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Published at 14th of January 2016 12:40:38 PM

Chapter 62

It’s past midnight .   There has been misty rain all night .  


Bo JinYan comes out from the bathroom in his black pyjamas .   His hair, still damp, is combed behind his ears .   He takes a look at the bed .   Jyao is sleeping with her head buried in the pillow .   Her long hair scattered on the white bed sheets .  


He looks at her for a while .   Then he walks over to the window .   Drops of water forms and drips down on the window as the soft rain hits the glass . He gives Fu ZiYu a call .


Fu ZiYu does not sound pleased: “Do you know what time it is? I have to perform an operation at 9am tomorrow!”


Bo JinYan looks at the clock on the wall, and answers accurately: “1:20am . ”  He says without any guilt or shame in his voice .  


But Fu ZiYu knows he is calling for a reason at this hour, so he asks: “… . What’s bothering you?”


“We’ve lost him . ” Bo JinYan says in a low voice, “He vows to commit more serious crimes .   He might be targeting people who are close to me .   Please be careful . ”


Fu ZiYu is quiet for a while, then he says: “Ok .   I will .   Don’t worry about me . How are you and Jian yao doing?”


Bo JinYan answers: “I am fine . But Jian yao… . one of her good friends may have become the Flower Cannibal’s victim . ”


Fu ZiYu gives a small sigh: “Please send my regards . ”   


“Will do . ”


Fu ZiYu says to him: “I know you are preoccupied with the case .   But as a boyfriend, make sure you spend more time with her and comfort her . ”


His words are what Bo JinYan has in mind .   He frowns .  


Fu ZiYu waits for a response .   But whenhe doesn't get one for more than a minute, he ask: “What is it?”


Bo JinYan asks faintly: “What should I do to comfort her?

He sees her grieving for her best friend .   But this genius/natural born lover is running out of ideas .  


Fu ZiYu smiles . He thinks for a while, then says: “Simple .   When she is feeling down, sing to her .   I guarantee she will laugh . ”


Bo JinYan  shows disbelief on his face: “No way?!”  Then he hangs up .


Jian yao pushes herself to sit up on the bed .   She is awake .   Her eyes are still swollen from all the crying she did yesterday, her face looks pale under the light .  


“Jinyan . ” She calls him softly .  


Bo JinYan walks over and sits down beside her .


He is as handsome as ever .   His black eyes looking gently at her . He is concerned about her .  

“Are you feeling better now?” He asks with a warm voice .  


Jian yao nods: ‘Yes, better . ”


“Then give me a kiss . ”


Jian yao’s voice is still a little coarse: “Are you a kid?”


Bo JinYan looks at her:  “Yesterday, you left at least one litre of tears on my shirt - who’s the kid?”


She remembers Li Xun Ran .   The crime scene .   Li Xun Ran’s empty house, his police uniform hanging in his room… .


Her heart aches again .   She tells herself to be brave . There is still hope .   They didn’t find a body .


She lifts up her head to look at Bo JinYan: “Have you never cried in your life?”


“No . ”  He replies: “Ever since I was a child .   As far I can remember, I have never shed a tear . ”


Jian yao looks at his face . She tries to imagine Bo JinYan as a kid, never shed a tear .


A lot of old memories suddenly come back to Bo JinYan .   He frowns and and continues: “But the tragic thing is, a lot of people cried in front of me . ”


It took Jian yao a moment to understand what he is trying to say .  


So, the man that can’t cry, don’t like to see other people shedding tears in front of him either .


But… .


Except for the tears of joy from those whom were saved by him, the others probably cried because  of his sharp inconsiderate comments .  


But of course she wouldn’t tell him that .     She reaches out her hand to hug him from behind .


Bo JinYan obviously enjoys the intimacy .   She sits quietly, with her face lightly touching his back .  

Jian yao asks softly: “Those six month… . how did you survive it?”

Bo JinYan pauses for a while, then he lies down on bed and scoop her into his arms: “Just . . a day at a time, according to my plans .   Nothing special about that .   As for the injuries, that’s just a price that I had to pay . ”  


He says it so lightly .   Jian yao knows it must have been very difficult .   She is both sad but proud of him .   No matter how rough it was, he can dismiss it, just like that .




