When I Shall Say Goodbye - Chapter 185

Published at 19th of March 2019 10:10:17 PM

Chapter 185

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After overcoming from being so overwhelmed by this shocking discovery, Dr . Aijohn stood beside him on the bed of Hailey's Pen . He looked at him for a long time and saw that he was calm .

"You need to rest Mr . C for the treatment . "

"How I could I remain hiding if I have to rest? " He asked back while staring into the rounded canopy of the apparatus .

" How about telling them that you will go out of the country? "Dr . Aijohn suggested .

"I cannot bear not to see them on my last days . " Mr . C objected .

"You're afraid of not seeing them and then you were just so negligent about your own illness?" Dr . Aijohn ranted in his anger and grief for him .

"It's too late to scold me now . "He smiled thinly .

"Then take a leave and tell them you have migraine attacks lately! "

"Okay . "


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"Dad, is your building almost completed? " Jian asked excitedly, his dark eyes shining .

"Two years more, my love! And if its okay with your mom and dad, I will take you here . I'll let you see the tallest building in the world! " Anthon said, looking admiringly at his son who grew up to look more like him .

"Wow! I'll tell mom and dad about it!" Jian jumped up and down in his place .

Those three years he had been away was just like yesterday . Jian never harbored resentment at him because every night, while he was discussing with Giselle about the business or if he had nothing else to do, he always spent it with him . Those glamorous night attraction of Dubai never dazzled him .

Most of the times, he watched him while studying and helped him with his assignments . These video calls had been a routine for both of them everyday .

"Go, wash up now . I'll wait for you . " Anthon said while he leaned back on his couch .

Just then, he saw the door opened . He hurriedly stayed away from the screen .

"Jian! " Jia's voice filled the room . She looked around and heard the sound of the shower .

She then picked up the scattered things around the room that her son had left . She pulled out the sheet and cleared the mess . When she turned towards his shelf for his toy collections, she spotted the blocks and the plane which were placed neatly at the top . Those were the toys that Anthon gave Jian before he left three years ago .

She ran her fingers through the edges and smiled as she recalled that noon when he announced his departure .

How was he now? Is he now able to move on? Has he found the lucky woman that would replace her in his heart?

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It was already three years and he had cut all means of communication to them . He even blocked her from all his social media accounts . She knew about his routine communications to Jian but she always stayed away whenever she saw them on video calls .

This past three years, despite the fact that she and Jim had taken over the business, Jim had doubled his sweetness and thoughtfulness towards her . She was like a princess in a throne or a goddess in a pedestal, worshipped daily with the greatness of his love .

No human heart could ever go resistant with such treatment that Anthon went totally out of her mind .

Aside from that, she had promised herself to leave the past behind and give her love and loyalty to the man who was now her husband .

"Mommy! " Jian burst out from the bathroom and saw her touching the blocks .

"My love, how's your assignment? " She asked while staring into the plane .

"Mom, do you miss daddy? " Jian innocently asked .

She laughed as she touched his head . "How's your daddy, love? "

"You wanna talk to him? " He asked, then bent down to adjust his tab .

"Dad, mom wanna ask how are

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you? " Jian asked as he looked into the screen .

"She missed me?" Anthon laughed softly .

Jia suddenly felt awkward as she realized that he was watching her while she touched the blocks and got lost into her reverie .

She ran her eyes into the screen and looked at Anthon who was now looking back at her . She smiled and waved a hand before turning towards the door .

Anthon got amused . Three years had passed and that was the first time he saw her again . She was still so beautiful and those soft - spoken eyes still pierced into the deepest chambers of his heart . Such was the irony of life . Who would ever think that the woman in her dreams would become his sister - in - law? Who would ever think that he would flee away from his homeland to forget her and yet stare into her portrait by his bedside everyday?

When Jia went out from her son's room, she saw Jim by the door . She walked directly towards him and threw her arms around his neck .

"How's the meeting, dear? "

Jim did not reply right away as he sucked into her inviting lips . He then held her gently towards the couch and placed her on his lap .

"We would temporarily close until our stocks would be replenished . Our remaining products are just enough for those who have started the course . "

"Dear, why do you think our immune cells would become insensitive if the treatment is stopped? "

"That is still something our group of scientist will find out . "

"Does that mean that science is still not perfect? " Jia asked further .

"It means that God's wisdom is still beyond human's capacity to fathom . " Jim answered .

"What will happen to those who are in queue for the next batch? "

"Prayer is still the most effective weapon . Then, prevention and self - discipline is the next . " He answered grimly .

"Dear, how about we start now with the preventive measures? I mean, we'll follow the strict and healthy dieting . "Jia suggested .

"That's better so that dad will not go into the trouble of keeping his self -temperance alone . "

"Okay, we'll support him . Prevention is better than cure . "

Jim made a sigh of relief as he closely hugged her . "Thank you,

sweetheart . "

She planted a kiss on his forehead then stood up .

"I'll make a fruit- and - vegetable smoothies for us . "

Jim watched her as she disappeared into the kitchen . Little did she know, that in the two corners of one's eyes, teardrops fell .