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Chapter 37

A few weeks later .

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The top floor of the Central Police building is the staff canteen .   During lunchtime, it’s packed with people .  The smell of rice and other dishes fills the place .


Jian Yao has two sets of meals on her tray .   One in a takeaway box and another on a plate .   She turns around to look for a seat .  


Someone is waving to her: “Jian Yao, this way . ” 


She looks over and sees a few officers from the team they work with most .   She joins their table .


“Professor Bo is not here again?”  Someone asks .


Jian Yao smiles: “Yes, when he is busy, he doesn’t feel hungry . ” 


Another officer smiles: “It’s so nice to have a student like Jian Yao . ” 


Jian Yao corrects him: “I am actually his assistant, not his student . ”


People tends to make that mistake all the time .   She has clarified her role numerous times already .   She feels it’s important that people don’t mistaken their relationship .   They are not a ‘teacher’ and a ‘student’ to each other .   Because if the relationship is to progress into something else later, she doesn’t want any misunderstandings and complications…


After lunch, a young officer walks her back to the lab .  


“Xiao Jian (nickname for Jian Yao), would you be interested to watch a movie with me?  “Galaxy Battleship” releases tomorrow . ”  


Jian Yao smiles: “Sorry, I am busy tomorrow . ”  


He looks disappointed: “Maybe next time . ”  He says goodbye to Jian Yao .  


Jian Yao pushes open the lab door .   Bo Jinyan is sitting at his desk, working away .   He’s in the same position as when she left earlier on for lunch .   There is a small mountain of documents in front of him .  


There are no cases for them to follow at the moment .   So they are working on building up a database of crime statistics .  


It involves visiting serial killers, their family and any surviving victims .   For the past few weeks, they spent a lot of time talking to criminals in the prison, and going all over the city to trace their backgrounds .   It’s not as nerve wreaking as solving real cases but it’s still a physically and mentally tiring task .    

When Bo Jinyan is working, he shuts himself off from the rest of the world .   He is so focused that Jian Yao wonders when he will get out his ‘shell’ .





He finally stops what he is doing .   With his eyes still fixed on the computer screen, he says: “Hi, the Criminal Psychology Beauty . ”


Since she started work in this building, there are suggestions that she should be called the ‘Central Police Station Beauty’ . Back in her university days, there are a lot of girls that were more attractive than her, so she never got so much attention .   But this building is filled with blokes, with hardly any other young female staffs around .   But ‘the Criminal Psychology Beauty’?? 


Anyway, she clears the files on his desk and puts down the takeaway box: “You have to eat something . ”

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“Alright . ”  


Jian Yao is used to this .   She literally has to force Bo Jinyan to break for meals .    


Bo Jinyan looks pre-occupied . He is still reading a document as he shovels the food into his mouth .   He probably doesn’t really know what the food taste like .   When he eats, he is like a little kid that just wants to finish quickly so he can get on with other more important stuff in life .


He suddenly remembers something: “Jian Yao, where’s the conversation records with the criminals with death penalty .   You know, the ones from West End Prison?”


“I’ve emailed them to you . ” Jian Yao answers .


“Ok . ”  He stops asking .   Perhaps there’s the moment where work was temporarily out of his mind .   He looks down at his food .   Then he frowns and asks Jian Yao: “Where did you buy this?  It’s awful!” 


Jian Yao takes a look .   He’s finished half the box of rice before he complained .


Or perhaps she should say he finally discovered .  


He is such a picky eater . Surely the food from the canteen is not fine enough for him .  


Jian Yao smiles and tells him: “But you’ve been having this for days .   You were just too busy to realise .   It cannot be compared to restaurant standard, but it’s fresh and nutritious .   Come on, just finish it . ”


Bo Jinyan finishes his lunch reluctantly .  


Jian Yao is on the internet .   She sees an advertisement for “Galaxy Battleship” .   She asks Bo Jinyan casually: “There’s a new si-fi movie releasing tomorrow .   Are you interested?”


Bo Jinyan has finished his lunch .   He walks to the sink to wash his hands and rinse his face .   Then he turns around to Jian Yao: “No . ”


She is a little disappointed .   He walks over to her and leans on her desk: “I have arranged for something more interesting than watching a movie . ”


Jian Yao sips the cup of tea in front of her: “What is that?”