It’s almost dawn .   The rain is getting heavier .   The quietness is broken by rolling rumbling sound of thunder from afar .  


Bo JinYan opens his eyes .   The room is still dark .   Jian yao is resting in his arms, sleeping soundly .   Her face seems more relaxed .   She is not frowning anymore . And the puffiness around her eyes has faded too .  


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He looks at her quietly, and the question she asked earlier comes back to him: “Those six months… how did you survive it?”


Lots of unimaginable and dreadful scenes come to mind:  pools of blood everywhere, dismembered body parts, trays of human flesh, blood that flows down along his back and drips into a glass everyday…


He closes his eye and leans to sniff her hair .   The fresh fragrance helps to clear his mind .   He goes back to sleep .


He doesn’t want to tell her about his past .   The truth is too painful for her to bear .   There’s no need for her to know .




The next morning .   Police conference room .


It’s more than 24 hours since the disappearance of Li Xun Ran .   The police have deployed a large number of officers to search the neighbouring cities .   Highway checkpoints are set up, and there’s an alert for all police offices across the country .


The text message Bo JinYan received traced back to a mobile phone that is left in the rubbles of the firework factory .   It was installed with a program to automatically send out the text at a preset time .   As expected, there’s no fingerprint .   It’s another dead end .


Around the conference table, everyone looks concerned .   The team leader of the special team asks Bo JinYan: “Professor Bo, what do you think his next step will be?”


Bo JinYan  is wearing a black suit with a while shirt .   He stands up and says: “There is no such thing as a perfect crime .   There are only evidences that we have not discovered . It’s the first time he is personally committing a crime .   He will need time to plan and prepare .   I guess that take between ten to twenty days . ”


One of the officers asks: “Professor, why is it between ten to twenty days?”


Bo JinYan  answers calmly: “ I did an estimate .   If it was me who was planning a complicated and sophisticated crime, it would take ten days . ”


Jian yao is probably the only person there who don’t doubt Bo JinYan’s estimation .   She writes down the numbers in her note book: “10 to 20 days . ”


Then, Anam, who is quietly sitting at the corner of the room working on his laptop suddenly speaks: “I found something . ”


Anam picks up the remote .   The projector shows an image on screen .


It shows the back of a black SUV driving on the road .   Anam explains: “I managed to enlarge the image to give us a registration plate - T05893 . ”


All the police recognise the background of where the car is as well: “It’s on the road to the fireworks factory . ”  


Anam nods: “There are three other surveillance cameras on that road .   All were damaged . ”  This is an old camera installed many years ago .   It’s hidden behind a tree, in a secluded location .   But because of its age and location, the images are quite blurry .   It took me a while to sharpen the image . ’


“I have checked out the car . ” He continues: “It belongs to a local car rental company .   The person who booked it used a false name to register, and he never showed his face to the staff . ”


Bo JinYan looks at Jian yao .   He seems to have thought of something .   Jian yao seems to understand what his train of thought… .



One of the old officers says: “Perhaps Li Xun Ran lured the criminal to the factory .   The fireworks factory, old train station… During the “Killer Machine” case, Li Xun Ran was in charged of recording the locations of all the surveillance cameras .   He knows where every camera is…”


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Everyone is quiet .   Jian yao’s heart is still aching .   She sits down quietly .


He is in the hands of a cunning criminal .   His life is in danger .   And he is trying his best to leave clues for them .


Bo JinYan  turns to ask Anam: “Where is the car now?”  He says calmly .   He seems to be sure that Anam has found the location of this car .  


And Anam doesn’t disappoint him .   He gives his first smile since Jian yao and the others have met him .   When he smiles, two adorable dimples appear on each cheek .  


He shows the next image .


It’s the entry to a highway .   It’s late at night .   There are not a lot of cars in the picture .   And it is dark, they can’t see who the driver is .   But the signboards are bright .   They can clearly read it’s the highway that leads to the Outer Harbour Ferry Terminal .   The route to get to Hong Kong .


