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When A Snail Loves - Chapter 6

Published at 14th of January 2016 12:52:50 PM

Chapter 6

“Is there anything else?”

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“That’s all, thank you . ”

Hanging up the phone, Yao Meng sat still in bed, looked out the window to see the light of the setting sun shine over the old houses which were like old, deserted ruins . She felt sad and feel the tears almost flow out from her eyes .

After a while, Yao Meng took out her phone and sent a text message: “Ji Bai, thank you for your guidance .  I will follow Officer Wu, and I will work hard to live up to the expectations of the team . PS: If I encounter any problems in the future, could I ask for your help?”


She waited for quite a while, but Ji Bai still hadn’t replied . After Yao Meng went down to eat a little, washed the dishes and cleaned the floor, just then, the phone rang . Yao Meng held the phone, it was a text from Ji Bai: “It doesn’t really matter who leads you because whoever your mentor is, it’s just a small factor . It’s all up to you to make your own achievements . Being my apprentice or someone else’s, there is no difference . Work hard!”

After eating dinner at her workplace, Xu Xu went home . She was living at a place called “Royal Courtyards” . Xu Jun bought the house at the beginning of the year . It was located in the financial district, and had always been a place where elites gather . It was very safe, and was also close to Xu Xu’s workplace .

Since it was still early, Xu Xu changed her clothes, took out a towel, put on her headphones, and headed out . There was new park close by . She planned to run a couple laps, then go home to continue her work .

Since it was still early, the park was covered with a color of green . Xu Xu ran slowly along the small path . There were also many people around who were exercising, including youths, the elderly, and young children . Xu Xu turned on the music really loudly while leisurely maintaining her speed, which was as slow as walking, while her eyes glanced at the views around .

This was the most peaceful time of the day for Xu Xu . Sometimes she zoned out, and sometimes she felt like watching the people around while imagining about each of them .

The first lap… . .

There was a father and daughter playing around, sitting on the grass on the right . The little girl pointed at her, laughing and saying something, and the father also smiled . Xu Xu swept an indifferent gaze over the little girl; she guessed that the little girl was laughing at her slow speed .

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There was a white-haired old man sitting in a pavilion holding a radio, he was squinting his eyes .

Under the shadow of a corn plant, there was a man and a woman talking happily . The woman was around 30 years old, while the man was younger in age . They are quite close, but not intimate . Chances are that they were siblings .

The second lap…

The father and daughter were holding hands to stand up . The little girl again looked at Xu Xu, laughing . Xu Xu was indifferent and looked elsewhere .

The white-haired old man was nowhere to be found .

The man and woman were still there, but they were now sitting on the grass .

The third lap…

The sky was getting dark; there were fewer people around . This was a work area and high-end residential neighborhood . Closer to night, not many people came to the park .

The grass was only left with the man and woman talking . The man placed a hand on the woman’s shoulder, laughing while saying something to her . The woman also smiled, the woman leaned back, and her posture was very elegant and eye catching .

Xu Xu indifferently looked away .

Just then, the women suddenly yelled .

Xu Xu stopped and looked back . She saw that the woman’s mouth is wide open, and she had raised her right hand . Her hand was covered in blood . Blood from her wrist was gushing out . The man next to her was frozen .

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Xu Xu took off her headphones and hurriedly ran up to them .

If she was not mistaken, the women’s wrist vein was cut up . An accident suddenly happened in front of her .

While running, Xu Xu remembered Zhao Han’s words this morning . : “A case of a knife left on the bench at the TA park cut someone…”

It wasn’t an accident?

The woman’s face had turned white, she hurriedly pressed on the wound, but the blood was still gushing out . The man snapped out of the shock and started helping the woman to stop the blood while taking out his phone to call 120(991): “At the PD Park, my friend got her wrist…”

“Make way!” Xu Xu rushed up from behind the two: “I’m an officer . ”

The man was still for a bit, then he let go of the woman and stepped to the side, but he stared at Xu Xu suspiciously .

Xu Xu took in a breath and held the woman’s vein tightly . After that, she pressed hard and accurately on the women’s vein .

The blood stopped gushing out .

The woman’s clothes and hands were red with blood, her face had also turned pale: “Thank you . ”

Xu Xu assured her: “The emergency center is less than 10 minutes from here by car, your life isn’t in danger . ”

The woman and man let out a breath in relief and said in unison, “Thank you” . Xu Xu nodded, staring at the woman: “What just happened?”

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The woman looked weak, but her voice remained calm: “There was something on the grass that cut my hand . ”

At this time, it was quite dark but the lights hadn’t been turned on yet . The grass was dark, and nothing could be seen . The man used his phone to see the grass clearly, and he spoke up with a cold voice: “There is a blade on the grass . ”

Xu Xu nodded: “ Don’t destroy the evidence, wait for the police to come to look at it . You help me press on her wound . ”

The man is surprised: “Me?What about you?”

Xu Xu frowned and glanced at the wound on the woman’s wrist: “Press!”

The man froze, surprised to hear Xu Xu’s commanding voice . But he still followed her order and pressed on the vein . Xu Xu took out the towel on her neck and folded it while taking a stick from the ground . She used the towel to tie a knot around the women’s wrist and used the stick to secure it .

The women cried out in pain . The man next to her hesitated: “This is to stop the bleeding?”

Xu Xu didn’t bother with him, and asked the woman: “Do you have a pen?”

The women shook her head, Xu Xu turned to the man, and he also shook his head . Xu Xu’s expression remained the same, she then placed her fingers on the woman’s bloody arm .

The man was surprised and asked: “What are you doing?”

Xu Xu coldly glanced at him, then lowered her head and used her fingers to write the time on the woman’s arm . This way, when the personnel came, they would know how long the blood was stopped so they could smoothly proceed to the next step .

They weren’t stupid so the man and woman realized the reason behind it . The woman full of gratitude and said: “Thank you, really thank you . ” The man looked at Xu Xu with curious eyes .

“You should talk to her until the ambulance arrives,” Xu Xu told the man and turned to look at the grass .

This time, the streetlights had been lit . Xu Xu observed carefully, and saw a sharp paper knife on the grass . Half of the knife was buried into the soil, the other half of it was painted green, making it difficult to be found .

Also, there wasn’t just one knife, but a lot of different short and long knives of all types arranged in a star shape . This was not an accident . Someone had deliberately buried knives here .

A person did this to harm people .

Xu Xu turned to look at the man and woman . They had already gone to sit at the pavilion . The woman was leaning on the man . The voice of the man was gentle . He was talking with the woman but he staring at Xu Xu . Xu Xu just realized that the man was very tall, wearing a black suit that was well-suited to his white skin . His eyes looked arrogant but were also comforting(?) .

Xu Xu walked closer: “Which one of you wanted to sit on the grass?”

The man changed his expression, while the women replied right away: “It’s me . ” Her voice was weak yet clear: “Officer, Zi Xiao is my cousin who has just returned from abroad . He came to visit me today . It was my idea to come to the park . ”

Xu Xu nodded, did not care about the man’s staring and continued to scan the grass .

The ambulance quickly arrived, and the park manager had also been alerted . Xu Xu helped the ambulance personnel to move the woman onto the ambulance . Noticing Xu Xu covered in blood, the personnel asked: “Are you okay?”

Xu Xu nodded her head . She wanted to talk to the police officer next to her when a man’s voice suddenly spoke up: “Officer, give me your contact information . ”


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