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When A Snail Loves - Chapter 62.2

Published at 30th of June 2017 06:54:52 PM

Chapter 62.2

Chapter 62 . 2

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Within the cave, the silhouette seemed to glint . Ji Bai growled: “Watch out!” Barely had he spoken, when two ‘bangs’ pierced the air, and the person inside seemed to laugh .

“It’s a tranquilizer gun!” Da Hu broke out in a cold sweat, thankful that no one had been injured .

There was a sudden ‘clatter’ as Tan Liang threw an object onto the ground, then walked slowly towards the cave mouth .

Everyone raised their guns and waited expectantly . Ji Bai aimed his gun with fixed concentration at the centre of Tan Liang’s forehead . The slightest movement out of the ordinary, and he would shoot to kill .

He slowly walked into the light . His ranger uniform was disordered, but his expression was calm and peaceful . The bright light played on his face, bathing it in a peculiar and horrifying cast . His beautiful eyes were black and luminous .

“Put your hands on your head and lie down on the ground!” Da Hu shouted .

A hint of a smile suddenly flashed across Tan Liang’s face .

Ji Bai started, but it was already too late . A trace of blood had trickled out of the corner of Tan Liang’s mouth, the sign of potassium cyanide poisoning, and the laughter deepened in his eyes .

“This world is not fair . ” He said weakly . “I really didn’t live this life in vain . ”

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Everyone watched as he fell to the ground, face up .


Light illuminated the forest the cave was in, flooding the area so it seemed as bright as day . A continuous stream of police officers emerged from the cave, carrying bags of evidence as they reported to Ji Bai:

“We’ve found the rest of the potassium cyanide and aphrodisiac . ”

“There are strands of women’s hair in the cave, we’ve collected all of them . ”

“We found the city car rental receipt in the waste heap – he used a pseudonym and a fake identification . ”

“There are some women’s clothes in the cupboard, together with Johnson’s body wash, razors and other items . ”


Ji Bai stood with his hands behind his back at the mouth of the cave, silent and unmoving . As people walked back and forth continuously, the atmosphere was strained and tense . Only Tan Liang’s body lay unmoving on the earth, covered with a white cloth .


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The news was transmitted very quickly to the foot of the mountain, and the entire area was boiling over with activity . More and more police officers from other areas flocked to the cave, while the media personnel who had been stationed at the farmhouse also rushed there . They were stopped by the police at the periphery, but their continual flashes lit up the area until it was as bright as day .

Xu Xu was sitting in a police car, waiting . When she received definite news, she got out, threaded her way through the crowd, and made her way towards Yao Meng .

Yao Meng had already gotten up and was sitting at the rear of the ambulance . A blanket was around her shoulders, and a cup of hot tea was in her hands . She was calm, but her eyes were still red, and her gaze still vacant .

Xu Xu walked in front of her, and said softly: “Tan Liang is dead . ”

Yao Meng’s shoulders shook slightly . She nodded, and a wry, cold smile lingered at the corners of her mouth .

Xu Xu wanted to say something, but could not think of anything to say which would lessen the trauma she had suffered . Looking at her slight shoulders, tears sprang to Xu Xu’s eyes again, and in the end she remained silent .

At this point, Yao Meng’s colleague walked towards them, and handed her a handphone, while saying gently: “It’s Mr Lin . ”

Yao Meng paused for a moment before putting the handphone to her ear . The tears which had originally stopped, started to flow afresh: “Yes . . . I’m here . Ok, I’ll wait for you . ” When she hung up, she looked up at Xu Xu .

“Qingyan is coming immediately . ” She took a deep breath, and her expression held a touch of coldness: “The killer is dead, and this has happened to me . Xu Xu, are you still going to insist on suspecting Qingyan? Do you believe, now, that you are wrong? I should not have turned back…”

She had not finished speaking when Xu Xu felt a deep stab of pain in her chest, and her entire body stiffened . Both were quiet for a second, and Xu Xu said, in a low voice: “I’m sorry . ”

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Yao Meng did not speak again, and turned to look away . Xu Xu once again said “I’m sorry”, and quietly left .


When Ji Bai descended the mountain, it was already bright . An excited group of people crowded around, all wanting to have a look at the condition of the dead serial killer .

He felt tired to the bone . Detouring around the crowd, his eyes raked across the car park, searching, until he found a familiar small figure, standing dejectedly by the side of a police car .

When he saw her, his weary heart felt a burst of warmth . Ji Bai quickly walked over and stopped in front of her .

On observing her reddened, tear-filled eyes, Ji Bai did not ask anything, but instead pulled her gently into his arms .

Xu Xu’s heart felt suffocated, and she remained silent .

After a while, Ji Bai realised that she was staring at something behind him, and so he turned his head to look as well .

It was an ambulance, with its interior brightly lit . Lin Qingyan’s suit and hair were in disorder as he sat holding Yao Meng tightly . His ashen face was tense, and his eyes were cold and still . He was completely motionless .

Ji Bai coolly turned his gaze back to Xu Xu, staring into her eyes with his piercing, black eyes: “Don’t think about it anymore . Go back first and rest . I understand . ” (心里有数 – idiom, to know very well in one’s heart)

Xu Xu did not utter a sound, but her line of sight crossed his body to rest once again on Lin Qingyan’s figure . This time, as if sensing her gaze, he slowly turned his face until he was looking straight at her .

His expression was cold and full of anguish, resembling a man both furious and pained by the misfortune of his loved one .

Xu Xu continued to stare unblinking at him .

After a while, the anguish in his eyes died down, and his slender eyebrows became peaceful . Moreover, his thin lips suddenly twisted in faint smile .

No one else was looking at him at that moment, and thus no one else noticed the abrupt transformation in his expression . Only Xu Xu was severely shaken, and her inner being was in turmoil .

These past few days she had been unutterably weary . Right now, overwhelming anxiety flooded her mind . She was unable to say anything before the world turned black, and she fainted in Ji Bai’s arms .

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