Everyone is stunned .   If ‘he’ has thrown down his challenge to war, why is he going to Hong Kong? 




Fifteen days later .  


Cresent City, California .   USA .   Pelican Bay Prison .


At twilight, the fields and forest look like they are covered by a grey veil .   The prison are dotted with guards patrolling the  prison that holds some of the most notorious criminals in the US .



Jyao and BJY are standing on the lawn outside the prison .   There are a few representatives from the Chinese embassy and the FBI with them - they are waiting to see Tommy .


Since ‘he’ ‘disappeared’ to Hong Kong, it’s even harder to track him .   Two weeks has passed .   Little progress has been made .  


It is likely ‘he’ will commit a crime anytime .   It’s like time bomb waiting to explode .


The night winds are brisk and cold .   Jian yao zips up her jacket .   Bo JinYan  has a long black trench coat . He looks at her: “Wait outside when I talk to Tommy . ”   


Jian yao nods: “Be careful . ”


The guard opens the gate for Bo JinYan .



A room without window .   Thin concrete walls .   A metallic yellow door with a series of complex locks on it .  


Jian Yao and others stands inside the room next to this cell .   There is a one way glass so they can observe the interactions between Bo JinYan  and Tommy .


Bo JinYan is sitting alone under a blazing white light .   He looks calm and collected .   Two guards are standing at the door .  


Then slowly, a young white man in yellow prison uniform shows up .  

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He is not how Jian yao has expected .   He looks more ‘gentle’ and cleanly shaven than that in the pictures in Bo JinYan’s files at home .  


But when you look into his eyes, your heart will be startled .


Those blue eyes, is the colour of a still blue lake .   There is a smile on his face, like he doesn’t  care about anything in the world . His gaze is completely cold .   It’s a pair of eyes that belong to a serial killer .


Tommy sits opposite Bo JinYan .   The guards leave and close the door behind them .   Only Bo JinYan  and Tommy are left in the room .  


Bo JinYan  looks at him: “Hi . ”


Tommy shows a smile: “Hi . ”


The two of them then keeps quiet .   Bo JinYan  don’t seem to be in a hurry to ask him any questions .


“You are different . ” Tommy says to him .  


Bo JinYan  looks at him .   He remains quiet .  


Tommy laughs: “There’s a scent of a woman on you . ”


On the other side of the glass, Jian yao’s heart tightens .   Then she hears Tommy says: “I want to see her .   If she shows up, I will tell you the identity of the person you are looking for . ”





(Extra story - His voice 1)



In the two weeks that Li Xun Ran was missing, Jian yao found it hard to sleep sometimes .   She would toss and turn all night, thinking about her good friend . When her fidgety woke him up, he looked gently at her frowned brows .   He wished there were something that he could do to make her feel better .

One night, Jian yao was half asleep when she heard some voice .   It sounded like someone singing .   It’s a popular song .   She was not fully conscious, and she can’t really remember what’s the name of the song, even though it does sound very familiar .   But she also thought the tune sounded funny . It’s like every note was sung wrong .   She subconsciously wanted to tell the person that his singing was off, and that it’s almost painful to listen to his singing… .  


The next morning, when Jian yao woke up, Bo JinYan  was already out of bed and changed .   He was in his white shirt and trousers, looking smart standing beside the bed . He smiled at her: “Did you sleep well last night?”


Jian yao sat on bed, and shook her head: “No .   I dreamt of the Flower Cannibal . ” 


Bo JinYan  is startled . He looked concerned .   Then Jian yao continued: “I dreamt that he was singing in my ears . ”


Bo JinYan  has no expressions on his face: “Oh, how was it?”

Jian yao looked like there’s still lingering fear in her: “To use the term you say all the time - it was a disaster . ” 



Bo JinYan  kept quiet for a while .   Then with a slightly blushed face, he started to walk out of the room . Jian yao heard his voice coming from the corridor: “I assure you .   You will never hear him sing again . ” 

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