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Published at 14th of January 2016 12:27:02 PM

Chapter 26

Actually,  how dangerous can it be to go to Pei Ze’s house for dinner?   In her heart, Jian Yao knows it’s not that bad .   Like Bo Jinyan says, it’s highly unlikely something will happen to her .




    Pei Ze’s home is lavish penthouse suite, with a panoramic view overlooking the city .


    Jian Yao is holding a drink, sipping slowly . Since she arrived, she has been quietly listening to the conversations of the others .   At the moment, the topic of conversation is Bo Jinyan .


    Shen Dan Wei is sitting opposite Jian Yao: “So… Director Bo has no girlfriend?” 


    Jian Yao replies: “I am not sure . "


    Shen Dan Wei asks :”Well, has he ever asked you to order flowers for girls, buy presents on his behalf, make dinner reservations etc etc…  If not, he must be single . ”


    Jian Yao smiles .   She does not answer .   Pei Ze hears the conversation from the kitchen . He shouts out: “Are you interested in him?  Well, if you are not afraid to lose your job, go ahead and woo him?”  


    Shen Dan Wei laughs loudly .   Then she continues to talk to others in the lounge: “I bet you he is still a virgin . ”


    The men all laugh aloud .   Pei Ze shouts from the kitchen again: “I second that . ”


    Then Jian Yao finally hears Bo Jinyan from the ear piece :”A bunch of morons!"


    Jian Yao smiles .


    Qian Yu Wen leans back on the sofa: “How can you be so sure?  He’s quite an attractive guy with a great body . Maybe he has a different side to him outside of work… “


    Faced with his doubts, Shen Dan Wei replies: “Man and woman who are deprived for a long time usually behaves strangely, like Director Bo and Manager Lin .   They are more critical and easily irritable, it’s a result from abstaining from sex for too long . ”



   She glances at JYao: "You are a woman .   Do you think I am right?”


    Jian Yao thinks for a while .   She answers truthfully: “That’s possible…”


    Jian Yao hears a groan of disgust on the other end .  




  Inside Bo Jinyan’s car .  


His seat is adjusted to a comfortable position .   His lap top is showing the images transferred from the hidden camera in Jian Yao’s brooch .   He has a walkie talkie on the seat beside him .


“Professor Bo, our team is in position . ”  


He picks up the walkie talkie: “Good . ”   




    Jian Yao is chatting with others when she hears a lot of background noise from the ear piece .   She excuses herself to the toilet .  


    She ask Bo Jinyan: “Sounds like there’s a lot of people at your end . ”


   Bo Jinyan: “I told you I have made some arrangements . ”


   - So he is not alone .   He brought helpers .  


    Her heart  is at ease :”Thank you . . . . . "


    Bo Jinyan  replies :” Don’t have to thank me . Critical and irritable people like to be cautious . ”


    Jian Yao: " . . . . . . " So vengeful !!




    Food is ready .

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    The main course was lobster and king crab, Pei Ze is sitting next to Jian Yao . He whispers to her ear: “I saved the best pieces for you .   They are in the platter that’s in front you . Enjoy . ”  


“ . . Urr . . thank you . ” She says .   He is leaning too close to her .   Jian Yao tries to moves away .   He smiles at her: “Oh, you blush so easily . ”  


Jian Yao is repelled by his actions: “Really?  Maybe it’s bit hot in here . ”


 After a few seconds, Pei Ze calls out to Jian Yao :”Look this way . ”   Unconsciously, she looks up and sees a white flash . Pei Ze puts down the phone, and continues to eat leisurely .


    Jian Yao: “Why did you take a photo of me?  Delete it . ”


    Pei Ze whistles: ”That is my freedom .   Nowadays, it’s hard to find ladies that blushes so easily . "




    After the meal, Jian Yao goes to the bathroom .


    "Hey . " She whispers to Bo Jinyan .


    "Ah?" He replies in his deep voice . “What happened?”


    Jian Yao says: "When the case is over, I want that photo deleted from his phone . ”


    "Of course . " He replies .


    Jian Yao feels better .   She goes back to the living room .  




Just as she reaches the living room, Zhou Qin is helping his son to put on his backpack:  “Bye Jian Yao! The little guy needs a shower, and he still has some homework he needs to finish .   See you at work tomorrow . ”  



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  “Bye”  Jian Yao replies .   From what she has observed this afternoon, Zhou Qin really is a loving and gentle father .  




    The remaining four people play a board game .   When the game is over, Shen Dan Wei says to the others: “I am leaving now .   My boyfriend is waiting for me downstairs . ” 


Jian Yao takes the opportunity: “It’s getting a little late .   I should go too . ”


Pei Ze takes her hand bag from her: “ It’s hard to find a taxi in this neighbourhood .   I’ll drive you home . ”  


Jian Yao: “… . that’s fine… I can . . ”


    Pei Ze starts to walk towards his room with her bag: “Just wait .   I’ll get the car keys . ”


    Jian Yao is still trying to resist: “I don’t want to trouble you . ”


   By then, Shen Dan Wei has left .   Pei Ze changes his mind: “ Hey, Qian Yu Wen .   Can you give me a hand with the dishes? . ”


    Qian Yu Wen looks at him . He chuckles: “Am I your maid?"  But then, he still rolls up his sleeves and walks into the kitchen .  


    Only Pei Ze and Jian Yao are left in the living room .


    “Let me give you a house tour?" Pei Ze says .


    Jian Yao hesitates .   On the other end, Bo Jinyan is giving her the instruction: “Take the tour . ”



    It is obvious that the owner of the house is wealthy and knows how to enjoy life .   All the appliances are the latest models of top brands .   There is a special room with fitness equipment and game consoles . He stands next to a cabinet, where there are some novels and car magazines .   There’s also a lot of ornaments in the room- Cars, boxing gloves, flute, and even ink stone and a brush for Chinese writing . Jian Yao asks: "You like calligraphy?"


    He smiles: “Just a novice . "


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    A voice from the living room: “I’m done . ” says Qian Yu Wen: ”See you tomorrow . ”  Then they hear the front door closes .


   The house is suddenly very quiet .


    Jian Yao says to Pei Ze: "I should go too . "


    Pei Ze smiles: "OK,  wait in the living room .   I’ll get my keys . ”




    Jian Yao collects her hand bag from the couch .  


    Bo Jinyan starts the engine .   He’s ready to trail Pei Ze’s car .  


    Suddenly, a voice from his walkie talkie: “3rd position reports .   He is shutting off the main electricity switch for his house . ”


 The surveillance screen on Bo Jinyan’s laptop turns black .  




   Suddenly, it’s dark everywhere .  


    Jian Yao tries to keep calm: "Pei Ze, is it a power cut?”


    No one answers .


    Bo Jinyan tells Jian Yao over the ear piece: “He switched off the power .   Wait and see . ”


    Jian Yao reaches for the mini defibrillator in her handbag . She hears a light footsteps coming towards her .  



    "Ah, how unfortunate . A power cut . " It’s Pei Ze’s voice, "I can’t find the car keys .

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