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Chapter 88

Extra 3

University of Maryland College Park


In their second year of marriage, Jian Yao got her wish .   She received a letter of admission for her doctoral degree at the Department of Psychology in University of Maryland .  


Bo Jinyan decides to accompany her to the US .   He will be working in the University as a professor .


Jian Yao hesitates as they discuss about the issue: “Are you sure you want to come?  I will fly back every holiday, and you can come and visit me during term time . ”  As Bo Jinyan is a consultant for the Ministry of Public Security, he won’t be able to help the FBI with their investigations .   She knows her husband well .   He will find a pure academic role very boring .  


Bo Jinyan looks at her: “Have you forgotten the agreement we made when I proposed?”


Jian Yao can’t remember what he said .   She shakes her head: “… . agreement?”


Bo Jinyan bends down and gives her a peck on her cheeks, then he says proudly: ”I will love you with all my wisdom, and with all that is in me .   And I will continue to love you for the rest of my life . ”  


- I want to be with you everyday .   Even if we are apart for one day, I can’t bear it .   How can we be separated for at least six months a year for a few years? 


Jian Yao is touched by his sweet words .   She lifts her sparkly eyes and asks him: “What is the first half of the first sentence you said?”


Bo Jinyan knows what she wants to hear .   He says in a soft sexy voice: “I love you . ”


After a passionate kiss, Jian Yao asks him: “But what about your work with the Ministry of Public Security?”


Bo Jinyan says: “My apprentice will cover for me . ”


The apprentice he recently acquired is an officer from Lin City .   Her name is Xu Xu .  


(Note from TB:  For those who has read “When I snail loves”, you will recognise this name .   She is female lead for the novel . ”)


Jian Yao has a query: “Ok .   But would her husband be ok with the arrangement?  He works in Beijing!”


Bo Jinyan looks surprised: “That’s not my problem .   They can sort it out . ”




Maryland University .


It was a bright sunny day in August . The sky was painted a bright blue and the shiny green grass glistened in the sun .


Jian Yao is sitting on the first row of the lecture theatre .   She is leaning forward, with her hand under her chin .   She is admiring her husband, who is standing behind the podium, teaching the class .   He speaks fluent English .  


This is her most favourite class . She can observe if his tie is straight, and whether the colour of his shirt match the rest of his outfit .   Then, when he turns around to write something on the blackboard, she thinks to herself… oh, even the sight of his back is so handsome .  


Professor Bo Jinyan though, is not as relaxed .   He’s already heard a few comments from some of the ‘boys with testosterones overload’: 


“Have you noticed that Chinese girl?  She is so cute . ”


“Oh, and sexy too . ”


“I will be the first guy to go on a date with her . ”


…… . .


Jian Yao and Bo Jinyan have made an agreement not to disclose their relationship to others in the University .   She doesn’t want other students to look at her differently .  


Naturally, Bo Jinyan is not happy with those boys .   If he can have his way, he will kick them out of his class .   But that is professionally an unacceptable option .   So, the only thing he can do is to endure .  


But everything has a limit .  


One day, when Bo Jinyan is waiting in his car for his wife to go for lunch with him, he sees a tall boy with blond hair walking beside Jian Yao .   He is the one who claimed that he will be ‘the first guy to go on a date with her . ”  


Bo Jinyan looks coldly at him .   He gets out of the car .  


The boy’s name is Sam .   Although he is quite cute and have a sense of humour, Jian Yao finds him rather annoying .   He’s been pestering her for a while . She has told him on more than one occasion that she is married, but he doesn't believe her .


“You are married?”  He says: “Surely it’s a joke .   You are in your early twenties, right?  No one gets married this young nowadays . ” 


At this moment, Bo Jinyan walks up to them .  


He is a man that attracts attention wherever he goes .   All the students nearby look at him as he stands in front of Sam .


Sam is surprised too: “Professor Bo, how are you!”


Jian Yao is stunned to see him too .   Bo Jinyan gives a small smile and replies to Sam: “I am well .   What are you doing?”


Sam can’t believe the usually aloof professor is conversing with him: “I am planning to have lunch with Jenny .   What about you?”


Bo Jinyan nods and says: “I am planning to have lunch with my wife . ”


Jian Yao puts her hand over her face .   That’s it!  He is obvious not happy .   Her initial plan was to walk away quietly, but Bo Jinyan’s sentence has stirred up everyone’s curiosity .   More students, and even a few teachers gathers around them .


“Professor Bo is married?  Congratulations!”  


“Is Professor Bo’s wife a Chinese too?”


“She must be very pretty . ”


“Will we have a chance to meet her?”


…… .


Bo Jinyan can’t be bothered to answer all the questions, he just says a simple ‘Thank you” after the last question .  


Jian Yao wants to dig a hole and hide inside .   Then she sees his hand reaching out towards her .


Suddenly, everyone is quiet .  


She lifts her head, and sees Bo Jinyan looking at her: “Let go for lunch . ”


Jian Yao: “… . . Sure . ”


Bo Jinyan gives Sam a glance: “Looks like my wife prefers to have lunch with me . ”


Sam: “Oh… . ”


Then Bo Jinyan holds Jian Yao’s hand and walks off .  


