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Published at 14th of January 2016 12:27:02 PM

Chapter 13

Bo Jinyan wakes up at 10 o’clock every morning .   Not earlier, not later .   As usual, he gets out of bed and gets ready for a new day .

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    He is wearing a grey colour long-sleeved cotton PJs .   Again, walking around barefooted .   He actually does not like wearing shoes .  


(then more descriptions about  how nice his feet is?! and his perfect body proportions, and his fair complexion and handsome facial features .   Ok, we get it .   Every part of his body is perfect…)




    The first ten minutes after he wakes up, he is still in his "sleepwalking" mode . He stands in front of the mirror,  squeezes the tooth paste on his toothbrush and starts brushing .   The usual morning routine .   The numbers found under Sun Yong’s bed surfaces to his mind .   He still has no idea what those numbers mean .  


    Coffee, toast, jam .   He has the same food for breakfast every day .   This is because he doesn’t like wasting his time on preparing food .   But as he bites into his toast, he can’t help but remember the fish dumplings Jian Yao brought him to eat .   Maybe he should learn how to cook that dish .   He likes it so much he is prepared to ‘waste’ more of this time on it .  


    After breakfast .   He gets changed and starts work .   He goes through some case files sent to him from the US . His phone beeps .   It’s Fu Ziyu: “Hi . ”


    Fu Ziyu senses from his greetings that he is in a good mood: “I heard that you solved the 'killing machine' case?"


    "Of course . " Bo Jinyan smiles :”A simple textbook case, except there’s still some loose ends to tidy up . "


    Fu Ziyu is impressed: “ No wonder you are so highly regarded amongst the FBI .   Mr . Criminal Psychology Professor / Detective . "


    " . . . . . . Jian Yao . ” Fu Ziyu continues . “Are you giving her the same pay as the assistants you employed in the US?"


    “Ah, up to you .   You can decide for me . ”   Bo Jinyan is studying a homicide file at the same time .  


    Fu Ziyu says: “Ok .   I am also looking for a new  assistant for you from the university . Preferably a graduate from school of psychology .   I wonder if I can find someone that specialises in criminal psychology… . ” 


   Bo Jinyan stops what he is doing .


    "Wait . " He cuts off Fu Ziyu sentence: “Why do you want to replace Jian Yao?"


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    Fu Ziyu laughs: " . . . . . . I want to replace her? Come on, Professor Bo .   Are you out of your mind? Or am I missing something here . She is a language student . She does not have the qualifications required for the post .   She helped you for this one of case because it was urgent and we had no time to look for anyone else .   Besides, she is graduating soon, and will be moving to B City .   She has accepted a job offer there already . "


    Bo Jinyan thinks for a moment . His tone is somewhat contemptuous "Obviously you are the one with the problem .   She has gained experience from working with me on this serial killer case .   And she can fish .   I don’t want to change to a different assistant .   As for her work, just ask her to breach the contract .   How can a common tedious boring office job compare with my assistant position?  She will make the right choice . ”




   Late afternoon .   In a coffee shop in town .


    Jian Yao and Li Xunran are sitting by the window .     Even though there’s only three days till the New Year, neither of them has the usual excitement that comes with this festive season .  


   It’s been a while since they are able to catch up with one another .   Li Xunran has been very busy .  


  Jian Yao puts a spoon of sugar into her coffee and stirs it around: “Is the work on Sun Yong’s case finished?” 


    Li Xunran lights a cigarette: “Yeah . This guy died too easily .   Ten lives…”


    Both are silent for a moment . Jian Yao asks: “Has anyone cracked those numbers yet?”


    Li Xunran shakes his head: “Not really .   Since Sun Yong has mental problems, these figures are likely to be casually written after his fantasy .   They probably have no specific meaning . ”


    Jian Yao nods .


    They chat for a while .   Li Xunran asks: “When are you heading back to the university?”


