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Published at 14th of January 2016 12:27:02 PM

Chapter 33

Saturday morning .  


When Fu Ziyu  received Bo Jinyan ’s call, he was having a tennis game with an attractive lady .   “Come over for dinner . ” Bo Jinyan  said .


He was rather surprised by the call .


Since the multi talented assistant Jian Yao appeared in his life, Bo Jinyan  seldom calls him anymore .   There was even one occasion, where he tried to invite Bo Jinyan out for dinner,  Bo Jinyan  declined: “I won’t go .   Jian Yao has prepared dinner… . There’s only enough food for the two of us .   Don’t come over . ” 


What’s happened to Bo Jinyan ?  Is he ‘dumped’ by Jian Yao? 


This is more interesting than playing tennis with a pretty girl .   So he excused himself quickly and went to Bo Jinyan ’s house .  





When he enters Bo Jinyan ’s apartment, Fu Ziyu  finds him sitting on the sofa, reading a book .  


Bo Jinyan  takes a brief glance at Fu Ziyu  and returns to his book .


Fu Ziyu  sits across from him: “Where are we going?”


“Your call . ”


Fu Ziyu  pours himself a cup of tea .   Then he asks causally: “Should I ask Jian Yao to come along?”


Bo Jinyan  turns over a page .   Without lifting his head, he answers: “Whatever . ”


It’s been a while since Fu Ziyu  saw Jian Yao .   He misses her .   So he gets up from the sofa and heads to the front door .  


When he’s waiting for the elevator, he notices Bo Jinyan  is next to him .  


“Why are you following me?” 


“Mmm… Just to take a breather . ” answers Bo Jinyan .


In the lift .   Fu Ziyu  looks at the numbers changing on the display panel, and turns around to look at Bo Jinyan .   Take a breather?  At a young lady’s apartment?




 The two men stand outside Jian Yao’s apartment .


Fu Ziyu  rings the doorbell again .   No one is answering .  


He turns to look at Bo Jinyan : “Well, princess is not home .   Call her . ”


Bo Jinyan  is looking at the peephole on the door, he sounds unwilling: “Why don’t you call her?”


Something sparks in Fu Ziyu ’s brain: ”What’s the matter with you two?  Is she giving you the silent treatment?”


Bo Jinyan ’s frowns .   He looks at Fu Ziyu  and but doesn’t answer his question .  


Somehow, seeing Bo Jinyan  ‘suffer’ is quite a satisfying experience .   Fu Ziyu  smiles and takes out his mobile phone: “Hey, pretty girl .   Where are you? O . . taking graduation photos…”




Fu Ziyu  is trying to get the full story of what’s happened while driving to the University .


“So… she has not seen you for two days?”


Bo Jinyan  is obviously in a foul mood .   He utters: “Yea…”


Fu Ziyu  is enjoying this conversation: “She has not called you… . or come down to your apartment…”




“She has declined your invitations to dine together… not even talking to you…” 


There’s a big smile on Fu Ziyu ’s face .   He is gloating over his misfortunes . Bo Jinyan  looks at him: “You childish prick!”


Fu Ziyu  laughs: “Who is the childish one here?  Jian Yao is the most patient person I’ve ever known .   You must have done something wrong to make her so angry .   You should apologise to her . ”


It’s Bo Jinyan ’s turn to be silent .  


Fu Ziyu  thinks for a while: “No… you don’t even know why she is angry with you?” 


Bo Jinyan  looks at him: “Of course I do .   She is like a sheet of blank paper in front of me . ” 


Fu Ziyu  looks at him seriously: “So what is she angry about?”


Bo Jinyan  rests his arm on the door handle .   He thinks for a while: “She doesn’t want to see me now, because she is choosing between me and Yin Ziqi . ” 


He explains the situation and Yin Ziqi’s offer to Fu Ziyu .    


Fu Ziyu : “Ah… I see . ”  


Bo Jinyan : “Obviously, she is under pressure, so she doesn’t want to talk to me . ”


Fu Ziyu  thinks for a moment: “Yes, it will be a hard decision for her .   She’s worked hard for a few years to get her degree . And you are asking her to forgo such a good opportunity for a job that’s is physically tiring and mentally taxing .   If it is me, I will choose Yin Ziqi’s offer too . ”


Bo Jinyan  remembers her words at Yin Ziqi’s office: “I don’t belong to you…” 


She did not choose him at the time .  


Fu Ziyu  taps his shoulder: “Do you know what you should do now?”



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“Woman needs to be coaxed and pampered .   If you don’t want your assistant to run away, I suggest we’ll do whatever she wants for the next few days .   Women are emotional creatures .   If she feels touched, she will choose you . ”




The summer flowers fill the gardens in the University campus .   There are graduates everywhere, proudly walking around in their regalia .   The nicely manicured ground provides a nice backdrop for photos .  


Fu Ziyu  parks his car on the side of the road .   They look out of the window and see a group of girls sitting on the grass .

The foreign language faculty is famous for pretty girls .   Jian Yao is not the most outstanding beauty amongst them .   But her long hair, elegance and poise still attract a lot of attention .  


She is taking photos with her friends .   They are posing like models in a magazine shooting .   She has a sweet smile on her face .


The two men have not seen the energetic and lively side of her before .   Fu Ziyu  smiles: “This brings back memories of my student days . ”  He looks at Bo Jinyan .   He has a smile on his face too .


Fu Ziyu  asks: “I thought you hate woman who likes to pose . ”  When they were in university, a lot of girls were interested in Bo Jinyan .   Some of them would deliberately walk past the boys or approach them, hoping he would take notice .   Bo Jinyan  refused to go out with any of them . He hates girls that try to make themselves look sexy .   He just thinks they are pathetic .  