Bo Jinyan: “A trip to Cheng Provence Prison .   We will be interviewing a few interesting criminals there . ” 


Jian Yao puts down her cup . She looks at the computer screen: “I won’t go .   Tomorrow is Saturday .   I need to rest . ”  This type of investigation is not urgent .   It would not make any difference if they go next week .


Bo Jinyan didn’t expect her to say no: “You are… . not happy?”


What can Jian Yao tell him? That she just wants to spend the weekend with him alone, watching a movie, having a date with him…?


She just ignores him and gets back to her work .


Bo Jinyan stands by her desk for a while .   Then he walks back to his seat .  

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Nobody says a word for the next few hours .


At first, Jian Yao is still a little crossed .   But after awhile she too, is so focused on her work that she soon forgets about the incident .     Occasionally, she will glance at Bo Jinyan, only to find him working quietly and attentively .


Around 5pm, a staff from the mailing room comes over to give Jian Yao an envelope: “Jian Yao, it’s addressed to you . ”


Jian Yao thanks him and opens the envelope .  


It’s two tickets to “Galaxy Battleship” for tomorrow afternoon, in the couples box .   (Room with an extra large leather sofas designed for couples)


Jian Yao puts the ticket back into the envelope .   She walks towards the door .


Bo Jinyan asks softly: “Where are you going?”


Jian Yao turns round to look at him: “I think these tickets belong to Xiao Chen . ”  Xiao Chen asked if she would watch the movie with him earlier .   He might have filled in her details when he made the booking .  



Bo Jinyan stops what he is doing .   He folds his arms together, and looks at her: “Who is Xiao Chen?” He asks: “I booked those tickets . ”


Jian Yao: “…you booked the tickets?”


Bo Jinyan picks up the document he was reading: “Well, does this cheer you up? My unhappy assistant?”


Jian Yao sits down and looks at the tickets: “Yes .   I am happy now . ”  She smiles .   She is reading the label on the tickets “Couples Box” .   She asks: “Why did you buy the couple box tickets?”


Bo Jinyan looks at her: “You don’t expect me to squash inside the big theatre with other people, do you?”


Of course .   What else can it be? 


Nevertheless, she is pleased .


Bo Jinyan’s phone rings .   While he is on the phone, Jian Yao is still thinking about the movie . She has never been in a couples box before .   She heard the sofas in that cinema are very comfortable .


Bo Jinyan finishes his call .   He takes a look at her and walks to her desk .


Jian Yao gives him a big smile: “I’ll cook breakfast for you tomorrow, as a token of appreciation . ”


“That’s not necessary . ” He answers .   Then he takes the tickets from Jian Yao’s hand .


“Let’s get rid of this . ” He throws it on her desk .   “We have a case to work on .   The 79th High School .   Homicide . ”


Well, now they are definitely not going to watch the movie anymore .   But Jian Yao quietly picks up the tickets and puts them in her wallet .  


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The sun has set .   There is a pale glow of the moon in the horizon .


The 79th High School is the outskirts of town, next Fragment Hill district .   It’s a prestigious high school .  


When Bo Jinyan, Jian Yao and several officers arrive, the school is in a locked down .   A lot of the students are looking out of the window  trying to  find out what’s going on .   Overall, the atmosphere is calm, but tense .  


The police from a nearby station reports their findings so far: “The deceased’s name is Ruan Ming Huai .   Eighteen years old .   Third Grade .   She is discovered by some students on the peak of “Qi” Hill .  


Jian Yao looks pass the deserted playground to a small hill that is next to the school .        


“That’s a great lookout point for the surrounding landscape .   The school is currently building a viewing platform for the staff and student .   It is off limits to the students due to construction .   But kids sneaking up there for fun .




Qi Hill .   Peak .


Bo Jinyan has a pair of latex gloves on .   He swats down next to the body .   He takes a good look around .


Jian Yao is standing behind him .   She feels very sorry for the girl who died .  


Ruan Ming Huai is lying next to a piece of large rock .   There are blood stains on the rock .   There is also a pool of blood on the concrete ground .   It looks as if all her blood has been drained out of her body .


