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When A Snail Loves - Chapter 64.2

Published at 14th of July 2017 12:11:22 PM

Chapter 64.2

When a Snail Falls in Love Chapter 64 . 2

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And and we are almost at the end now . This excerpt starts sweetly and then takes a sudden u-turn . Fasten your seatbelt for the action ahead…

The elevator ascended smoothly . Xu Xu and Xiao Liu were the only passengers .
With a ‘ding’, the door opened, just as Xu Xu’s handphone rang . It was Ji Bai .
“Are you home already?” His voice was tender and gentle .
“Yup . ”
“I’m just leaving the station, will be home in about half an hour . ”
“So early today?” Xu Xu asked .
Ji Bai paused briefly, then spoke softly: “I specially took leave today . Wait for me . ”
Xu Xu was silent for a moment, then could not help laughing: “Older brother is in the apartment . ”
“Get him to leave quickly . ”

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After hanging up, Ji Bai looked at the blue sky outside the car window, at the numerous buildings, at the endlessly busy roads . His eyes took on a hint of laughter .
How many times had he planned to ask her to marry him?
However, what Xu Xu had said was right . The excitement of passion had slowly become more solid, enabling him to understand his own feelings more clearly .
This time, he had not prepared fresh flowers, neither did he have moonlight or sparkling streams .
He did not even have an engagement ring – because she was wearing it .
This proposal would be very simple . It would be just him, in front of her .
What he planned to say was also very simple:
Xu Xu, during this trip, I suddenly discovered something .
This month, I was away on the trip for 17 days . The remaining 13 days, I worked at the police station until late . I have calculated . The time I was able to spend alone with you, adds up to less than three days .
You said you wanted to take a year to consider before deciding whether or not to marry me . However, doing the math, if we waited for another year, the time we would have together would still only add up to barely more than 10 days .

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Xu Xu, I don’t know how much time it would take until you feel that conditions are right (水到渠成 – where water flows, a canal is formed i . e . when conditions are right, success will follow naturally) . Our work as criminal investigators necessitates that we give most of our time to other people, not to those closest to us . So, in this life bounded by limitations, I don’t want to waste even a single day . For me, to be able to grow old together with you, is the only right condition .

Xu Xu ended the call and walked to the door with Xiao Liu .
When she opened the door, the first thing she saw was Xu Jun’s leather shoes, neatly placed at the entrance . His cashmere coat was draped over the sofa . The living room was empty, but she could hear the splash of water from the kitchen . He was probably industriously washing the cherries .
Xu Xu told Xiao Liu: “You can head home . Sorry to trouble you . ”
Xiao Liu nodded, put the things on the floor, and closed the door as she left .
Xu Xu removed her down jacket, took the ultrasound picture from her pocket and placed it on the table . Then, she walked in .

The winter sun shone faintly through the dining room window, coating the furniture and floor with a hazy layer of luminescence, giving the apartment a tranquil and warm atmosphere . A small plate of big cherries was on the dining table, still sparkling with water droplets .

Xu Xu picked up one to eat, and had just thought of looking for Xu Jun in the kitchen, when she suddenly felt that something was not right –

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Out of the corner of her eye she seemed to glimpse something in the quiet corridor outside the bedroom .
She turned, skirted round the dining room wall, and immediately saw a pair of men’s legs in the corner .
She broke into a cold sweat, and rushed forward . The scene before her eyes terrified her (魂飞魄散 – literally, the soul flies away and is scattered; figuratively, to be frightened stiff/ spooked out of one’s mind) – Xu Jun was sprawled on the ground, as if asleep . Behind his head, a pool of fresh red blood slowly spread .
Xu Xu’s head throbbed, and the pain behind her eyes was so intense she felt as if her head would split . At this time, the sound of water in the kitchen stopped, and she heard footsteps .
Lin Qingyan leaned against the door, smiling at her: “Your older brother really loves you . ”

Xu Xu accepted the anaesthetic-soaked handkerchief from Lin Qingyan, tightly suppressing the indescribable pain that she felt . She turned to look, almost indifferently, at Xu Jun: “Call the ambulance . His life has been full of troubles, do you really need to kill him?”
Lin Qingyan smiled without speaking .
He placed the unconscious Xu Xu in the back seat of his car . As he drove out of the district, he took out his handphone to call the emergency centre: “Someone here is seriously injured . The address is . . . ”

Ji Bai had just reached the edge of the apartment complex, when his handphone sounded urgently . It was Da Hu . Ji Bai slammed on the brakes to accept the call .
“There’s trouble, Chief! Lin Qingyan has gone!” Da Hu’s voice was unsteady .
Ji Bia’s expression immediately turned sombre: “What about Yao Meng?”
“She didn’t go to the hospital today . ”
“Inform the station and immediately send out extra personnel . Apply for a search warrant . We must find them . ”
Hanging up, Ji Bai intended to turn back, but saw the blue light of an ambulance flashing from the apartment gate . He felt an ominous premonition, and stepped on the accelerator to rush into the apartment complex .
The corridor was full of people, and the elevator took forever to arrive, so Ji Bai ran up the stairs to his apartment . He was greeted by the sight of two EMT personnel, emerging from the apartment with a stretcher . Xu Jun lay on the stretcher, his entire body covered with blood . His face was deathly pale, and his eyelids fluttered .
“Xu Jun!” Ji Bai felt himself plummeting into an icy pit . He reached out to grab the stretcher, only to be stopped by the EMT personnel: “Out of the way, we have to get to the hospital right now!”
Ji Bai, ashen faced, stepped back a pace, when his hand was seized by someone . Xu Jun opened his eyes . His breathing was faint, but there was a fierce determination in his eyes: “Xu Xu . . . Xu Xu . . . ”

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