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When I Shall Say Goodbye - Chapter 189

Published at 19th of March 2019 10:10:10 PM

Chapter 189

A day after Jim had left to see Dr . Aijohn, Jia found an excuse to go to the city . She just couldn't wait for another day to know the whole truth .

Halfway before she reached the city, she called up Dr . Aijohn .

"Where are you? " She asked .

"Bad mood? " Koko sensed harshness in her tone .

" I want to eat you! " She said, not laughing at all .

"Anna, what's the matter? Your throwing tantrums again because you miss him? " Koko laughed, giving a wink towards the man across him .

"I'm not kidding! " Jia retorted .

"Okay, okay, I'll prepare myself for the big fight! " He answered back while swinging on his swivel chair .

"Twenty minutes . "

Dr . Aijohn then turned again to his clients who looked like a couple . The man was the donor applicant for Jim's bone marrow transplant . The woman, who was about his age, must be his girlfriend . He gave them an amused grin as he apologized himself .

"Sorry for the interruption . It's my bestfriend, Anna . " Dr . Aijohn said as he looked at the woman .

The man laughed softly . "It's okay . "

"So, let's continue . I must let you know that you must make a firm decision to be a donor because you will have to undergo pre - transplant evaluation . And that would include a series of blood examinations and diagnostic procedures to see how fit you are to be a donor . "

"These tests will let the transplant team identify potential problems prior to the procedure and the possible complications afterwards . "

"One of the most important tests is the tissue typing . It is a series of blood tests that evaluate the compatibility or closeness of tissue between the organ donor and the recipient . "

Dr . Aijohn's last desperate resort for Jim after that last bottle of Hailey's Pills would be consumed was the bone marrow transplant .

A bone marrow transplant is a procedure to replace damaged or destroyed bone marrow with healthy bone marrow stem cells . And that is

the most succesful conventional approach to treat leukemias .

Bone marrow is the soft, fatty tissue inside the bones . It is responsible for generating blood cells .

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"I'll do whatever it takes, Dr . Aijohn! "

Then Dr . Aijohn's phone sounded . He waved a hand at the two to excuse himself .

"I'm here outside . " Jia said .

"Wait a minute! " Koko said, glancing at his clients .

He then ended the call and turned to the two .

"Just please stay here . I cannot say no to this one or else I will be found hanging in a tree . " He chuckled as he held a gaze at the man .

Dr . Aijohn's office had a separate cubicle where he could talk privately to his clients and a separate waiting lounge . Before he could even went out, his secretary opened the door for her .

" Are you still my bestfriend? " She said angrily as soon as she walked into the lounge .

"Are you having your period or you just missed Anthon and you got no one to vent it out with? " Koko teased her despite her anger .

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"Aijohn, I'm serious! " She always state his full name whenever she was angry .

"What is it? " Koko listened to her this time .

"What is it? How can you do this to me? How can you afford to hide it from me? How were you able to become his accomplice? "

"How did you find it out? "Aijohn wanted to see how much she knew .

"I saw his ecchymoses and all those petechiaes . I rummaged into his bag and found all those drugs! My goodness, Koko, how can you allow him to bear it all alone? " Jia began to wail loudly as she dropped on to the floor, hugging Koko's legs .

With him, Jia could be her real self . She could tell him all her worries, her anger and all her deepest secrets .

"Anna, please forgive me . He strictly warned me not to tell anyone of you so as not to make you worry . "

"Do you still believe him? Can't you see that he is not a normal human being? His goodness is just too overwhelming and unbelievable . He always put others before himself . He always understand . And now, because of that damn goodness, he wants to suffer alone! "

She wailed harder and louder and pounded her hands on to the floor and kicked the foot of the nearby couch . When all of her energy was spent out on punching and kicking, she dropped limply into the floor .

Koko picked her up and hugged her .

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"Anna, how can I ease up your

pain? " Koko said as he rubbed her back .

"How long has he been into this? This makes me guiltier . "

"Guiltier? " Koko wondered what she meant .

"Of those seven years we had been together until the day that Anthon left, despite his great love and respect for me, deep inside I was still crying for Anthon . Deep inside I was still wondering how much happier I could have been if we ended up with each other . "

"And you know what, Jim did confess one time, that during those days when he set me free, he saw all those intimacies I had with Anthon . He watched me crying hardly everytime Anthon left the house . He knew all those yearnings inside of me . But he said nothing and even said he understood . "

With this, she cried bitterly again .

"How could I make it up to him? While he filled me with so much love, this wicked heart was screaming for someone else . "

"And now he's going through that ordeal alone . Koko, why should it be him? " Her painful sobs tore Koko's heart apart .

While Koko did not know anymore how to comfort and to calm her down, the heart of that man inside the cubicle broke down .Please download our sponsor's game to support us!