    “Fifteen January . " Jian Yao replies, “Then I will start my internship in a company in B city . ”


    Li Xunran smiles: “Let’s celebrate . Order a bottle of wine .   You worked as Bo Jinyan’s assistant and helped solved a difficult case .   Your dad would have been proud of you . ” 


    Jian Yao thinks about her father .  


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- Yes, he would have been proud of me .





   After dinner Jian Yao goes to the villa .   Every time she tries to finish off the last bit of the translation, there’s some sort of interruption .   She is determined to get it done today .


   After she is done,  Jian Yao walks upstairs to that first room with the whiteboard .   Bo Jinyan is sitting on the sofa reading .  


Dark shiny hair .   Symmetrical facial features .   His signature black suit .


- He’s a lot more attractive when he’s not talking .   Thought Jian Yao .


Bo Jinyan raises his eyebrows slightly, then goes back to read his book .      



    Jian Yao turns around .   The whiteboard has some numbers on it .  






    25, 484








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    136,729,16 "


   These are the numbers found in Sun Yong house .  


There were more than one group of numbers - mattress, floors, window frames, ceiling …… some were hiding in places not easily found .   They were all scribbled by Sun Yong with his own blood .  


    Jian Yao studies them for a moment and goes over to sit down next to Bo Jinyan: “I’ve finished translating the file for you .   Is there anything else you want me to do?"


    Bo Jinyan lifts his eye from the books to look at her: "No . "


    "Fish? I can go fishing . ” 


    “That’s not urgent . "


    Presumably, the refrigerator has not been emptied out yet .


    She sees all the documents scatters around the room .   He must be busy .   She stands up: “Ok . I am leaving now .   Keep in touch . Goodbye . ” 


    Bo Jinyan looks up: "You can continue to work for me . "


Bo Jinyan find a document from the table and passes it to her .  


    "This is a contract Fu Ziyu drafted . You will find that the terms are extremely good for someone with your level of experience . ” He goes back to reading his files again .  


    Jian Yao is surprised .   It’s an employment contract for a duration of three years .   The terms and pay are similar to her previous contract, except for one additional term -  to take care of Bo Jinyan’s diet .   She assumes this means fishing .   The pay is much better than she expects .


 This is like an endorsement from Bo Jinyan .   Jian Yao is extremely pleased .


   “Just sign on the bottom of the document and fax it to Fu Ziyu, he will organise the rest . ” 


    Grateful and touched by  his offer, Jian Yao says: "Thank you Bo Jinyan .   I really did not expect this .   Thank you for thinking so highly of me .   But I have accepted a position with a company in B city .   The internship starts after the New Year holidays .   I am sorry, but  I can’t accept this job . "


    Bo Jinyan puts his cup of coffee on the table .


    Jian Yao smiles at him .


    Bo Jinyan smiles back: “Fu Ziyu says woman likes to worry about irrelevant things .   Looks like he is right again .   You can breach their contract .   I will pay for any compensation required . ”


    She never thought about a career in the criminal investigation .   It’s alright to do it for a few days, but to continually be in that sort of harsh environment is a different story .   She still prefers a calm and stable life .


    "I do not intend to breach the contract . This is my first job, I cannot lose my integrity . Besides, I have no desire to pursue a career in your field . But thank you so much for the offer . "




    That night, Fu Ziyu calls Bo Jinyan: “Hey, no sign of  the signed contract yet . Did you forget to send it to me?” 


 Bo Jinyan: “How can you expect me to remember such trivial things?” 


Fu Ziyu: “But… isn’t she heading back to school soon?”


Bo Jinyan: “Maybe . ”


Fu Ziyu is getting a little agitated: “You were the one who insisted I had to have the contract ready for you by today .   You said it’s a no brainer and she will sign it straight away . I spent hours on it last night…”


Then he pauses…”Wait a minute… Did she decline your job offer?” 


“Click~ !” 



“Hello… Hey, how dare you hang up on me, Bo Jinyan…”