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Published at 14th of January 2016 12:40:38 PM

Chapter 74

“Tonk…Tonk…Tonk…” The sound of turning on light switches .   Suddenly, Jian Yao is overwhelmed by hundreds of lights bulbs shining their light onto her .   Her pupils can’t adjust to the sharpness of the light .   She closes her eyes .  


Xie Han is standing not far away from where she is .   He laughs like a mischievous boy .  


After a while, she is able to open her eyes .  


Xie Han looks at her beautiful face, her nice skin complexion, and her dark bright eyes .   There is a stillness and quietness about her .   He walks closer to her cage, and looks at her with interest .    


“Such an exciting moment… . Jenny, I was hoping to see your sweet smile . ”  He says softly .


Jian Yao remains quiet, as if she didn’t hear his words .   She takes a look at her surroundings .  


It’s the size of a big warehouse .   There are containers everywhere .   The space in the middle is about the size of a basketball court .   The ceiling is installed with rows of spotlights shining down like a stage .   And her cage is in the middle of the ‘stage’ .


About 30 metres in front of her, there’s a set of sofas, a bar cabinet, a book shelf, a TV and a bed .   There are only 2 tones - black and white .   The place is chic, clean and tidy .   On a coffee table, there’s half a glass of unfinished red wine .   A suit jacket lies casually on the sofa .  


This is obviously where he is staying, right next to her cage .




The place is quiet and empty .   There’s only the two of them there . In an unknown place .  


Jian Yao tries to avoid eye contact with him .   But eventually, their eyes meet .   These eyes, are very different from all of the psychopaths she has met before .    


“Killing machine” Sun Yong has a pair of hollow and mocking eyes .   Even when he was arrested, there was no guilt or nervousness in him .   Zhang Cheng, who killed two families under the illusion that they were spies, had a dazed and stubborn look in his eyes . Even Tommy, his gaze is cold and dark… All of them looked like they have no regards or feelings for other people .  


But this man, who is labelled as the cruelest serial killer in this century, the godfather for the Flower Cannibal, looks like a warm and charming young man .  


That is why, when he came face to face with Bo Jinyan and Jian Yao, playing the most unnoticeable roles, was never discovered by Bo Jinyan .  


“You remember me?”  He asks gently .


Jian Yao stares at him .   She keeps silent .  


He was the community police that first arrived at Sun Yong’s house .   He even stood in front of Bo Jinyan to brief him of his findings .


“Like the briefing report Jian Yao sent us, we found a killing machine in the bedroom . ”


Xie Han starts to repeats the words he said that day, as if to help her recall their first encounter .


“Professor Bo, I found some words written in blood underneath the bed . ”


“We need to examine the whole house . ”


…… .


Was that it?  Was there a second encounter?  


Jian Yao looks up, and notices that his smile deepens .  


Yes .   More than twice .


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Pedestrians that walks past time, a security guard that guards the suburb, the courier man, a community officer some of the cases they were involved in… . it’s so easy for him to pretend to be one of ‘them’ .


He’s always been by their side .   But even Bo Jinyan fails to notice .  


If only she can tell the others .   But now…


“OK .   Are you hungry?” His words interrupt her thoughts .   “It’s not polite to keep a lady hungry while having a conversation . Let’s eat and chat at the same time .   Shall we?”


Jian Yao keeps quiet .  


She remembers what Li Xunran said to her .   The reason Xie Han didn’t kill him - 


“I made sure I did everything against his wishes .   He would not get any satisfaction out of me . ” 


 He didn’t eat .   He didn’t talk back .   He didn’t react to any of his provocations .   He just pretended Xie Han was not around .


And Bo Jinyan’s comment: “That’s a dumb move, but at least it worked . ”


…… .


After a short pause, she lifts her hand .   It’s the first time she responds to him: “Good, I am hungry too . ”


Xie Han gives a smile . He stares at her with a smile .  


“You are a brave woman indeed…”  He says slowly .


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He has put some gentle and romantic music through the sound system .   There is not a single window in the warehouse .   It’s a complete world of its own .   A world that belongs to him alone .  


Jian Yao is sitting on the sofa .   Her hands and feet still in chains .   There is also a long chain around her neck .   She is being treated like an animal .   The other end of the chains is casually hung onto a coat rack behind Xie Han .   He rolls up his sleeves, and pushes a trolley next to the dining table .


Red wine, candlelight, steak, salad, cheese, dessert… He slowly puts the dishes on the table .   Then he lays the napkin, cutlery and plate before Jian Yao .   She is sitting very still in her seat, just looking at him . She is not showing any expression on her face .


This is the tactic she will use .   To be obedient .   Try not to offend him .   Don’t show any emotions .  


Because Bo Jinyan said before in his evaluation of Xie Han, that his sentiment towards men is to conquer and plunder .   Therefore, when Li Xunran resisted with stubbornness, even though he was tortured, he was not ‘conquered’, and therefore managed to keep his life .  


But it’s different for women . Using Li Xunran’s method would be counterproductive . Even though  he looks and acts like a gentleman right now, there’s a lot of hatred in him .   Any resistance from a woman will arouse his desire to kill .   He doesn’t have any patience when it comes to women .   He could kill her and dump the body in front of Bo Jinyan .   If she makes him angry, he might destroy her straight away .  


So, she has to endure .  


But she knows in her mind, that this courteous gentleman standing in front of her, has prepared to treat her more cruelly than any of his other victims . Because she is Bo Jinyan’s woman .   In his mind, she is a feast that he is ready to taste and sample .


She will buy as much time as she can .  


Before Bo Jinyan finds her, she must keep herself alive .   No matter how much pain she will suffer, she will live to see him again .  


If she is dead… . Bo Jinyan will be alone .  


Someone like him will not enter into another relationship again .   If she dies, he will be living by himself for the rest of his life .  

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She can’t let this happen .  


The man she loves… her only lover… . She cannot lose him .  


With these thoughts in her mind, she keeps calm .   A strength from within her rises up to keeps her eyes from swelling up with tears .   A warm sense of peace soothes the fear that is in her .  


She looks at Xie Han .   He’s finished transferring the dishes onto the table .   He sits opposite her, and raises his glass .  


She takes her glass, and elegantly sips the red wine .  




This meal was quiet and long .   Xie Han doesn’t like to speak .   Every now and then, he will introduce the dish that they are eating, which executive five star chef made it… etc etc .   Jian Yao will nod her head .   Sometimes, she makes a brief comment .  


But most of the time, they dine in silence .   At one point in time, Xie Han puts down his cutlery to stare at Jian Yao .  


Jian Yao feels very uncomfortable, but she keeps her head down and pretends he is not there .  


Finally, the meal is finished .  


Xie Han walks over to face her .   Jian Yao’s palms starts to sweat .   He knees down next to her .   Her heart pounds .   They stare silently at each other .  


Suddenly he smiles .   He puts out a drawer from underneath the table .   There’s a syringe with some substance in it .   He holds it up . Then he takes one of Jian Yao’s arms .   His finger are cold .   He puts his arm straight on the table .   Then he injects the substances into her .



“Let the party begin . ” He says .

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