Bo Jinyan  says defensively: “She is so natural .   You don’t have much of an idea what makes a woman beautiful .   You should work on that . ”


Excuse me?  Some of my ex-girlfriends are famous super models! But Fu Ziyu  decides not to argue with him .   


As some of her friends start to leave, Fu Ziyu  says to Bo Jinyan : “Go and sit in the backseat . ” 




“You might scare her away .   You are not in her good books right now . ”


Bo Jinyan  reluctantly moves to the back .  


“Keep the window up!”  He continues to instruct Bo Jinyan .  


Oh . . he is seldom so obliging .   Fu Ziyu  is very amused .   


After the window is tightly closed, he waves and raises his voice: “Jian Yao!”




Jian Yao walks over to the car .   She can see that someone is in the backseat .   She pretends not to notice and says Hi to Fu Ziyu .


Actually, she is not deliberately trying to ignore Bo Jinyan  for the past few days .   She had to get ready for the graduation ceremony .   And a lot of her friends are in town, so she’s been busy catching up with them .


But the truth is, she doesn’t want to see him anyway .  


“Let go for a meal . ” Fu Ziyu  opens the car door for the lady: “I miss you so much!”


Jian Yao gives him a smile, and hops into the car .



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It’s the weekend .   There arefewer cars on the road .   Fu Ziyu ’s Lexus is driving at a nice and steady pace on the freeway .


Fu Ziyu  puts the radio on .   Often he sings along .   Other times, he chats with Jian Yao .   She asks him about his work at the hospital .  


Bo Jinyan  is very quiet .   There’s no sound coming from the backseat .   It’s as if he is not there at all . Jian Yao takes a peek at him in the rearview mirror   His handsome face looks calm and collected .  


“Jian Yao, where do you want to go for dinner?”  Fu Ziyu  asks again .


“Oh… I don’t mind .   Why don’t you decide . ” answers Jian Yao .


Mmm… why does she feel so uneasy?  


She takes another peek at Bo Jinyan .   He is staring at her through the rearview mirror .   In fact, his eyes are fixed on her, following her every move .  


How long has he been staring at her?   

She feels her face is blushing .   She slides down the seat so that she would be out of sight for Bo Jinyan .  




They walk into a Cantonese restaurant .   The waiter brings them to a table that can seat four people .   A screen separates them from a nice outdoor garden .   It’s a chic restaurant .  


As Jian Yao is sitting down, Bo Jinyan  automatically takes the seat next to her . Like he usually does .  


Jian Yao refuses to look in his direction .


Fu Ziyu  passes the menu to Jian Yao . “You can do the ordering today . ”  


Jian Yao is happy to oblige .   As she is doing the ordering, the men talked about the Flower Cannibal No . 2 case .  


“There’s two types of soups today, They are served individually . What would you like?” says Jian Yao to the guys: “Mushroom or tripe?”


“Tripe . ” says Fu Ziyu .


  Without looking up from the menu, Jian Yao asks “What about Jinyan?”


“Mushroom . ”  Bo Jinyan  says with a contented voice .


Jian Yao deliberately keeps her eyes on the menu . She is turning the page to see what else she can order .   “What about you, miss,” asks the waiter :”Which soup would you like?”


She prefers mushroom .   She is about to answer ‘Tripe’ when she hears Bo Jinyan  telling the waiter: “She wants mushroom soup too . ”


Fu Ziyu  looks at the two of them .   Jian Yao lowers her head even more .    


Love is in the air .   He smiles .  



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Jian Yao’s glass is empty .   Fu Ziyu  gives Bo Jinyan  a nudge with his arm, then looks at the jug of orange juice on the table .  


Before Jian Yao reaches out for the jug, a long and slender hand appears in front of her, and gets hold of the handle .


She watches Bo Jinyan  pour her a glass of orange juice, then brings it to her .  


“Enjoy . ” he says .


Jian Yao takes a look at him: “Thank you . ”


This is the first time he has served her on the dinner table .   Usually, he is the prince that does not lift a finger .  


She is a little puzzled about his unusual behaviour .  


As she is preoccupied, Jian Yao is more quiet than usual .   Fu Ziyu  gives Bo Jinyan  another signal with eye contact: Talk to her .   You’ve offended her .   Do you expect her to initiate a conversation? 


Bo Jinyan  gives him a nod .   Just as Fu Ziyu  thought he understands what to do, Bo Jinyan  looks at the dish of steamed fish in front of him .   He takes a fork and spoon and starts to fiddle with the fish .  


Fu Ziyu  is speechless .   There’s an awkward silence .   He gives up on Bo Jinyan  and starts chatting to Jian Yao .


Jian Yao takes a glance at Bo Jinyan .   It’s obvious that he does not share the same affections she has for him .   It’s time to walk away .  


Fu Ziyu ’s phone rings .   He takes the call .   Jian Yao continues with her dinner .


Then there’s a tap on her shoulder .  


She turns her head and sees Bo Jinyan  pushing a bowl towards her .  


She is stunned .  


Fish .


 It’s piled with fish .   Tiny pieces of fillet, deboned and carefully piled into a bowl .  


“Enjoy . ” he says again, while giving his fingers a good stretch after the ‘hard work’ .    


Jian Yao looks at him .   Many things are running through her mind .   She looks straight into his eyes: “What are you trying to do?”


Bo Jinyan  looks at her: “You can’t tell?”


Jian Yao shakes her head .


Is it just an illusion or Bo Jinyan  is feeling a little warm because of the weather… His face looks like it’s a little red .   Though his eyes are still giving his usual indifferent and slightly cold gaze .  



“I am coaxing and pampering you . ” he smiles .   

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