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When A Snail Loves - Chapter 66.2

Published at 28th of July 2017 12:29:43 PM

Chapter 66.2

When a Snail Falls in Love Chapter 66 . 2

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A bit more details about how the rescue went down…

Half an hour earlier .

Xu Xu had successfully convinced Lin Qingyan . He was too conceited and did not anticipate that the police would find them so soon .

He tied Xu Xu to the tree, then dragged Yao Meng with him, staggering onwards in the snow . He did not plan to go to any particular place, he just wanted to find the most beautiful spot . Unfortunately, there was no moonlight tonight; to his utter regret .

Yao Meng was like a zombie, following him in a trance . He seemed to like this . Pulling at her bound hands, he quietly walked in the snow .

Suddenly, Feng Ye rushed out from the trees . Swinging a stick, he severely hit Lin Qingyan at the back of his head . Lin Qingyan only felt a burst of pain, then dizziness overcame him . Feeling hot and humid, he fell on the snow .

Yao Meng blankly watched the drastic event unfolding in front of her . She looked at the bearded face of Feng Ye standing in front of her, her black eyes staring dully at his eyes . That night, he had appeared like a dream, sowing a seed of doubt in the heart of Yao Meng . She had not told the police about his presence, but this was a completely subconscious reaction .

And when she realized that the suspicion was towards Lin Qingyan, it was too late . Lin Qingyan seemed to be acutely sensitive to the slightest changes in her emotions, and soon he was controlling her personal freedom .



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She had not expected that Feng Ye would suddenly appear and save her at the
last moment .
Feng Ye looked anxiously at her . In a low, powerful voice, he said: “Do not be afraid, I will rescue you…” Then he took out a dagger and cut the ropes binding her wrists . When the cold blade touched her wrist, Yao Meng suddenly woke up from the daze induced by medication, shivered a little and then thinking of Lin Qingyan still behind them, she shouted : “He has a gun!

“Bang!” It was too late .

Yao Meng only saw an expression of surprise on Feng Ye’s face for a moment, then he looked down at his shoulder . There was a hole . The next moment, Yao Meng’s waist was hugged tightly . Lin Qingyan pulled her into his arms and both of them fell to the ground at the same time . Feng Ye struggled to climb the tree to escape temporarily .

When Feng Ye hit Lin Qingyan from behind with a stick, he blacked out only for a moment . When his face hit the cold snow, it sobered him up . Coupled with this, his heart still had several things he still wanted to finish . This drove him to fight the pain and confusion . He got up and shot Feng Ye .


When Ji Bai arrived at the scene, he saw the three of them stuck in a stalemate



All three were at an impasse . Yao Meng was at the centre of the most painful dispute . The two men were quietly looking at each other . The look they gave each other was full of deep hatred and irony .
Lin Qingyan looked at her out of the corner of his eye, and said softly: “Wife, it doesn’t matter . Our situation has nothing to do with him . ”

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Feng Ye gasped, coldly he said: “Doesn’t it? Isn’t it because you took away everything that belonged to me that now you want to take away the woman I love?”

Yao Meng was startled . Lin Qingyan face turned cold . The blood on his head was still flowing, and his whole face was bloodied . But his eyes suddenly become cold . Ji Bai wanted to hear the two talk about the Hong Kong Angel Killer case . He concentrated on Lin Qingyan, and listened carefully . Once he had the information, he would immediately shoot to kill .

Lin Qingyan gently laughed: “Yours? Why is it yours? Obviously it is mine . ”

Feng Ye looked at his bloody grim face, and thought of the past, momentarily forgetting the present .

He was also a good young man, the pride and joy of his deaf and dumb parents . At the age of eighteen, his parents told him that he was an abandoned baby, that they were his foster parents . His parents may have been from Hong Kong, because he was wrapped in blankets with a Hong Kong hospital logo .

After high school graduation, Yao Meng proposed to break up . This finally made him determined to go to his hometown . He went to Hong Kong alone for university and looked for work .

