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Published at 14th of January 2016 12:40:38 PM

Chapter 86

Extra 1

The virgin theory verification


(From Chapter 26 …Shen Dan Wei replies: “Man and woman who are deprived for a long time usually behaves strangely, like Director Bo and Manager Lin .   They are more critical and easily irritable, it’s a result from abstaining from sex for too long . ”)


Bo Jinyan scoffed at Shen Dan Wei’s abstinence theory… until he was no longer a virgin .  


One night, he wraps his arm around Jian Yao and says: “There is some truth in Shen Dan Wei’s theory after all . ”


Jian Yao is confused: “What are you talking about?”


Bo Jinyan answers: “Lately, I feel that life has taken a turn for the better .   I am more happy and contented .   Previously, I was more pugnacious and easily irritated . ” 




The crab meal


Bo Jinyan and Jian Yao are regular diners at seafood restaurants .  


A weekend shortly after they finished the case at Yin Ziqi’s office, they went to a seafood restaurant to have crabs .  


Usually, most of the food is consumed by Bo Jinyan, as he really likes seafood .   Jian Yao is rather indifferent, so the best parts of the crab ends up in Bo Jinyan’s stomach .  


But this time, Bo Jinyan remembers Pei Ze reserving the best parts for Jian Yao when he invited Jian Yao to his house . So…


He takes out the best meaty parts of the crab, puts them in a plate and gives it to Jian Yao: “You don’t have to thank me . ”


Jian Yao is surprised to see him giving her his favourite parts of the crabs .   Then, she remembers the ‘Pei Ze incident’ too .   She thinks to herself: Surely, he is not jealous… is he?  


She suddenly feels very touched .   She blushes as she picks up a piece of crabmeat he gave her .  


Bo Jinyan looks at her and smiles: “Wow .   You truly do blush every time you eat good quality crabmeat .   What sort of strange psychological response is that?"


Jian Yao answers: “… Because I like… it . ”  


Because I like you!  You arrogant fool!  




Watching TV


One day, Mr . and Mrs . Bo Jinyan  are watching a programme on law and order produced by the CCTV, where crimes are reenacted .   And that particular episode starts with showing a car that is shaking violently because a couple is having sex inside the car .  


Jian Yao (blushing): “How could they… . ”


This is a fascinating eye opener for Bo Jinyan : “Oh… it’s possible to do this?”


Jian Yao: “Let’s skip this . ”


Bo Jinyan : “No .   Let’s watch it again .   I must write a letter to commend the team that produced this episode .   This is both entertaining and educational .   It’s killing two birds with one stone . ”


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Yes, I forgot to tell you . The name of the programme is “大案终结者 “ . (literal meaning is ‘putting an end to the big cases’)   


(Note from TB: This is an actual TV programme aired in China in 2014 . It caused a bit of a stir with the realistic sex scene in one of the episodes . I think this would make more sense if we’ve actually watched the programme…)




Hi Robot


One day, Jian Yao bought a robot vacuum cleaner .  


Mr . Bo’s upper lip curled in disdain as he watches the little round and flat machine moved around the room .  


That night, Jian Yao woke up in the middle of the night .   She heard Bo Jinyan ’s voice coming from the study: “Hi Robot .   This is Silence . ”  


(Note from TB:  Bo Jinyan spoke in English . )


Jian Yao was stunned:  We have guests in the house at this time of the night? 


Then she opened the door and found Bo Jinyan  squatting down in the middle of the room .   Chen Mo was on his left, and the robot vacuum cleaner was on his right .  


Jian Yao said to herself: Ah, looks like her husband has a second little companion!




Family Performance

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First of June .   The kindergarten requests each family to come up with a performance item .


This is a difficult task for the Bo family,


The teacher suggests: “Perhaps you can sing a song together .   That is the most simple option . ”


Immediately, both Mr . Bo Snr and Mr . Bo Jnr refuses: “No!”


In the end, Bo Jinyan  tells the teacher they will perform a dance .   A scene from Swan Lake .   Jian Yao is shocked…


Later, she realises what he really means .   The dance will be performed by Jian Yao and their daughter .   As for father and son, they will pretend to be trees .   Two trees that stand on stage from the start to the end of the dance .  






At one stage, Jian Yao likes to drink cider vinegar .   Bo Jinyan  ridicules her as ‘the woman who likes to drink vinegar’  


(Note from TB: the phrase ‘like to drink vinegar’ means ‘a lover that easily gets jealous’ in Chinese . )  


Jian Yao retorts: “Don't you like drinking vinegar too?”


But Bo Jinyan  is not the same Bo Jinyan  who didn’t know much about love when they first started dating .   He gets what she means straight away . ”


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He thinks about it seriously for a while: “Yes, I like to drink vinegar that’s from your cup . ”


Then he gives her a proud glance: “You see, I am not the same low EQ guy that I used to be . ”


Jian Yao: “… . . ”




Forging signatures


Jian Yao usually signs for all the invoices and receipts that gets delivered to the house, e . g . . courier receipts, water bills etc .


One day, she was out when a delivery arrived .   Bo Jinyan  signed for it .  


When she returned home, she gave a sigh: “I had to imitate your signature before . ”


He was stunned for a moment,  She then told him the reason she had to do that .  


After hearing the explanation, he smiled .  


Then next day, when a courier arrived, he quickly went to the door: “I will sign for it . ”  


Then when someone came to deliver the water bill, he picked up his Mont Blanc pen and opened the door…


Jian Yao:  Stopping being so pompous, will you? 

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