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When A Snail Loves - Chapter 61.1

Published at 19th of June 2017 02:25:07 PM

Chapter 61.1

Chapter 61 . 1- Don’t kill me . . . I can’t die . . .

Noon, two days later .

The autumn sunlight was warm and bright . As it illuminated the mountains, they became more verdantly green, more boundlessly vast .

Xu Xu had spent the morning at the farmhouse at the foot of the mountain, sorting out the case information with several colleagues . When she realised it was noon, she returned to the room to rest . Only then did she discover a new text message on her cell  phone .

It was Yao Meng, “Are you at the farmhouse at the foot of the mountain? I’m in the mountain region with my colleagues, and I was hoping to meet with you for a chat later . Are you free?”

Xu Xu understood – Yao Meng’s magazine had also been given access to the mountain region for interviews . She immediately called Yao Meng, but the line was busy .


Yao Meng was currently on the phone with Lin Qingyan .

Today, she had gone to the mountain early . Her magazine dealt in women’s health and well-being, so this serial killer case would be a very hot topic . Moreover, as she had expertise in criminal psychology, with her directing the interview, the depth and accuracy of the article would naturally be much better than that of a typical reporter .

She also had a self-serving intent . If the mountain killer turned out to be real, then she would be able to help Lin Qingyan clear his name . Thus, subconsciously, she had restrained her manner of speech*, wanting to help him in this matter .

*憋了口气 – this translates literally to ‘restrained’ or ‘suppressed’ her ‘tone’ or ‘manner of speaking/ speech’ . It could also mean: trying to speak calmly and not be too nervous or excited

However, Lin Qingyan did not know in advance that she was going to the mountain region . He thought she was still working overtime at the office . The moment she called him, she was aware that something was wrong, for his voice held much displeasure: “How could you go there? The killer hasn’t been caught yet, it’s too dangerous . ”

Yao Meng was currently sitting with two colleagues in the interview car, in an open space at the foot of the mountains which was temporarily serving as a parking lot . They were surrounded by cars and people, and a hubbub of noise . She laughed as she replied, “I’m ok, I’m with my colleagues in a safe place . The police won’t let us near the places which aren’t safe, anyway . ” She changed the topic, and said softly, “Did you take your medicine on time?”

On the other end of the line, Lin Qingyan was silent for a heartbeat before he replied calmly, “Yes, I’ve taken it . Wife, come home early . The mountain is not safe, and I can’t help being worried . ”

Yao Meng had not completed the interviews, but, when she heard his low voice, her heart filled with pity and pain, and a sudden desire to see him . She saw that it was still early, and replied, “Ok, then I’ll head back now . ”

“Take  the main road, and have your phone on at all times . ”

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“Ok . ”

After hanging up, Yao Meng told her two colleagues, “I’m going back to the city first, I’ll leave the rest for the both of you  to finish . If there are any problems, call me anytime . ”

She drove away from the foot of the mountain . After a short distance, she had cleared the police roadblocks and joined the main road . Thinking of telling Lin Qingyan that she was safe, she took out her handphone, and discovered Xu Xu’s missed calls .

“Xu Xu, I was on the phone just now . ”

Xu Xu, anxious due to not being able to reach Yao Meng, had asked the police patrol to look for her . When she heard Yao Meng’s voice, she felt more at ease .

The previous time, it was only after Xu Xu had finished chatting with Yao Meng that she read Lin Qingyan’s statement, admitting that he had ulterior motives for getting close to Yao Meng . Although she was not certain if Lin Qingyan had any connection to the case, whenever she thought of him, she felt very uncomfortable . She felt it was necessary to remind Yao Meng to keep alert, but she had been busy with the case in the mountain . Since Yao Meng was looking for her now, she replied, “It’s nothing . When are you coming over? I also have to tell you something . ”

Yao Meng initially thought of telling Xu Xu she was on her way back to the city, but there was something unusual about her tone, so she suppressed the thought and asked, “What do you want to tell me? No problem, just say it . ”

Xu Xu paused, and told her about Lin Qingyan’s connection with Feng Ye . She explained, “I thought this was something you had to know . ”

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Yao Meng remained silent for a moment, before replying, “Thank you, Xu Xu . However, this matter . . . when he returned from the station that day, Lin Qingyan told me all about it . He . . . has told me everything . Now, I only want to be with him during the time he has left . ”

Xu Xu said, “But I still think you have to be careful of him . ”

Yao Meng felt a twinge of unease, but she still endured it, and said, “How about this, let’s meet and talk . Where are you?”

Xu Xu thought she was still within the mountain region, and gave her the address . Yao Meng said, “Ok . When I arrive, I’ll give you a call . ”

Xu Xu said, “Ok . I’ll wait for you at the farmhouse door . ”


Ji Bai and 10 police officers were currently in a forest area halfway up the mountain, gulping water and wolfing down their dry rations . Everyone’s face was grimy and dusty, but each one of them had the same unblinking and resolute expression .

“Finished eating? Let’s move out . ” Ji Bai said quietly as he stood up . At this point, his phone rang .

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It was his colleague from the Lin City Information Technology Division . His voice vibrated with excitement as he said, “Team Leader, we’ve found someone who matches your screening conditions!”


“Tan Liang, 25 years old, Forestry University graduate . Earlier this year, he was demoted from the National Forestry Department to the forest region as a ranger – this is definitely due to some error at work . He has a car for work, he lives alone on the mountain . According to his labour protection insurance records, his shoe size is 42, and, the second corpse was found in the area he is responsible for, he is still on the mountain right now…”

Tan Liang’s photograph and residential address were quickly sent to Ji Bai’s handphone . The young man in the photograph was wearing a dark green ranger uniform and a pair of spectacles . He looked young and clean-cut, and his expression was calm and peaceful . He did not look the least bit unusual .

Ji Bai ordered, “Transmit the photograph to the leader of every search team, so they can pay special attention to this person . Right now, we have no evidence, so if they encounter him, take him into custody . ”


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