When A Snail Loves - Chapter 68.3

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Chapter 68.3

When a Snail Falls in Love Chapter 68 . 3

September 8, 2017miumiu596

The last part of the last chapter . And what a wonderful journey it was for us! This was the first project the team worked on together, so we thought it would be a good idea to pen down our feelings as we progressed through the journey .

Let us know in your comments as well what your thoughts are . We love it when you say nice things but any feedback for improvements is also very welcome!

After the side stories, we will start with the next Ding Mo novel . We hope all of you will continue with us in our new journey . .

And now the novel… .


Several months later, the pair once again attended a cocktail party . There were already people asking them when the wedding would be .

Every time this happened, Feng Ye would look at Yao Meng and smile without saying anything . At first, Yao Meng would turn away wordlessly . Later, she began to clasp Feng Ye’s hand and give a slight smile, while her face turned red .

When autumn arrived, so did Feng Ye’s birthday . Yao Meng prepared a dinner party for him that was definitely not magnificent, but was amply sweet and warm .

She held it at her home, and invited the schoolmates and friends they had in common . The entire evening, she clung to Feng Ye’s side like a helpless little bird (小鸟依人 – lit . like a bird relying on people; fig . cute and helpless-looking) .

That night, Feng Ye was the most impressive, most admired man in the room . His sullied reputation had been restored to snowy innocence, and his past sweetheart had been restored to his side . At the end of the evening, no one knew who it was who first started the uproar, but everyone present clustered around the two of them, chanting in unison: “Get married! Get married! Get married!”

When Feng Ye pulled out a ring from his pocket, and knelt before her on one knee, Yao Meng had some misgivings, as she had never thought that he would propose so quickly – even though she had already given countless hints .

This was running too far ahead of the plan she and Xu Xu had drawn up, but she could only go with the flow .

Actually, there was no need for pretense . When she saw Feng Ye kneeling before her, the memory of Lin Qingyan proposing to her came to mind, and her tears flowed uncontrollably .

Feng Ye smiled slightly as he looked at her . He did not get up, and there was an expression in his eyes that was disconcertingly hard to decipher .

At first, their friends continued with the uproar, teasing her for crying tears of joy . However, as she continued to cry more and more fiercely, they realised that something was odd, and looked at each other in blank dismay .

“I’m sorry . . . ” She uttered the only sincere words she had said to Feng Ye for a long time, “I can’t marry you . I can’t marry you, because I still can’t forget that person . That angel, that devil, that man who was once my husband . ”

A while later on that night, when all the guests had dispersed, Feng Ye walked into Yao Meng’s bedroom .

She had cried until her eyes were swollen . Her back was towards him as she said, in a cold and detached tone, “I’m sorry . Let’s break up . ”

Behind her, there was silence for a long time, before Feng Ye rasped: “Xiao Meng, he murdered many girls, he is totally undeserving of your love . ”

Yao Meng turned and looked at him, and spoke the cruelest words: “It was only today, when I saw you proposing, that I understood – no one else could evoke such emotions in me, only he alone . Feng Ye, I’m sorry, you cannot take his place, he is the only one . Right now, the only thought I have, is that I would be willing to pay any price, if only he could come back to life, and I would forgive him . His having killed so many people is of no concern . . . ”

Feng Ye’s expression underwent a succession of changes . Rage, ridicule, and finally, the icy mask of a smile . He turned and strode out .

Yao Meng was kidnapped by Feng Ye about half a month later .

Actually, it could not be considered a real kidnapping, as she was wearing a tracking device as well as a miniature camera . Furthermore, there were countless highly experienced criminal investigators watching over her from afar .

When Feng Ye invited her to meet him for coffee, he drugged her . Before she lost consciousness, Yao Meng saw him placing a white necklace around her neck . Dimly, she could see that the necklace was made of small, white beads strung together . The beads were of a dull white colour, and somehow seemed familiar .

She mistily realised what they were, but had no strength to take the necklace off .

Later, when Feng Ye was finally brought to trial, the necklace became the most conclusive evidence of him having murdered more than thirty victims .

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Feng Ye’s car was surrounded on all sides by the police just before he reached the airport . In that instant, he gazed at Yao Meng in his arms, and seemed to realise only then that it had all been a show . The probing with the dolls had been part of a plan . The steady building up (细水长流 – lit . thin streams flow forever, fig . to work steadily at something little by little) of affection had been part of a plan . The refusal of his proposal in front of a crowd, causing him to be thoroughly discredited (颜面扫地 – lit . for one’s face to reach rock bottom, fig . to be thoroughly discredited), was part of a plan . Even those harsh words – ‘you cannot take the place of Lin Qingyan’ – had been part of a plan .

When the police arrested Feng Ye on kidnapping charges, it was entirely reasonable for them to search all the properties under his name at the same time . Finally, in a gloomy secret underground room, they discovered the photographs and possessions of countless victims .

This most cruel and clever murderer, who had used two other psychopathic killers as stepping stones, had finally, unguardedly, stepped into the snare set by the person he loved .

When all the dust had settled, Xu Xu and Ji Bai visited Yao Meng .

After Feng Ye’s arrest, Yao Meng had remained in seclusion, politely refusing the request of both media and friends to visit her .

When Xu Xu and Ji Bai walked in, Yao Meng was sitting under the grapevine in the garden, staring blankly into the distance . Her expression was quiet and calm, but she had become noticeably thinner .

Yao Meng smiled as she asked how their baby was doing, and also asked after her former colleagues at the station . She did not say a single word about Feng Ye .

As she did not raise the issue, Xu Xu also did not inquire .

When it was time for them to leave, Ji Bai went first, walking in front, while Yao Meng lingered at the back with Xu Xu as they said their farewells . She smiled faintly as she said: “Xu Xu, thank you, and please thank our colleagues at the station on my behalf . It was your meticulous planning, coupled with your accurate grasp of Feng Ye’s psychology, which provoked him to make his move against me, thus revealing his true colours (露出马脚 – to reveal the cloven foot; to unmask one’s true nature) . I’m feeling good, really good . To put such a person behind bars makes me feel as if my life has not been that disastrous . ”

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Xu Xu was silent the entire time, until they left the house, and she was sitting with Ji Bai in the car . When Ji Bai noticed her solemn expression, he ruffled her hair and asked: “What are you thinking about?”

Xu Xu replied: “I didn’t tell Yao Meng that Feng Ye did not intend to kill her that day . ”

From Feng Ye’s car, the police had retrieved both Feng Ye and Yao Meng’s passports, tickets for an international flight, and a ring .

Xu Xu said: “We wrongly estimated Feng Ye’s mentality . When Yao Meng thoroughly rejected him, and said those words, he really did not bear a grudge against her . . . he loved her even more, and wanted even more to possess her . Perhaps, subconsciously, he thought that if Yao Meng could forgive Lin Qingyan, she could also forgive him . ”

Ji Bai: “So what?”

Xu Xu nodded: “You’re right, so what? I think it’s right not to tell Yao Meng . This person cannot harm Yao Meng anymore, nor can he harm anyone else . ”

Both of them looked out of the window at the fresh, clear sky, and the tranquil sunlight . The tremendous turbulence (风波 – wind and waves – disturbance, storm) that Tan Liang, Lin Qingyan and Feng Ye had brought to Lin City, the case within a case, plot within a plot, had finally died down into a calm peace . It was only to be hoped that there would be peace from now onwards, without another occurrence of such stormy waves (惊涛骇浪 – terrifying waves, a stormy sea), that every life would be treasured . Moreover, that the souls which had been lost and tormented in the darkness, would one day also find release into the light of day .

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