The fatal injury seems to be the slit in the throat .   It caused the neck artery to burst .   She died of excessive blood loss .  


But she also had multiple injuries on her body .  


There are two cuts on her face .   One on each side of her cheeks .   The wounds are deep, with a mixture of blood and soil on the surface .   You can tell she is an attractive girl before the wounds were there .   There are more cuts on her shoulders and legs .   Her white dress soaked in her own blood .  


They get more information about her .  


 Ruan Ming Huai is one of the top students at school .   She is from a rich family .   She is a member of the school committee .   Yesterday, she collected 40,000 Yuan  (Chinese currency) worth of fees from the students . She was on her way to the school administration office with the cash .  


Her good friend, Huo Xiao Lu was with her .   It was around 8pm .   The staff in the administration office was not there, so they waited outside . After a while, Huo Xiao Lu left because she needed to go to the toilet .   After that, she returned to the dormitory .  


They have just finished their exams, and there were no classes the next day .   Huo Xiao Lu thought Ruan Ming Huai would go home after dropping off the money .   Her family lives nearby .   It was not until this morning that her body was discovered by a few students who sneaked up to the peak .


The staff from the administration office returned to the office just before 9pm .   He did not see Ruan Ming Huai .   In other words, nobody knew when she left the administration office .   Her time of death was between 9pm to 11pm, which suggests it’s shortly after she left the administration office .   And there’s no sign of the money .   It looks like it’s been stolen .  




Bo Jinyan swats in front of the body for less than ten minutes .   Then he looks at the other officers and then at Jian Yao .


“A hasty and immature murder . ” He says; “What are your thoughts so far?”  


Jian Yao looks at the body again: “I want to solve the case quickly and catch the killer .     Does the killer have no feelings?  How can he or she be so cruel to a young girl?”  


“Yes, the person has developed an urge to kill . ”  He nods .   He stands up and looks at the school from the peak, “If he/she is not stopped, there will be more deaths . ”  


Bo Jinyan takes a look at the officers: “The killer is not an experienced killer .   He/she left behind a lot of evidence - hair, finger prints, footprints… If you do a good job with the forensic evidences,  we should be able to solve the case within 24 hours . ”


She is amazed .   “24 hours?  That’s great . ”


Bo Jinyan looks at her: “Actually, 4 hours is all I need . ”


Jian Yao knows by now that he is not just boasting .   If he said 4 hours, that’s really all that he will need .   She asks with admiration: “Wow .   You are truly a genius .   Can you tell me what you have found out so far?”


 Bo Jinyan smiles and asks her: “You should try and work it out for yourself .   First question .   Is the killer from within the school, or an outsider?”


Ah… another teaching session .  


Jian Yao smiles . it’s not often that he would ask questions so patiently .   The compliment she gave him earlier on must have put him in a good mood .


She thinks for a while: “Within the school .   Because there is quite a good security system in this school .   All the teachers, staffs and students need to register their arrival and departure . ”  


“Second question . ” He puts his hands in his pants pocket and stands next to her . “ Did she come here willingly, or was she dragged here?”


Jian Yao takes a look at the surroundings: “I think she came here on her own free will .   Even though it was late at night, there should still be a lot of people within the school complex .   It would have been difficult to get her up here if she didn’t walk up herself .   Besides, we didn’t notice any signs of struggle on our way up . ” 


Bo Jinyan has a smile on his face .   He looks at Jian Yao: “Then what brings a girl to a remote place like this?”


Jian Yao answers immediately: “Boyfriend!”


This is the perfect place for couples looking for a secluded spot .


“OK . ’ says Bo Jinyan: “Time to talk to some of her classmates . Let’s see who has a romantic relationship with this top student . ”   


Jian Yao follows behind .   Bo Jinyan stops momentarily and turns to look at her: “This is behavioural evidence .   It’s not that complicated .   Right?” 


Jian Yao smiles .   She must remember to praise him more often .  


“That’s because you are able to explain complicated issues in a simple way . ” she says .



Bo Jinyan is extremely pleased with himself .   Under his guidance, Jian Yao is getting better at filtering through the facts to get to the truth .