft white light, the room was full of red roses . A tearful Yao Meng sat on the sofa strewn with roses while Lin Qingyan knelt in front of her . In his hand was a black velvet ring box and he was in the midst of slipping a shiny diamond ring on to her finger .

“Why are you … …” Yao Meng helped Lin Qingyan stand up . Her reaction was very fast . She asked disbelievingly, “Do you suspect that he is a serial killer?”

Zhao Han and the other person with him did not answer . Lin Qingyan also turned around and looked at them, frowning in silence .


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