At that time, Lin Qingyan was a fellow company executive and also his personal friend . His life is calm, giving no clue of the things that would happen later .
Until one day, Ms Qin’s assistant handed the DNA test report to him: “You are the son of Ms Qin . “


Ms Qin was always behind Lin Qingyan, she was the semi-retired group chairman . To Feng Ye, the Qin group was a commercial giant . Feng Ye had heard of the legends regarding the rich woman, but he did not expect that she would turn out to be his own mother .


The assistant revealed that her subordinates had chanced upon Feng Ye’s profile and photos that were sent by mail to Ms Qin . She had been sick for over half a year at that time . As soon as she looked at one photo, she recognized the young boy . He looked exactly like his father at that age . A secret DNA test was arranged, and the assistant was tasked come forward, and explain the situation on her behalf .

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And then all of it happened . As if a fog had suddenly come over his life, overnight his life turned . At that time, all kinds of evidence linked to the legendary Angel Killer case actually miraculously appeared in his apartment . Even Lin Qingyan’s fiancee had become one of the victims, there was irrefutable evidence … …

Later, three years after his escape, he heard of his mother’s death . He also heard that Lin Qingyan was the only beneficiary to her will, and had received all the properties of his mother … …


Yao Meng looked up at Lin Qingyan: “What he’s saying, is it true?”

Lin Qingyan suddenly laughed: “Yes , it is true . ”

Yao Meng’s voice almost choked : “You still have not told me – why did you find me? You hate Feng Ye so much? You destroyed him, but also needed to ruin me?”

Lin Qingyan was quiet for moment, then softly answered . “Your relationship with him does not matter . You are so unique, I love you, I really love you . ”

Yao Meng heart was numb . Staring at him, Feng Ye coldly said, “Yes, what was the relationship between you and my mother – did you not tell her that ?

Lin Qingyan and Yao Meng’s faces changed . Feng Ye’s face was livid . It seemed that he wanted to state this fact, but it also made him feel ashamed: “Later I learned that while he is her righteous son on paper, he was also her …”

“Shut up!” Lin Qingyan growled, his eyes hardened . Suddenly, he released Yao Meng and fired his gun at Feng Ye! Yao Meng reflexively hit his back, Lin Qingyan’s hand shook and the bullet fired upwards . The situation was critical, with no hesitation, Ji Bai shot accurately between Lin Qingyan eyebrows!

It was silent all around . In the darkness, no one knew when the snowfall started again . Ji Bai rushed out from behind the hillock . He took the gun from Lin Qingyan’s body and pulled Yao Meng in his arms . Yao Meng buried her face in her hands, her actions as stiff as a puppet and sobbed silently . And Feng Ye, after a long moan, could endure no more and lay back on the snow, watching the distant sky silently .



The strong wind caused by the helicopter rushed through the woods noisily . A few searchlights were switched on from all directions, the mountains were now as bright as day . The police ran back and forth, checking and collecting every piece of evidence . The body of Lin Qingyan was removed from the snow .

Feng Ye was still a wanted criminal . He was sent to the hospital by an ambulance wearing handcuffs . Before closing the door, Ji Bai went over and said to him, “I will tell my superiors and the Hong Kong police everything that I heard today . ”

Feng Ye nodded . His lips curved in a bitter smile . He extended his hand towards Ji Bai and shook his hand with a tight grip .

Xu Xu and Yao Meng, although weak, only had superficial injuries . They were placed on stretchers and sent together on the same ambulance . Ji Bai and Da Hu sat by their side . Ji Bai held Xu Xu’s hand but did not speak . Xu Xu placed her hand on her stomach .
“Nothing will happen . ” Ji Bai said quietly .
Xu Xu nodded: “Nothing will happen . ”
Yao Meng was steadfastly staring at the ceiling . Xu Xu turned her head, and lightly grasped her hand . “Thank you, Yao Meng . You saved my baby and me . ”
From the side, Da Hu said, “It’s all right, Yao Meng, everything is over . ” Ji Bai also looked at her warmly .
Yao Meng was silent for a heartbeat, then big tears rolled down her face . She cried for a long time, holding tightly to Xu Xu’s hand, and nodding weakly at Ji Bai and Da Hu .

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