Suddenly, it dawned on them that this Chinese beauty is Professor Bo’s wife!  


Sam’s body stiffens: “So… I tried to ask his wife out on a date?”


And Professor Bo has a nickname - the cold blooded devil!   But at the end of the year, Sam is relieved that he received a A on the paper taught by Professor Bo .   But… is it his imagination?  Every time Professor Bo looks at him, the gaze is so icy cold that he feels like he is in Alaska…





Americans like parties .  


Bo Jinyan is not keen to attend these functions .   Most of the time, he will decline the invitations - ‘I can’t dance . ”, or “I am not not interested . ”Therefore the whole university knows he almost never attend any parties .  


“Well, he might be a genius, but he can’t dance . ”  That’s the view of most people .  


However, since Jian Yao has come to the US, this has changed .


 Because she has an easy going and amiable personality, plus everyone now knows she is wife of Professor Bo, she has a lot of friends .   And naturally, a lot of invitations to parties .


The night of the first party she went to .


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She asks him again: “Are you sure you don’t want to come?  The invitation is for Mr . and Mrs . Bo . ”


“No . ” 


“Alright, then . ”  she goes into the room to get ready for the party .


Half an hour later, she stands in front of the mirror in her curve accentuating sleeveless sapphire blue dress .   She is putting on her earrings .   Suddenly, she feels the warmth of a hand touching her soft and smooth shoulders .  


“Are you sure you don’t want to come?”  She winks at Bo Jinyan .


“Well, since you want me to be there, I’ll go . ” He’s changed his mind .  


“Ok . ”  She turns around, wraps her hands around his neck and gives him a kiss .  


Ha ha… . She has successfully seduced him .  


A lively party .  


The tall and handsome professor in a black suit attracts a lot of attention .  


Jian Yao is chatting to a few ladies in one end of the room .   She notices in the corner of her eyes that a few ladies attempted to invite Bo Jinyan to dance with them .  


“Can you dance with me, Professor Bo?”


Even though Bo Jinyan is usually arrogant and rude,  he is still a gentleman .   He tries not to hurt their feelings, so he simply answers: “Sorry, I don’t know how to dance .   Goodbye . ” 


After he’s declined several invitations, Jian Yao walks over to him and whispers quietly in his ear: “I can teach you…”


Bo Jinyan takes a glance at her, but he didn’t say anything .  


Jian Yao takes it as he doesn't want to learn .


A few minutes later, someone invites Jian Yao to dance .   It’s another lecturer from their school of criminal psychology .   He is a warm and nice man .   Jian Yao has a good impression of him .   She smiles .   And before Bo Jinyan has time to object, she lifts her hand to hold the lecturer’s hand and they walk out to the dance floor .  


Bo Jinyan sits in the sofa with a glass of red wine .   He uncomfortably watches his wife dance with someone else .  


A few minutes later, he puts down his wine glass and walks to the dance floor .   The music for the song has come to an end .   The lecturer is about to ask Jian Yao if she wants another dance when Bo Jinyan  reaches out his hand and ask: “May I?”


Jian Yao turns around and see her husband standing with a smile .   He bows like a gentleman and waits for her answer .


“… . Sure . ”  she replies .


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Nobody there has seen Bo Jinyan dance before .   The crowd awaits .  


Other couples leaves the dance floor .   Jian Yao looks around .   They are the only two people there!


The music starts .   It’s music for tango .  


The cold blooded devil knows how to tango?


Under the chandelier, he holds Jian Yao’s hand and leads the dance .   Jian Yao is stunned . She never knew Bo Jinyan is such a good dancer . He’s an expert on this sensual, romantic and elegant dance .


Everyone is amazed .   When they have finished the dance, the whole room applauds .  


Jian Yao is in his arms: “I thought you don’t know how to dance .   But you are an amazing dancer . ” 


Bo Jinyan is pleased with his wife’s praise .   He smiles: “What makes you think I can’t master such a simple thing like dancing?” 


“Then why didn’t you dance earlier?” Jian Yao asks .


“Don’t you think it’s a pathetic activity?”  He answers .


“Well… . ” She looks at him with a proud smile: “Do you want to stop now?  I will do whatever you say . ”  At the same time, she takes a small step forward so there is even less space between them .  


Bo Jinyan does not answer .   But he does not want to let go of his beautiful and sexy wife .


Since Jian Yao didn’t hear an answer from him, she assumes he wants to stop .   She steps back to turn around but his hand around her waist draws her back into his arms .


“Yes, I still want to dance . ”  He answers .


Jian Yao gives a small laugh .  


- Pathetic? Mmm…  It’s the second time in one day that he’s made an exception for her .   She feels a sense of accomplishment .    


But the following morning, she questions herself whether she has done the ‘right’ thing .   Even bone in her body feels sore .   They had a vigorous session after the party last night… 


She is so tired that she just wants to lie in bed all day .   Bo Jinyan, on the other hand, feels very satisfied and smiles to his wife: “In the future, I will try my best to make time to go to parties with you . ”  




“Don’t you think we had fun last night?” 


“… . . ”


Ms Jian Yao, you should be careful if you tease a man who’s only lost his virginity when he’s twenty six years old .   The consequences may be beyond what you expect .